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I Need 100 Dollars Today. . I Will Happy Pay The Money Back In Short Time.

How can I make 10,000 dollars per month with no initial money?

Now no initial money is going to be extremely difficult but it is possible.Follow along…I’m going to give you some real gold here.The easiest way that I know to make money online without spending a cent is to spam tumblr. Now I am not saying I do this (it would be a complete waste of time for me these days) and I am not recommending it because you will get shut down.But, if you really need to make 10K with no money down you’re going to have to cheat a little. I mean even blogging, which is the cheapest way to earn some honest cash is going to cost you $10 a monthSo, back to spamming tumblr.Set up an Adult related tumblr blog. You know…the NSFW stuff. But before you commit to a name, find a niche that gets a ton of re-blogs. You’re going to have to do some research here. You’re welcome.Once you pick a popular niche, name your tumblr using a descriptive name and start re-blogging a bunch of pics that are directly related to that niche.DON’T DEVIATE FROM THAT NICHEReblog like 300 pictures a day. And in each caption write “For More (your niche) Follow Me at (blog name)” and make your blog name a click-able link.Now after you get a lot of followers…like 10k or 20K find an adult affiliate offer. Something that pays you at least $30 per conversion and start sending people there in your caption. Make it an enticing offer and make the whole offer click-able with your affiliate link.Now you could probably hit 10K from this alone before you get shut down. But I recommend that once you get your first payment…you roll that back into something more sustainable.The easiest next step is setting up e-commerce with Shopify. I wrote a post titled How to Make Money with Shopify (Almost No Money Down) which you can use to stimulate the imagination but keep in mind, there are a lot of ways you can go once you have a few bucks to invest.

Register was short 20 dollars, my first job, second week, advice?

Hello. I am working at my first job, and today I was called into the managers office, and they told me that yesterday my register was short 20 dollars, and printed out a "write up" and made me sign it.

They asked me if anything happened that could have caused the money to be lost. I thought hard, and I did remember once incident. Some girl paid for a 3 dollar pack of Twizzlers with a 100 dollar bill. The employee next to me told me we could accept 100's, and I didn't really question it, and gave them nearly 90 dollars in change with 5's, and maybe one or two 10's. I really counted, and was pretty sure I gave accurate change, but maybe something slipped.

Supervisors also come and collect money from the register every hour or so, so I am not the only person who touches the register, there were about 4 or 5 times when money was taken out and put in.

I just feel kind of bad about this, I'm not sure if businesses deduct this from employee's checks, I work at a large chain if that makes a difference. I guess I should have told the person trying to make a 3 dollar purchase with a 100 dollar bill I didn't have enough change, so that I wouldn't have to risk coming up short, and giving back like 30-40 dollar bills, and risking losing some.

I just feel bad about it, I feel like I did a bad job, I feel like I am in trouble, and I feel like I did not use good judgement. This is my first job ever, and my second week at it. Other than that, I have been doing really well. Any advice would help me feel better, or just better prepare me.

Will I get my 100% money back from Amazon India?

Absolutely agree with Nitish Parnami! Amazon India ( have a fantastic customer care service.I'd like to share an experience. I purchased a bag for 499/- which turned out to be too small for my usage. I processed the return and received the directions from them. However I had to pay the postage of 103/- myself for the return. I wrote them a mail & had a chat with the CCR about refunding my postal charges apart from the original 499/-. He assured me it'll be done. The bag seller was a third party, who, according to the policy, will only return the money for the bag. I later realized this when I read the return policy (The expense for return is to be borne by the customer if the pick up service is not available in your area.)Long story short, I received the 499/- in my account and was feeling disappointed when two later I received a message from Amazon that they have despatched a cheque for 103/- to cover my expense. THEY ARE WILLING TO GO AGAINST THEIR OWN POLICY IF IT FAVOURS THE CUSTOMER!So you can be sure that you'll receive a 100% refund.

Is 100 dollars too much allowance?

i give my daugher 50 dollars a week for setting and clearing the table every nite... she says 50 is not enough and all of the other kids at her school get 100..,. do you think that is too much?

Can a collections agency sue me if I am making payments towards my debt?

Long story short, I have been through several hardships and I have an $11,000 credit card bill. They sent it to collections, and now the collections agent is threatening to sue.

My question is, can they go forward with a lawsuit if I am willing to pay? I have expressed my desire to make things right and pay back the debt I owe. I know I have to be held responsible for my actions...I'm not trying to get away with anything here.

The problem is, they are demanding almost $3000 in order to stop persuing the case against me. I don't have that kind of money and I have no way to get it. I am willing to make small payments ($100 or so) from now on. I can even put this in writing for them if they want.

I tried to look this up online - some places say they can't touch me as long as I am making some kind of payment. Other places say they can do whatever they want if I don't pay the whole $3000.

Can anyone help?

What does it feel like to have 100 million rupiahs monthly income in Indonesia?

I work for a unicorn start up in Indonesia (based in Jakarta)- green is our color! (You can easily guess)My monthly income is a little over IDR 100 million (after taxes) and I am below 30 - I am sitting in a mid-level management position (not even a VP)How does it feel? Well, it still takes me 15 years to buy the smallest unit of a mid-upper scale apartment in Sudirman (e.g. Anandamaya), it takes me probably 30 years to buy a nice house in Pondok Indah and it takes me forever (more than just a lifetime) to buy a mid-sized house in Menteng.Ah not to mention - I can spend my monthly income just to buy a one-way ticket to the US on Singapore Airlines extravagant first Class/suites and have to wait for another month (until next paycheck comes) to buy the return ticket.I guess, the sky has no limit. There’s always someone who earns more and is wealthier. Am I happy? Yes, very much. I don’t buy material stuff - I spend my money mostly on experience. In the end, you will only have what you remember (and it is called memories). Ah, I spend some to help others too. You will never be able to imagine how much IDR 500k (just 0.5% of your income) means to someone. When you pass it on a random stranger (beggar) you meet on the street and you ask them to use the money to start a small retail business (we called it asongan). A few months later, he comes back to you and tells you that he’s managed to live a more financially sustainable life with his children and 0.5% of your monthly earning contributes to that. That kind of feeling is priceless :)