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I Made A Fake Profile I

Someone made a fake profile of me on OkCupid - how do I get it taken down?

There's not even a way for me to view it without me making an OkCupid account, which I'd rather not do. I know someone has used my pictures and name and is projecting a negative image of me (saying gross sexual things on the profile and also - they're not me!) and I don't know how to remove it.

Have you ever made a fake profile on a dating site? ?

Yep, I said I was 3 or 4 feet tall and I wanted someones food stamps..

... I was left alone!

How to find out if someone made a fake profile of you with another name?

I just put in my first and last name and facebook and it turns out i have someone impersonating me. I reported them and blocked them and put it as fake account.

-Hope this helps

What would happen if I made a fake LinkedIn profile?

If LinkedIn finds out that you created a fake profile, your account will be deleted. It’s a very bad idea to create a fake profile, not only because you would be breaking the rules on LinkedIn, but also because you would be building an inauthentic presence with connections.

I suspected my boyfriend of cheating so I made a fake profile and caught him, what should I do?

What do you mean "what should I do?" Seriously?
What did you plan to do when you caught him out? Did you just want to confront him to prove he is wrong and you are right? Then what? You think he will ever stop, just because you know his secret?
What do you think he does with all these girls he meets up with? He isn't just talking to them, he goes and meets them. You have proof! You thought he was just having flirty convos. He is going out and meeting up with them, driving out to meet them. It goes way beyond flirty convos!
And do you really think you want to be with someone you have to keep a prisoner just to get them to be faithful?
What you do, is dump him. Using your fake profile so he knows that you know what a lowlife liar he is, and explain to him exactly what is going on. He will lie BTW and say he knew it was you all along and has played your own game better than you. DO NOT fall for that! Dump him. He has turned you into a liar, a sneak and an insecure stalker. Look at what you have done! And all because of how he is making you feel. He is ruining you. Get away.
If you are going to be one of those idiots who will want to take his word for it that he knew it was you, don't confront him yet. Get final irrefutable proof. Arrange a meeting with your fake profile. Get a friend he doesn't know to actually meet up with him. Get her to tell him the girl he wanted to meet is too shy, so sent her in her place. But seeing as they are together they may as well have some fun.... If he goes to meet up, sees a girl he wasn't expecting and then kisses her, you cannot lie to yourself any longer, can you?
Personally I think you have enough proof already, I mean how much slapping in the face do you need to make you stop trying to deny this is happening? Sorry, but you need to look after yourself not worry about how much it will hurt to leave him, you need to think of how much this will hurt each and evey day he is out there, cheating on you, with you trying desperately to pretend it isn't happening. To keep what? What have you really got that is worth keeping? A cheating liar? Huh.

I made a fake profile and ended up falling in love with do i handle coming clean to him?

i posted here yesterday about making a fake profile on myspace when i was 12 or 13 years old..i ended up talking to a guy and he thought that i was the girl from the profile we've been talking for 9 years. yesterday he asked me to marry him, thinking i was the girl from the photo. well of course i had to come clean. he told me he forgave me and wanted to work things out, he was of course upset though. but he said he wanted to still be with me and that he loved me and not the photos. well after we talked, i sent him a picture of myself and he didnt call me attractive, no compliments..and he has been kind of blowing me off ever since. i want to know how to handle it? i sent him a text this morning and he asked me to call him..i called..we talked for like 5 minutes then he said he would call back and never did. i sent him this text later
"hey, i understand if you are still upset with me..i dont blame you. i just want to say that i am the same person that you said you fell in love with and have been talking to for 9 years..maybe not physically..but everything you said you loved about me, im that person. im just going to give you time to think about what you want to do. im fine with whatever decision you make because i brought this on myself by not being honest with you so im just going to stop calling/texting you because it seems you are not interested in me anymore"

he has not responded to me :( its pretty heartbreaking but i know its my fault. what should i do? just wait and see if he contacts me? we were like the best of friends, it is so hard not talking to him

Do guys make fake female dating profiles to scope out the competition?

I admit I made a few fake dating profiles before, both male and female. It was a social experiment. Not merely to scope out the competition, but to understand the dynamics of human mating in an online world. So far, offline yields better returns for me in my experience. Message-wise, I realized women get a lot of spam, dick pics or creepy invitations. Some were alright and not many I'd want to date if I was a woman looking for a long term relationship. I'd like to ask you though - how did you know they passed the Turing test? When I created messages using a automated bot with a conversation tree it wasn't hard to fool others with a bot by using a human operator only if the message was neither positive nor negative. You can also hire someone overseas at dirt cheap to write fake messages for you. It took me only a while to manage about several hundred conversations or so with the help of a bot. I realized most men will say yes to casual sex, if offered, which coincides with prior psychological research. I also tried some variations of trying to persuade the man into a serious relationship with no sex, etc and persuading a woman to have casual sex. I assumed success when a date was planned by the man or I got a phone number from a woman. Although I didn't take into account - if he or she was flaky or a troll. Just note though, this experiment is done on the internet and does not directly apply to real life.I also don't plan to publish any of these results. My conclusion was better to not rely on online dating, because I bet these chicks usually have better options online. At least from my perspective.

I made a fake Tinder profile with a male model, and I got away with far more obscene suggestions, and far more matches, than with my real profile, and now I feel awful. I'm not even ugly, just average. Is Tinder just made for the hottest people?

Tinder, along with all other dating apps out there, is a microcosm that reflects reality but at an accelerated pace. Where it might take you weeks to encounter and interact with 10 new people, the same thing can happen in minutes in apps.The bulk of the world out there is rather superficial and all you’re seeing is the real world represented, concentrated, and accelerated.On the good side though it can get you to check out more people faster and if you’re lucky you’ll find someone sooner.The catch is you stand a better chance if you are your real self on these apps. You don’t want someone to get interested in you because of a fake profile.

I talked to my ex through a fake profile and he found out?

I made this fake account way back when just as a way to express who I really was. I made up the name myself. Today I got this brilliant idea to add my ex and talk to him.. He likes to do photo surfing and seen that none of my pictures were the same person. He immediately caught on and started questioning my fake persona. I tried my hardest to keep going, but he found out by telling me a school related statement. I freaked, and he didn't reply after that. I just miss him so much and he hates me so much. We go to the same school, ride the same bus, have two classes together and always see each other in the hallways. His friends hate me too. Ugh, I just don't know what to do.. Help me?