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I Like How Wwe Brings Alexander Rusev

Who was the top face of each of WWE eras and what's your favorite era?

For me:

Golden Era (1984-1992): Hulk Hogan (Bring wrestling into international market and made it cool to be wrestling's fan...particularly WWF

New Generations of Wrestling Era (1993-1997): Shawn Michaels (Representing this era that wrestling skills is as important as gimmick/promos/charisma. Not to mention, he had the wrestling skills and the charisma.

Attitude Era (1998-2001): Stone Cold Steve Austin (He made it cool to be wrestling's fans again. WWF changed from a family progrram to a much more controversial program, where sex, drugs, and violence references were used to appeal and attract viewers. This includes the Austin character, who drank beer on tv, gave everyone the middle finger, and raised hell.)

Ruthless Aggression Era (2002-2007): Chris Benoit (This era is all about wrestling. While gimmick/charisma/promos still important as ever in WWE, wrestling skill is the number one priority. Benoit had all the wrestling skills and he was just a ferocity, vicious, sadistic and wrestle every single match like a PPV match. Sorry guys, it's not Brock Lesnar to me.

PG-Era (2008-2011) and Reality Era (2012-Present): John Cena (Love him or hate him, Cena is one of the popular faces in WWE history. PG-Program is a friendly program and Cena proves that he can make great promos without cursing and bad languages. Kids loves Cena everything he does and his "I''ll never quit and back down attitude" really makes an inspiration for kids.

Professional Wrestling: What was World Wrestling Entertainment's worst mistakes from 2012 - 2018?

-Kevin Owens going from a prizefighter to a chickenshit heel.
-I wish you died in the womb.
-Signing The Good Brothers and doing nothing with them.
-Dolph Ziggler with Lana vs Rusev with Summer Rae
-Jinder Mahal going from a jobber to WWE Champion.
-Team PCB vs Team Bad vs Team Bella
-Wasting Wade Barrett
-Alberto Del Rio defeating John Cena for the United States Championship

And the worst mistake of all........