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I Keep Having Dreams About Squashing Babies/people

What does a dream mean of regarding killing an unborn baby?

It may mean that you may or someone you know may become pregnant but has to make a hard decision like keeping and have people say keep it

What does it mean to dream of killing a snake?

Killing a snake in a dream usually means suspecting, dealing with or fearing betrayal.  That someone is doing something behind your back. This would be the primary interpretation for this particular image. However, the color of the snake and conditions surrounding it in the dream are also important in interpreting the meaning.  There is the potential that a snake (in a dream) may also represent a sperm or a phallus. And may be symbolic of a potential and unwanted pregnancy.   Although the snake is actually a very beneficial creature, it is often viewed as a sneaky, death dealing danger. Moreover, this fear of snakes seems to be wired into us.    Many societies actually worshipped the snake as a sign of fertility and health. Which anyone, who was a member of such a society, could promulgate a completely different meaning behind seeing one in a dream.

What does it mean to dream of holding a baby and accidentally dropping it several times?

A baby in the dream represents someone vulnerable and for whom the dreamer is responsible. It could be a child, parents or grandparents. Or perhaps a patient or a client for whom the dreamer is caring.Accidentally dropping the baby then stands for falling short of carrying out that responsibility, though unintentionally. Perhaps it is a feeling of residual guilt, regret or remorse about something that has already happened. Or it could be caused by the dreamer being anxious, apprehensive or fearful of something terrible thar might happen to someone for whom he/she is responsible.

Flying horses and lion dream, what do you think it means?

first we will go into what symbols you have:
a house is you and how you feel. usually the condition of the house is how you feel about yourself or how secure you feel. for example if the house was broken into then you feel insecure and violated..

blue: the color of truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, loyalty and openness. it can also be a color of depression, but i do not think that is relevant here. i think the fact that the house is blue means you feel open with your daughter..? maybe..

red: color of raw energy, power, anger, courage and passion.. i think it says something that the walls were red. we all know what walls symbolize (separation, protection...)

so maybe while you see yourself being open to your daughter you are also putting up walls as a means to protect your grandson.

lions are a symbol of strength and leadership. the fact that you dreamed of a specific voice may just be your subconscious relating it to something you relate to Jesus.

talking animals symbolize a message of wisdom..

"death - Does not signify death. Means to remove or be removed from a situation, emotions or circumstances. May or may not involve the dead person."

white horses symbolize purity and prosperity.. but flying horses? i don't know.. oh i found something
"The winged or white Horse is a symbol of light, life and spiritual illumination"

that link also says to dream of a white horse can also be an omen of death..

going blind: failure or refusal to see the truth or lacking awareness to a problem and like you said handing over control to your daughter.. perhaps blindness in this situation has to do with you feeling no control over the situation and you know you have to give her control over her life.. and that is scary is it not? (especially when dealing with meth.)

i don't think this means he will die.. like you said it could be rebirth or it could be that he is removed form the situation where he is could be hurt.. like you going to court and getting custody would remove him from the situation..

facinating dream to be honest.. i am going to keep looking if i find anything i didn't think of. :)

best wishes:)

What does dreaming of multiple dead bodies symbolize?

Dreams are very personal, so only you can interpret your dreams. Dream dictionaries are a scam and anyone who tries to interpret your dream will very likely interpret it wrong.Basically, in order to interpret your dream, ask yourself questions about multiple objects and people in dream. In your case, I would do it in the following manner:Does this situation remind me of anything in real life? (Usually the first thing that comes to your mind is correct no matter how silly or unrelated it sounds)Who is person X (really think what does that person means to you and write it down)? Do this for all peopleDoes person X remind me of someone in real life?What is object Y (again, write it like you see it for the first time, because in that way you see what it means to you).Does Y remind me of anything in real life?After you have completed that, try to make it into a story that gives you meaning of your dream.For more info, check out Gayle Delaney's book Living your dreams

What does it mean to dream of a newborn baby?

I have had a few conversations with a few other people and we discussed possible symbolic relationships to birth. Depending upon whether the person was wanting a child or having gone through a situation where others around them were having children. The other aspect was the possibility that the birth was a representation of a new conceptual idea of the individual. Like a new philosophical awakening. The birth then represents the new idea that is going to grow into adulthood. (The following paragraph was a part of an answer to a question similar to this one)