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I Keep Having Intrusive Thoughts About Being Clean And Picking My Skin

Causes for compulsive skin picking?

Freudian, think of it this way. You are stressed, have major depression and are an introvert. I myself am an introvert. Introverts naturally do not express themselves vocally, and often feel pressure to, when there should be no pressure involved. This is just how we are, how God made us. When you are stressed, however, your major depression heightens your stress to the point of anxiety. As you may already know, depression and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. This skin-picking is an impulse-control disorder caused by your anxiety. Being an introvert, you probably have a hard time expressing your emotions and depressed episodes. When you pick your skin, you may be subconsciously trying to "punish yourself" (feelings of guilt are typical of depressed individuals) for everything that you are feeling. There is no need to do this. As difficult as it may be, try to write what you are feeling on paper, or literally force yourself to volunteer. I know, when I was going through a major depressive episode, it seemed as though every single person told me to "volunteer". However, it honestly really does help get your mind off of it. I hope I helped in some way. At least you're doing your part by seeking medical help. God Bless.

Is it normal to have intrusive thoughts of aggression?

for example, waking up and just have some thoughts or something telling you to do something violent? or just be walking around or at work and then out of no where have an aggressive thought pop into mind?

I am 13 years old. How can I stop picking and damaging my skin?

First of all. It is right that you should take care of your skin. You should keep your face clean but not make it harsh through excessive cleaning or over washing. Do not in any case touch your face with dirty hands. I suffered from acne too almost all these years from 12, 13 till last year when I stopped using every fancy thing related to acne and instead just would not touch my face untill my hands are clean or I need to wash my face. You would have seen the effects of touching and picking on your face that it lead you to damage your skin so bad. If you would not stop now it would lead you to severe conditions which may lead you to evenmore severe treatments and also might cause your skin to lose its natural healing ang growth factors. If you still want your skin to be healthy just stick to one thing which suits you best for washing your face and wait for it. Do not experiment with your skin and stop picking it. When you pick your skin, you are actually allowing and making home for all the bacteria in the surrounding even for those which are not supposed to be there. Your inner layer is exposed and more attractive to these germs which actually damagded your skin because they eat on that.

I spend at least an hour a day (sometimes 3) picking dust out of my keyboard and other things, do I have OCD?

I spend at least an hour a day (sometimes 3) picking dust out of my keyboard and other things, do I have OCD?Do you enjoy cleaning? Is the amount of time you spend cleaning interfering with your life? Do you wish you could stop? Have you tried to stop cleaning but it’s caused you mental torment when you refrain? Has this mental/emotional discomfort made you unable to stop cleaning? Do you have tiring arguments with yourself about whether or not these things actually need so much cleaning? Do you feel like something really bad will happen if you don’t clean them for so long? What thoughts and feelings go through your mind if you choose to stop cleaning for one day?Try not to clean for just one day and find out what your reactions you have to it.Your responses to these questions and your response to the day-of-no-cleaning should provide you with the type of information that would help you figure out if you have a disorder.One other possibility is that it’s OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder) which is different than OCD.

Is having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) a bad thing?

It’s not a “bad” thing.BUT it can make your life difficult. And that varies depending on:-what your compulsions are-whether they’re a repetitive compulsion or not-how many repetitions you feel you require-your reaction when you are unable to fulfill your compulsions or when someone else moves/touches/reverses/destroys the object of your compulsion.My particular OCD’s are around the idea of organizing/cleaning. Now my own apartment is a disaster on those two fronts, mainly because there’s just too much stuff and 3 people in a small space that nothing can really be done about it. I AM able to keep the kitchen and pantry under control with the organization, and my art supplies, but that’s about it.BUT when I’m in someone else’s space, a professional setting, a supermarket etc, that’s MOSTLY organized or has clearly defined optimal organization already, I feel like I need to “fix” everything that’s out of place.-Lining up grocery items with the labels on the shelves- Putting misplaced store items back where they belong (bringing any cold items left to spoil on shelves to the nearest clerk for damaging-out)-Fanning out, or neatly stacking magazines in a doctor’s office (depending on what it looks like the reception seems to prefer)- resorting movies and dvd’s in a store that were misfiled- invoking organizing skills akin to 3D tetris with anything packed sub-optimally in a box or confined spaceetc.My compulsions sometimes get the best of me, and I consider it a treat when I’m allowed to follow through with them. BUT if prodded I can reluctantly walk away from sorting things that aren’t really mine to sort.

What are the before and after pics of people who are drug addicts for several years?

