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I Live In A Dorm And It Is Apartment Style And None Of The Windows Open. We Only Have A Ac In Each

How do I sneak a cat into my dorm/apartment?

It's not cruel to keep a cat inside... It's smart mines been in my apartment 5 years and he's happy and healthy... Anyways if you live on the top floor you can get away with it usually... If the windows are high enough up then your landlord won't see the cat... I got caught bc my cat just sat in the window all the time... I got away with it for months tho... Then I started paying a 25$ fee for him. Dorm room I feel is impossible because of RA inspections... Regular apartments give u notice b4 inspections ... Colleges typically do not. A dorm room is enough space for a cat tho if ur wanted to try.. Don't listen to other ppl ... Have u ever seen how small cages are at the SPCA? Tiny spaces poor cats.. A room is fine ... But yea dorm room on campus u will get caught eventually

None of the windows in my apartment open which is a safety hazard, can i break my lease legally?

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Do you have a phone? Do you know where their office is? Voice your concerns before you just pack up and leave. They probably don't even know they won't open. Not sure how everyone here thinks it works but landlords do not check every single teeny tiny detail before they rent something, and prospective tenants don't do it either.

Stating that you should have checked the windows before signing the lease is moronic. Do you take a 30 minute shower? Run a load of dishes? Plug two things into one outlet? Shouldn't have signed the lease without doing it!!!!

Contrary to popular belief, you can't just stop paying rent when something is broken. Learn the landlord/tenant laws of your state. Don't get evicted for non-payment when SIMPLE COMMUNICATION could fix the problem.

If you are a valued, pay-on-time, easy to deal with tenant, I'm sure they would be happy to fix your window and provide a chain ladder.

I live in a one bedroom apartment and my electricity bill is 200 dollars?

Um, i'm no longer particular the position you're from or what college you're hoping to get into, yet maximum universities require 1st 3 hundred and sixty 5 days scholars to stay contained in the dorms till they are fatherland is commutable. I under no circumstances lived contained in the dorms because i became waiting to shuttle my first 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, yet acquaintances who lived contained in the dorms their first 3 hundred and sixty 5 days loved it. it is the position you meet your human beings you'll keep in the course of maximum of your college years. college is unlike severe college; you possibly gained't make many acquaintances in basic terms from classification on my own. you may want to become in contact (Greek existence -- although i'm no longer a fan in my view..too busy with different golf equipment and preparation, golf equipment and frats on your significant, etc..). i have not met a unmarried individual at my college who did not meet maximum of their college acquaintances contained in the dorm from their first 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. commonly talking college homestead complexes do no longer enable you paint the walls. you'll even might want to do no longer overlook that once you're in an homestead you'd be paying more advantageous than lease, and the owner gained't enable 4 human beings to split the price. there is frequently a higher value for a higher crew of human beings. you'd be procuring internet, cable, gas, electric powered, and commonly your own water and trash (counting on landlord).

What are portable air conditioner without window exhaust?

Is Ventless AC Possible?Portable air conditioners[1] need a way to remove the heat from your room to outside of your room. This is usually done with a hose. Without the hose, the hot air would just recirculate back into your room which would make your AC a lot less effective while increasing your electricity bill.Technically, you can still stand in front of it and feel the cold air but how low the temperature in your room goes down will be limited. It’s like trying to fill a tub with cold water while continuously adding hot water at the same time. It’ll be cold directly where the cold water lands but the rest of the tub won’t be nearly as cold.Free standing AC units requires at least one duct to carry heat from the condenser to the outside. The more efficient ones have 2 ducts so the cold air doesn’t get transferred outside at the same time.Visual of How Portable ACs WorkYou’re probably asking due to the inconvenience of having to find a window to stick that hose out of. Maybe the hose isn’t long enough or you hate having to drag it from one room to another room when moving the portable AC.One option that might work for you is getting an evaporative cooler[2]. You don’t need a hose but you do need to open the window or door since it pulls in outside air, cools it down, then pushes it into your room. These work well in drier climates.If you live where there’s a lot of humidity and don’t want to deal with an AC with a hose, you’ll need to install a window AC. It’s not as hard to do as it may seem. If you rent and your landlord doesn’t you to install an AC and complaining hasn’t worked, try filling a bucket full of ice and running the fan.Bottom line is with portable ACs, you need to use a hose unless you don’t care about the added electricity costs.Footnotes[1] How Air Conditioners Work[2] Evaporative cooler - Wikipedia

What are the dorms at Oregon State University like?

most likely they are like every dorm on the planet... small and depressing lol.

