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I Keep Having Issues Accessing My Yahoo Account. Usually Temporary Error 14 But Also It Will Just

I cant access mail - keep getting temporary error 14?

Yahoo has their engineers working on the problems. They hope to have it fixed soon, In the meantime, you can click one of these links to access your mail, it's basic, no frills, but it works. or: or:
I use the "us" link when the mail acts up.

Can't access Yahoo Mail; keep getting Temporary error: 2?

Keep refreshing

Why do I keep getting temporary error 14 and I can't get into my yahoo mail? I did the suggested steps.?

To Contact Yahoo by Email, this can be done by clicking on HELP at the Bottom Right Hand side of the Yahoo Home Page under Horoscopes.

Click on whatever Subject is best for you for more information, you can also Click on the Arrows for more options, or Type your Problem in the Search Help box.

For more Help and advice you can also Go to the Right hand side of page and click on Contact Customer Care.

Click on Select a Product, then select a Category or Version, page will reload for you to click on Sub Category.

Make sure you fill in Brief Details of what has Happened, click Enter.

Depending on the Category you select and the Sub Category you also select you may see at the Bottom of the Page for more help Click on EMAIL A SUPPORT AGENT. You may have to click on different ones and try variations.

Or else there will be information there on the page to help with your problem.

There will then be a Form to fill in. Fill in the form with as much information as you can remember about your security details and your yahoo account etc.

Yahoo will then contact you at a Different Email Address that you need to give them. This email address CANNOT be a yahoo email one.

You need to give them a different Email Address, it could be one that you already have or you will need to create a new one, Google, Hotmail, etc. You do this by clicking on Email and then click on Register and follow the instructions.

They only need this Different Email Address to give you instructions regarding your yahoo account.

When Yahoo send you an email, make sure you check the Trash and Spam folders as well as the Inbox in case it went in there instead.

You will be asked to create a New Password, Best a hard to Guess One for anyone trying to access your Yahoo Account.

I Would Also Strongly advise that you register an alternative email address and your Mobile Number/Cell Phone Number with Yahoo, that is done through Account Settings. (I Think).

That way if your account is ever hacked or similar, a message should come up and they can send a code to your phone or other email address for you to then unlock your Yahoo Email Account.

Good Luck

Yahoo mail temporary error: 14 ???

I'm still having issues with Temporary Error 14. I've followed the suggestions given to empty the cache, restart the browser and so on and so forth, but nothing helps! I've been keep up with correspondence but the inability to check my own emails is really a hinderance and major annoyance! What can I do?!

Why can't I access my yahoo mail? I get error 14!?

Hey there,

This is a temporary error that should have been resolved. Please attempt some troubleshooting steps to help fix this problem. I have provided an article below with details:

If you are still experiencing issues, you'll need to contact our Customer Care team at:

Here, you'll see a few categories to choose from. Once you go through the steps, you'll see an option to send us an 'Email'. Fill out the email form and 'Send'.

- Oscar

Temporary error: 19 ... this is what I get when I try to access my email since the Yahoo update today.?

After hours and hours, many times with Att & yahoo I found my problem on my own.
Go into control panel then go into Internet options and then go into the programs part.
Open up manage add on, when it opens see if you have a non verified Alcatel-Lucent, Disable all of them and you just disabled the new and not improved ATT email.
I have not found how to remove this crap ATT, Yahoo put in my computer but my email works fine now.

What is mail temporary error 14?

If you have this error then you are probably flagged as a suspicious account. If you log into another account and try to send email to yourself you may get a bounce back stating that the account is temporarily suspended.

Best thing to do is try to get online with yahoo .. the chat team ... they are very good at helping with this and you can not do anything but wait for up to 48hrs for your account to be checked. They can fix the problem right away.

The support on this suggests clearing your internet cache which may also be a problem but if you do this and reboot then it is probably that your account is flagged. What is strange is that a lot of times error 14 takes a while to take full affect ... for example - you could start with not being able to attach files and some users will get bounce back but not all the time.