This was me a couple years into injecting daily, Stealing from stores and blowing any useful credit I had. I may be smiling but it’s only for one of two reasons, the dope was on its way, or I’d just picked it up.My second photo is about two and half years in when I had no more credit resources and after getting off lucky with a warning due to no prior charges I stopped stealing from stores. I could no longer substain my 300$ a day fentanyl habit. So I decided prostituting would be my best bet. After experiencing abusive and manipulating pimps I was lucky enough to get away due to him being charged for living off the avails of prostitution and also sexualizing a minor. He was also part of a sex ring with other under aged girls. I had no idea whatsoever. He had got me good. Anyways, after this I began to sell myself without a pimp. As you can imagine the increase in cash only lead to an even more out of control addiction. If I couldn’t make my cut of 300$ that day, I would suffer and become very ill until I had enough cash.I was extremely skinny and always so pale. I also wore sweaters everyday in hopes of hiding my arms. Or I would cover my scars with makeup. This was no way to for anybody to live a life. I was becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired.Are you ready for a big change?HeyI am so beyond thankful to be alive and well. I am currently on methadone treatment and will work to come off slowly in the future. I couldn’t be more thankful to have a second chance at life, and I owe it all to myself. I don’t mean that in the sense I did this without supports and tough love. In my previous stories I share of the man who helped me change.**Addiction started with a decision. And I Ended it with the choice to want to get better. **Some of my scars will never leave, but they remind me daily to keep on going and be the fighter that I Am destined to be. If this inspired at least one person, I feel it’s done it’s job.From one addict to another, I am here to support.

I CAN'T stop picking my face?

It began when I was 13, I'm now 16. It's not as long as some people but it's felt like forever. I'm about to begin VCE studies and sometimes I get so self conscious I wont leave the house. I'm afraid I'll get too shy and self-conscious to focus on my studies. Every holidays I stay home for two weeks just to attempt to clear it up. I wear make-up, not a lot at all and I don't even think it's what's causing it because I'm the same without it. When I wear the make up I don't look bad and so i makes me somewhat confidant. There are camps next year and one even this December and I'm afraid I wont be able to clear up my face in time so that I wont need make-up, because in January I skipped biology camp at the last minute saying I "was sick" because I got so ashamed of the way I looked.

It's only been three years (seems a lot for me as I'm only 15), but the issue runs deeper! My mother used to almost act like she was my beautician and she would get the black heads off my face when I was 11/12 and it's after that that I began doing it to myself!! Her skin is fine and when she sees me cry in my room or skip something because of my skin, she's all lecturing/parental and completely blames me.... when really she started the compulsive picking.

I don't actually have any acne, so if this were to clear up I wouldn't have a problem.

Someone help me!? I know this was a long story but I just wanted to get it all out (all my friends have perfect skin and so I wont talk to them about it) and I thought some backround into this could give some kind of clue on how to stop my compulsive face picking.

xxx Thank-you a million if you actually read this and you'd have to be quite thick if you comment with 'don't pick, it's bad for you' etc. because no kidding I know that and I don't want to pick.

My OCD is ruining my life...?

I'm sorry this is going to be long please help me. I am 19 years old, and I think I have very bad OCD. It is beginning to ruin my friendships, relationship, and now my life. I am a 2nd year nursing student, and I strive for perfection, the only thing to OCD is good for is being able to obsess over school and making straight A's. But other than that, it is ruining my life. I'm constantly having to wash my clothes, wash my hands, clean my house etc. I still worry about germs even after I know I'm clean. I have to check four or five times that my doors are locked and my lights are off before I leave. I constantly worry about what I look like. I worry about everything I cannot relax. It's ruining my relationship with my boyfriend, I cause him so much stress because of my OCD and it's so frustrating to me because I feel like I can't do anything about it. We've been together for 2 years, and we broke up today, and it sounds like he is seriously fed up with me. I blame myself. The OCD is causing lots of fights between me and my mom, she doesn't like that I use so much soap because it's expensive. I can't afford to go see a psychologist right now because I am a college student and I don't have health insurance right now. I am very depressed and I am very mad at myself. I need suggestions please. What can I do to overcome this because I am at my breaking point right now...I feel so alone right now...

What is YOUR Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) like?

I dont want to know general symptoms or whatever the word is, i want to hear people who have OCD's stories on their disorder. And no offense, but only post if you have more severe OCD.

My reason for asking: I am watching a show on OCD, and it just struck me as an interesting disorder, and I would like to hear what goes on in some people with OCD's heads, and what the disorder is like.

Thank you! Have a great summer.