Are Harvard dorms air conditioned?

Most student suites are not, though some of the nontraditional apartment-style housing does. Some proctor and tutor suites, as well as all of the housemaster residences, are.In Boston, it's typically only warm enough to require AC for a few weeks in September...unless you're here over the summer. Then you quickly grow to appreciate crossbreezes and the power of box fans.

What features should one pay attention to when looking for a quiet apartment in NYC?

Within the building:New construction tends to have better sound proofing (though I don't have much experience in terms of building material; I live in a building built in the 1920s).Some buildings will have a written requirement for rugs or carpeting over a minimum percentage of the floor spaceBuilding inhabitants - not all people in their 20s will be loud or have parties, but you might want to take the kind of neighborhood into account in this way. If you're in an area with lots of college students, for example, you're more likely to have people partying in your building than if you live with retirees or families (though old construction coupled with many young children can still be noisy in a different way).Weird architectural elements that might carry noise between apartments: our building features ventilation shafts between the kitchen and bedroom so that our shotgun-style apartment can have windows in these two rooms. If it's warm and we have the windows open, we can hear noise from other apartments more than 1 floor away through this, including the barking dog 2 floors away. (During the summer it's not an issue because everyone tends to use A/C in these windows.)Outside the building:Neighborhood - some neighborhoods are louder than others, because of pedestrian traffic (bar-goes, shoppers, etc) or vehicular traffic, especially to a tunnel or bridge (which translates to honking).Street location - Some streets are simply more busy than others (but this itself isn't a deal-killer). Avenues are generally worse than side streets. You want to find something on the more residential end of the scale.Direction that windows face: Windows facing a major street are going to equate to noiser apartments than those that face the back, even on a busy street. I live on a relatively busy street (mostly foot traffic but some vehicles) but our apartment windows face the back of the building.

What does the city view out your window look like?

I am living in the Los Angeles Ecovillage, and my second floor apartment faces a courtyard. The courtyard has trees, some haphazard, some deliberate. The trees include a magnolia, figs, pomegranates, papayas. There are small personal gardens, mostly marked by sunflowers, or kale plants that have been partly picked clean, and still producing leaves after half a year, most a meter high, even now in mid-July. I watch and listen to a few folks talking together on the mismatched lawn furniture that has been set upon the mulch, using their laptops, sharing words in a meeting; a few more later taking a tour and getting introduced to the hidden greywater pipes, the deep mulch, the compost heaps on the other side of the courtyard. I can hear the chickens singing, see their coop almost hidden by a tree. I can hear the sirens - police, fire - sometimes insistent. A couple of rude motorcycles cut out their mufflers several times a day, thinking that an antisocial gesture makes much of a difference here. I can hear the traffic, and see the lights of the streets and cars and businesses beyond the mall in front of me. I smell bacon, first, in the morning (is it here? which  vegetarian wraps their tofu in bacon?), then fried fish (most likely from the seafood supermarket nearby, or the KFC, or one of a dozen small shops). Car horn, then car alarm; no one ever calls the cops for a car alarm. Can't quite hear the buses. The light is indirect until late afternoon, and then I close my blinds until morning.

Is my landlord supposed to provide window screens?

I moved into my apartment in October and noticed that none on my windows have window screens - except for one window in the bedroom. I didn't think much of it then because it was still cold outside and I never opened the windows, but now summer is approaching and every time I open the windows I get flies, and centipedes , and mosquitoes in my apartment. It really is quite annoying.
I live in NY , also on the 4th floor and I have a dog and cat. Out of sheer fear of them jumping out the window or something I keep the windows closed and it's really hot in here lol so can anyone tell me if my landlord is required to provide these window screens?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!

I have a fear of tornadoes so im scared of living in college dorms or apartments?

i have been in like 5 tornados. bypass contained in the technique your position or in a room without abode windows. you want to stay contained in the bottom factor of your position. Get each little thing you want. Any pets, nutrition, water, funds, a flashlight, a cellular telephone, the charger, nutrition for pets, clothing, enamel brush, enamel paste, something to do and save your ideas off of the actual shown reality that there would nicely be a twister (e book, pc), and something else you easily choose. wish I helped and be chance-free!