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I Need A Clever Name For A Conspiracy Documentary

What's your opinion about the documentary.."Expelled"?

Have you watched it? If yes, what do you think of it?

It was a really very good documentary which exposes the hidden dark elements in science that affect the progress of science in search of truth by forcing people to follow only in one direction that they think is correct, the main reason being, they want to protect a theory that's failing.

I loved the part when Richard Dawkins got grilled by Ben Stein, Dawkins got cornered and in fact he even accepted that Intelligent Design was what actually started life. I was pretty surprised when Dawkins confessed that.

Have you seen that movie? Isnt it time we all act for truth to be made known and help science make progress wherever evidence leads?

How can it be true science if we dont do research in every direction including researching in the direction of Intelligent Design?

Doesnt it just become a "belief" if we are forced to accept a "scientific theory" without allowing questions or research against it?

Is it possible to filter out conspiracy documentaries, alien building pyramids, etc, from my recommended videos on YouTube?

Unlke the suggested videos on the first page. It will take while. Someone looked at some and so YouTubes algotrhms think that is yur thing. Some times similar searches fro history or science might pull up similar results.

What are the best documentaries on YouTube?

Some of the commercial and mainstream movies do provide some insight, but as a viewer if you feel the need for a better understanding of the world through motion pictures, you should turn to Documentary movies. Not only are these mostly insightful, they can be entertaining as well if the topic pertains to the viewer’s area of interest.Here is my list of top 10 documentary movies based on critical and public reception:#5 The Blue Planet(2001)David Attenborough has narrated many critically acclaimed documentaries including this epic video documentation about the history of the world’s oceans . The underwater filming involved in this documentary features species that had never been filmed before. This documentary has won many Emmy and and BAFTA TV awards.#4 Planet Earth (2006)This is another BBC documentary narrated by Attenborough and it is considered to be the best documentary on nature. It took five years to make and it is the most expensive documentary ever made by BBC. This series was released to huge critical acclaim and won a series of awards for it’s impeccable cinematography.#3 The thin blue lineThis documentary is along the lines of the Central Park Five as it covers the life of Randall Adams who was wrongly convicted of murdering a policeman. Randall spent 12 years in prison and some of that time on death row. What makes this documentary special is that it had significant impact on the case and led to Randall’s release. This is widely considered to be one of the best crime documentaries ever made.#2 Man with a movie camera (1929)Named as the best documentary of all time by Sight and Sound in 2014 ,this documentary is the most unique on this list in the sense that it is silent and has no story. This is a depiction of everyday-life in Soviet Russian cities in the 1920s but what makes the film ground breaking is the techniques employed by it’s maker Dziga Vertov such as slow motion, self-reflexive visuals, split screens etc.#1 Shoah (1985)This documentary by Claude Lanzmann is narration of the Holocaust through the accounts of witnesses,survivors and even perpetrators. The film primarily constitutes Lanzmann’s visits to German holocaust affected areas in Poland. Much of the footage was was recorded using hidden cameras. This documentary has garnered huge critical acclaim and even sparked a few controversies as well.Checkout more here: 10 Stupendous Documentaries That Will Stir Up Your Mind

How many people like to watch documentaries?

I do. Definitely th Britain kind. Like Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth. I love those.