Good luck.

How can I regain access to my Facebook account without having access to the mobile phone number?

I lost my phone once… well, technically it was stolen, but the police said that I lost it. Anyways, that phone number was used as a 2-step verification number for many apps, websites and things alike. I was absolutely crushed until a friend of mine told me that I’m being stupid and that I should go to my provider and ask for a new card with the same number while shutting down my other one.My provider… well, they provided. They did exactly that and I was luckily able to continue on with my life as if nothing ever happened, except for the hundreds of family photos and videos lost… but that’s what I get for not using a cloud backup service, anyways.Since then, I’ve changed my verification phone number to something I’ll always have access to - a virtual SMS number that I use for work.

Temporary error: ymws:Server.MailboxOpenFailed.... do i keep getting this error when trying to access my mail?

Here is a series of actions that may help to resolve your situation, If you are successful, could you add a note saying what action, or group of, corrected the problem? Thank you,

Some of these may not apply to your problem
Test with a different supported browser. If you experienced problems in Internet Explorer, try accessing your Yahoo! Mail in Firefox or Chrome to see if the problem resolves itself. You can update your IE; try to get the latest version. If you have latest version and have problem, then get an older version.
Clean out your cache; go to your antivirus program and tools and select clean system now.
Also update your Java and Flash players.
Defrag system after all is updated and cleaned out.
Also you can try, there is a free version of it, sometimes it will clean out stuff that the antivirus cleaner does not.
Cleaning cookies
• Clearing cookies can fix issues related to: Sign-in problems, like not being able to sign-in, not being able to stay signed-in, and error messages about setting your user cookie.
• Clearing cache can fix issues related to: Browser never finishes loading page, page hangs or freezes, seeing old page content, and online applications (like games) not responding

Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your computer by your browser to customize what you see on a webpage. The cache is website information that is stored on your computer, so webpages will load faster. Clearing your cache and cookies can help resolve many browser functionality issues.
Resolution if you are running IE 7.0
* IE 7.0:
Operating system:
- Windows XP
1.Select Tools | Internet Options.
2.Select the General tab.
3.Under "Browsing history," click Delete.
4.Click Delete files and then click Yes to confirm the deletion.
5.Click Delete cookies and then click Yes.
6.Click Close to close the "Delete Browsing History" dialog box.
7.Click OK to close the "Internet Options" window.
8.Close and restart your browser.

If you are running a different system follow the basic steps above

How do I fix temporary error #14?

Been a tech since the '80s and sick of all the Yahoo! and other big corp BS anymore. Yahoo! ignores all the "Not Spam" checked on the exact same emails day after day. Now not only do they still put the exact same emails in the Spam box, they added an Error 14 BS problem. I checked the same emails I have been checking for months and then click on "Not Spam" but now all of a sudden those emails do not exist in any box, but they are still in the Spam box. rggggg. The Error 14 BS pops up and then Yahoo! will not let you move the email to any box at all. Not only that Yahoo! does not give any other errors or anything. Try to drag the message to the inbox and nothing happens. Check the box in front of the message and then click on "Not Spam" and again nothing happens. Open the message and then choose "Not Spam" and STILL nothing happens on the damn screen. All of this goes on AFTER the stupid Error 14 message pops up, but those same messages were chosen as not spam for months, yet keep being delivered to the Spam box. rggggg

I can't wait to get out of all this online email BS hopefully within the next year. At least Gmail does not deliver any encrypted looking spam BS so I will still with that for email in the long run.

Also Yahoo! piles up garbage in memory as it keeps creeping up higher and higher slowing down my PC, until finally the right click, etc does not work. Go into Task Manager and it shows over 1 GB again. Ending that task closes Yahoo! Mail and then right click, etc is available again. Open up email again and it starts all over again. Same for Facebook so you can't leave either open for very long if you want to do any memory or processing power intensive task. By the year 2015 people should not have to clear cache and do all that BS either.