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I Left My Ipod On Spirt What Should I Do

How do you transfer music from iTunes to an iPod?

Assuming you have a computer with a USB port, you can plug and iPod charger into the port, plug the other end into the iPod, and open up iTunes.Once in iTunes, there should be a button with your devices name. Click on that, choose Sync, and choose music.

Is a spirit throwing objects in my house?

ALSO: I once had sheets hanging up around my bed. One night, I was playing on my iPod and all of a sudden the air got heavy and I heard a "Psssst!"

A lot of the time I feel like someone's in my bathroom. The entryway to my bathroom always feels extremely heavy and always gives me a horrible chill. I have to cross half the bathroom to turn the light on, and every single time I feel something watching me and I get the feeling that it's grinning.

My sister and her friend both spent the night once. They couldn't sleep because they kept hearing a weird beeping noise and something running up the stairs behind them after they made it to the top of the staircase.

Sometimes I can't even get out of bed because I feel like something's watching me and it makes me sick to my stomach.

Smells. I've had problems with demons in the past. At my old house, there was this terrible odor that always filled my room around 11pm. It smells like rotting meet and fresh soil.

How can i jailbreak my Ipod Touch 3rd Generation 3.1.3(7E18) (Model: PC008LL)?

spirit is by far the best... apple can track any ipod touch that has been jailbroken.
spirit itself is not put on your ipod after it has been jailbroken.
Spirit is only the tool used to jailbreak it, the program put onto your ipod is cydia which is used to download what ever you want. If Apple for some reason "finds you" you can reset your ipod touch to factory settings using itunes from your computer like nothing ever happend. hope this helps (:

How do you clean sticker residue from an iPod?

do not use nail polish remover, even though it is metal, i find it is dangerous to most surfaces. try putting some regular tape on the sticky surface. rub the tape on, almost heating it with the motion. then pull up fast. take a new piece of tape repeat. also, rubbing alcohol loosens the adhesive without tarnishing surfaces. if all else fails in the way of common household remedies, go for goo gone.

How do I remove the dark spot that's appeared on the inside of my iPhone screen?

It sounds like the LCD is damaged. Replacement is the only viable option (either the LCD or the entire phone). From what you’ve described, it’s likely heat damage rather than some sort or bump or physical trauma. I haven’t seen it on an iPhone, but I’ve seen a lot of other displays exhibit that dark spot/black hole, when the battery underneath overheats.Look online for a local iPhone repair and get a quote for a screen replacement for your specific phone model (make sure that they know that the glass isn’t damaged or you’ll end up being quoted for glass, encoder and display).Then book a Genius Bar appointment and get a quote from your Apple Store. If they give you a better deal, let them at it, otherwise kick back to the repair shop.Usually, for just the display, it will be cheaper to get it repaired by a third party. Displays aren’t that expensive and it’s a relatively easy swap. Apple will generally charge a flat rate that treats any display problem as a phone swap. You may get lucky and be under warranty or it may be a common problem that they’re cutting people slack on.

So worried!! What happens if you get alittle Brasso Polisher in your eye?

I got brasso to clean my ipod and i'm worried about how harmful this stuff is. The lid requires u to pull on it to break the seal. So i pulled the lid off and i felt a bit of brasso flew into my left eye. I wish this stuff wasn't liquid form so it couldn't do that.....I didn't feel any irritation but i went to wash my eyes just incase for 5 minutes although it says to do it for 15 minutes. Nothings wrong with my eye though and it's been 2 days since i used it. I read that there's ammonia in it and that stuff is stated to cause blindness, lung damage if you splash it directly into your eye. It was only 10 - 15% Ammonia..... but i'm still very worried. Will my eye be okay?

Worst of all it didn't even clean my ipod and leaves and strong smell that won't wash away on my gadget.

What do people do when they say they are praying?

It really depends on why I am praying. If I am facing a human enemy, then I pray for a way of escape. I also pray for them, that somehow God would touch their hearts in a similar way He stopped Saul on the Damascus Road and Changed his life forever. If I am facing a financial hardship then I pray for God to provide a means for me to receive a blessing, whether it be a gift, a job, debt forgiveness, etc. nothing is impossible for Him.  If I am planning a trip whether for me or someone else then I pray for safe, prosperous travel, if I am getting ready to eat then a prayer of thanksgiving is offered up. If I have just received an answer to previous prayer then even more thanksgiving and praise is offered, (I usually give thanks before I see any results). If I am witnessing then I pray that God will allow whatever seeds I have planted to grow in their season. At least once a week I pray for all the pastors and minister of the gospel in every Church to deliver God's word and a tangible manifestation of the Holy Spirit to be present. I Pray that revival will began to breakout in a supernatural way, and people all around the world come to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What should a 15 girl year old buy with 275 dollars?

an ABJD or a Blythe. It's what I did, and I have never regretted it!

Questions for ghost "experts"?

If you say you saw an apperition of a woman, then it's likely it is a ghost, unless you were half asleep, just woken up, or only saw it from the corner of your eye. Most paranormal Investigators say it is a sign of a spirit when electrical appliances are dying. Things like camers and such often instantly drain during a investigation, and are thought to be from spirits. If your Ipod was the only thing that drained, and it only happened the once, I woudl consider a more likely explanatiomn, like you left it on or something. If you aren't convinced, then set uop a Video camera and try and catch either the apperition, or anyother paranormal things happening.Hope this helps.