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I Kinda Forgot Which Manga This Is

Forgot the name of a yaoi manga?

I remeber it was a manga with a bunch of small stories in it but the two I remebr is one wer the two guys r going out and the seme is kinda needy so he also goes out with girls but then his newest gf wants to marry him and she says he has to break up woth the mc (uke) so he does and the mc gets upset but leaves seme alone but sinc seme is needy he keeps coming back but mc is avoiding him and eventually seme tries to kill mc because he doesn't want anyone else to have mc. Mc doesn't die tho cauwe his friend stopped it and somehow they live happy afterwards
The second one I remebr is one guy is coming home late and the other one is in bed sleeping alrdy and basically the guy is wondering why he likes/is going out with the sleeping guy and thinks he wants to break up with him but as he's having flashbacks he's reminded that he loves him
I hope that's enough info, if anyone remebers this yaoi I would be super super happy :) thank you

Whats the name of a yaoi manga that I forgot.?

is it koutetsu no daitenshi? (also called dictatorial archangel in english)

plot summary: After his older brother died in the war, Hans has no one if not for Colonel Michel Rosenberg who took him under his wing. Despite the Colonel’s cocky attitude which Hans dislikes, the orphaned boy couldn’t help but respond to the Colonel’s sexual advances.
But where does a wedding and a honeymoon in the battlefield fit in the story?!

you can read the manga here:

Help me find this manga?


I'm looking for a kind of shoujo manga I've read once but forgot where and what. I remember the main character being a girl with long, straight black hair and wears glasses. Her sister's a model or an actress, I forgot, and both girls has a butterfly birthmark on their thumb. Also, there's this sort of gay guy who also has the same birthmark on his thumb as the girls. He paints girls' nails just so he could find the one with the birthmark.

And that's all I remember. Please help me find this manga! Thanks!

Forgotten yaoi manga?

I don't know if this is what you're looking for but at least it sounds similar to your plot so you might want to check it out cause its good :)

Second Life:
Hirose Akira works in a famous finance company. Without knowing, he hit on the wife of the beautiful son of the company president, Shigeharu Tomoya, and got caught in the act. Of course, having offended Shigeharu, he was spared from being fired on the condition that he would work as a maid at Shigeharu’s place. The tough life of cohabitation, coupled with Shigeharu’s cute side, Hirose has been entrapped by him. What will happen to Hirose!? (Kinda cute, I liked it) romance, comedy, drama, yaoi.

Aoiro Keiyaku:
Love starts with a burglary when art owner, Andou, has a young artist's, Kagawa Setsuyou's, masterpiece stolen from under his wing. However, he finds himself having to deal with Setsuyou's artistic whims (laugh). Setting deep in the woods, alone together in an ancient gallery... the optimal environment to enjoy Ike's artistic prowess and watch sex scenes quietly from the front row. (It was cute. A bit different from what I usually read, but I liked it. Very interesting plot and nice chracters) romance, drama, yaoi.

K-sensei no Yajuu na Aijou:
A story about the best selling Author Kaji-sensei "K-sensei" who is an erotical novel author with his Editor. (Omg I loved this manga, it was really good. One of my favorites) romance, comedy, yaoi.

I've been looking for new manga to read. Is there any recommendations from you guys? I'm more into action/adventure genres.

I have absolutely no idea as to what manga you have read till now. For this answer I'll consider you to be a complete newbie to the world of manga.My first choice would be One Piece. One of the longest running and best selling manga. One piece is a story involving pirates and marines. The protagonist is the pirate Luffy who sets out to search for the legendary treasure - One Piece. It has plenty of action, humour and some really memorable characters.My next choice would be Full metal alchemist. It's a true masterpiece. This manga is about two brothers who can perform alchemy and are in search of the philosopher’s stone.Hunter X Hunter is also a really good manga. The only problem is that it's on an infinte hiatus.World Trigger is a pretty good shonen manga with scifi aspects.If you are okay with gory stuff i would suggest Berserk and Gantz - Two of my favourite seinen action manga.Dragonball and Rurouni kenshin are also obvious manga that come to mind.Other good manga include Naruto (involves Ninjas), Toriko (Has Gourmet hunters searching for New foods), Bleach(Shinigami), Tokyo Ghoul (Ghouls. Duh!), Boku no hero academia (Superheroes and stuff), Kingdom.Magi is also a pretty good adventure manga. But it has less action than the above mentioned manga.Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakusho and JoJo’s bizarre adventures are other classics.Fairy Tail gets a special mention for being my first manga. Fairy Tail is a manga about wizards.Do try Gintama. It's like a parody of all other manga. But now that i think of it, it would be better to read it after reading other manga.Nearly forgot about Shingeki no Kyojin. Hands down it's one of the best manga in recent times. Plenty of action and suspense.My last suggestion would be One Punch man, in which the protagonist is a superhero who defeats all villains with a single punch and is now bored with life. It has been increasing in popularity exponentially and has great potential.

