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I Keep Get Errrr Code 0x80820002 On My Xbox One

First, I would check the router. If you have an older router, I would suggest an upgrade. I had an older router that would just drop me out of games for no reason, esp larger multiplayer games. I bought a newer generation ��gaming” router and all those issues went away.Also of note about the router.. if you have a newer router, go into the settings/manual and see if setting your Xbox/Ps/PC to a DMZ is possible.If it is, I would highly suggest setting the Xbox in the IP zone of the DMZ.That will solve a lot of port forwarding issues that you might have with multiplayer/xboxlive gold.Hope this helps!

It’s in your TV settings, not in your Xbox One’s settings. I don’t know offhand what model you have, but look in advanced settings for HDMI-CEC and turn that off.

I’ve purchased minecraft for the ps3, the ps4, pc, and pocket edition! They are all different services, so you need to pay for all of them (I use a different psn for ps4, than for ps3, I’m not sure if the game carries over or not).

Microsoft recently added a feature similar to the one you’re asking about, but not quite. It allows games to download while the console is in standby mode, but not off. You’ll have to enable that feature in your settings.If the setting is enabled and you don’t unplug the console, the installation will continue even after you tap the glowing button on the front of the console.