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I M 30 Years Old I Suffereed From Lazy Eyes Since Last 22 Years Bcause At Age Of 8 Injury By

Will my eyesight get worse if I don't wear prescription glasses?

No , if you follow ayurvedic prescriptions and avoiding doing some things which increase eyesight.yes. Eyes can cure themselves only when we stop wearing glasses. If we wear glasses,they cannot cure,they remain in that state of sight only .If you want to slowly cure your high shortsightedness of 3 ,3.5 ,then go on reversing the process. When we go to doctor checkup yearly, they go on increasing some points,with addition to slight increase in our sight to appear better,in that way we are ignorantly increasing our eysesight year by year .So now onnwards you should not go to doctor,let reverse the process, collect all slips of previous years checkups, try to bring glasses of less sightedness of your preveious years check ups. suppose if you have 3 eyesight at present ,leave it and go to previous ones of less that this one 2 etc use those spects for some montnths, then your eyes adjust to that , follow ayurvedic remedies to improve eyesight. later go on decreasing the sight by previous check ups . it will slowly cure our eyesight.when you have less sight,then there is no need to wear glasses,throw away them ,do your duties without wearing glasses.Remember that, your should not wear glasses in order to cure your eyes sight, if are without glasses for some months , and in a curing process, then you should never wear glasess of hight sightedness in the middle, because,if you wear ,then all these days of curing your eyes wasted and your eyes again adjusted to that glasses of particular sight . it is better avoid spects for ever,only wear in very need ysituation that too for short time, if you have less light of 1.5, or below 2 ,you can able to work without glassess , so leave glassess for ever,follow ayurvedic remedies to cure eysight , then your eyes can slowly cure theselves.In addition to this Avoid,smartphones at latenight in running bus, aviod watching tv withn near distance,.If your spent more time in 3D view like open areas,surroundings,greenery ,your eyes will get cured quickly. Mostly avoid 2D viewing like,operating phones,tv,computer etc,avoid looking into sky ,bright sun

Poll: Random teen questions please answer?

I bet u , no one will actually read all of those nether like answer them .
Good luck

I'm doing a speech and I need to know all I can about child abuse. So can anyone help me with this topic?

What type of abuse / certain kinds / all kinds...I could give you some specifics about what I know...but abuse is abuse...whether it's mental / physical / emotional / bullying...whatever the case maybe...

you can get a lot of info off the internet...or try calling a placement agency that deals with kids this has happened to and see if a case worker / councelor can speak with you. They can't give you specific cases, but can help in answering some of your questions.

Is 32 too old to start going to the gym for a 6 pack?

Its never too late. I am a fitness freak and i personally have transformed my body. This feels like a good place to tell you the little i know. I can suggest you a few things to help you in your transformation:Cut down your sugar intake to almost zero unless its absolutely necessaryCut out processed food from your diet like chips and coke with healthy substitutes like fruits and juices. Prefer fruits over juices. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables. Eat food high on lean protein. Keeps you full and controls appetite.Minimize high carb food sources like rice in your diet. You can take food high on carbs just before workout. Also , include whole food in your diet (whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread etc).Follow a workout routine on You can never achieve great results without following a gym program. I have followed programs on this website and if you follow honestly, you will see amazing results without a doubt. Drink lots of water. At least 8-10 glasses a day. Just after you wake up in the morning, drink a bottle of water. Stay hydrated.Switch to green tea. If you do nothing but drink green tea for a period of time, you can easily loose 4-5 pounds over a period of two months. It accelerates metabolism.Instead of 3 big meals, divide your meals into 5-6 shorter meals in the day. Don't eat anything after 8pm.Always stick to your cardio before weight training. Daily 15-20 min high intensity cardio does wonders.Get enough sleep (8 hours a day) and minimize your stress levels. They have effect on your body weight.If you want suggestions on gym programs: If you are new to the gym Follow Lee Labrada's 12-Week Lean Body Trainer .If its not your first time to the gym, you can start off with 12 Week Daily Trainer With Kris Gethin! This is an amazing program with a daily video and has done wonders to my physique. This is the one..!Decide what body fat percentage you desire. Kris's program can easily take you to anywhere between 10-15% depending upon how well you follow it.Lastly, have patience and will power. Great things take time. Stay focused and you can achieve the body of your dreams within no time. All the very best...!!! :)