What Manga would you recommend?

I very much prefer the written word alongside some badass drawings that everything just moving about… why, don’t ask me, but I prefer reading manga.If anything, I love hearing the seiyuus in anime and things like that, but there’s this bit of… imagination that you just can’t get from the anime that you need the manga to experience.Anywho, getting sidetracked. You wanted some manga to read, not my life story. I recommend:Akumetsu: Kinda long but definitely worth reading. A single boy tries to change society with some darn radical measures. It just drags you in the more you read.Akame Ga Kill: You watched the anime? Forget that shit, we have a dragon in the manga! *ehem* In any case, even if you watched the anime(which is good, don’t get me wrong), I still strongly recommend that you read the manga. It has way more substance than the anime.Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa: Okay, this one I’m not holding back. The anime was complete and utter shit compared to one of my favorite mangas ever, this one right here. It IS a romantic comedy, but you’ll be laughing, and a lot. Just read it.Anyhow, those are on the longer end of things, now for some short series anyone can enjoy cause they are updated regularly and really damn short(too short if you ask me):Mousou Telepathy: A girl that can read minds and a boy whose (perverted) thoughts don’t show in his face. Another one that is kinda romantic but worth the read.Saiki Kusou No Psi Nan: A character so OP with his telekinetic powers that he actually has to use limiters. In any case, not action but also comedy.And well… those are my recommendations. Try to give them a shot.

How do I read manga?

The same top-to-bottom way you'd read a western comic, only moving from right-to-left instead of left-to-right. So, the first caption or word balloon will be closest to the top right of the furthest right panel and your reading order progresses down and left from there. At the end of each panel row you start the next from the furthest right panel progressing left.Be aware though that it's only in the last decade or so that English translations of manga have preserved this right-to-left reading order - editions from the 80s and 90s used to be 'flipped', artwork and all, for left-to-right reading order. Some of these are still available, like the Dark Horse 'Akira' paperbacks, or even the contemporary Drawn & Quarterly editons of Yoshihiro Tatsumi's gekiga works ('Abandon the Old in Tokyo', etc.) You can obviously tell which reading order the publisher's opted for by seeing where they've placed the front cover - if the spine's on the left (when the book is shut) the manga has been flipped to be read left-to-right, and if the spine's to the right it's printed in the proper reading order. But this can be confusing when reading a digital edition where's no spine to clue you in - especially in those manga that open with a string of silent panels. Presumably this is why DC have resorted to numbering panels by order in the first few pages of all of their Jiro Kuwata 'Batmanga' releases.

Do you find it useful to read mangas?

They’re useful in more than one way. They’re a good distraction, a stress relief. They’re inspiring and builds up general knowledge. I learned baseball rules thanks to… I forgot the name of the manga. I learned about handball too, thanks to Haikyu. I learned about deities like Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu and Susano. They’re challenging in the kinds of debates and ideas they share and instill. For example, Death Note talks about death penalty. Is it a good thing or a bad thing ?Most of all, they bring life and joy and laughter and passion in people’s lives.

What's the name of that Manga?

I read a Manga a couple of months ago which is actually a hentai Manga, kinda but I forgot the name
It's about a boy who lives with his aunt and she does an experiment with the boy. He has to F*ck like 13 women I think

Can someone help me find a certain manga?

i forgot the manga i wanted to read. its about a girl who just enrolled in a music school (full of famous entertainers) and is partnered up with three guys(the teacher used a weird method a "red string of fate" kinda thing) and has to work with them for the whole year writing music for each one of them. can anyone help?