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I Need A Copy Of The 2012 Ap Psychology Exam

Answers to the AP Psychology 2012 free response questions?

Can anyone tell the me the answers to the free response questions that were posted a couple of days ago? It'd be cool to get an opinion from people who have actually taken the test last week.

AP Psychology 2010 Essay Predictions?

My teacher had a gut feeling that it may have to do with neuroscience because they haven't done that in a while.

How many credits do you get for each AP class in high school?

If you’re referring to high school, it’s usually worth the same number of credits as a normal class going towards a diploma. So if it’s 1 credit per class, it’s probably 1 credit. Not all high schools do this, but I’d suspect the majority do.However, at college AP classes are assigned different numbers of credit depending on the course taken and the score that you received. So a 4 on the BC exam is worth something completely different from a 5 on the AP Psych exam.

What happens if I don't pass my AP exam?

Generally, very little. College credit is out of the question, of course, but most high schools I know of do not consider your exam score in your course grade. So, say you got a 2 on the AP Calculus AB exam but an A in the course, you would still receive your A, which will probably be weighted on a 5.0 scale due to it being AP. You will not be eligible anywhere for college credit from the exam (even a 3 may not qualify you, or a 4, or a 5, depending on the school). You will, however, still have to pay for the exam, assuming you had to pay in the first place.Too note that it is your choice to send your scores to colleges. Although, you will not be able to see your score if you cancel your scores, which is the only way you can stop colleges from seeing them if you signed up to have them sent before the exam.I'm not entirely sure how colleges actually look at bad scores on AP exams. It's good that one takes such exams and provides the student some prior knowledge of the topic when coming into the course in college, but it is still a failed grade, which is perhaps just as negative as the former point is positive.

How many AP tests did you take during high school, and what were your scores?

Total of 9 tests. These are a little fuzzy.European History: 3 or 4?Chemistry: 3Physics: 3U.S. History: 4…? Yes.Calculus AB: 4?U.S. Government: 5English Language: 5English Literature: 5My crowning achievement - AP Econ: 1The story behind my AP Econ class is fraught with frustration and anger and a general sense of exasperation from all of my high school classmates. We banded together and made a pact to all get 1s (it wasn’t hard - we all learned nothing in that class, taught by an immature, disrespectful man whose concept of teaching was playing episodes of Seinfeld and The Office all class period). By senior year, motivation was low all around. One of my girl friends scored a 2 and everyone was outraged. How dare she!Ultimately, they were a waste of money and time, and I wish the whole system was done away with. It’s just another way to bloat your college applications, and they didn’t amount to much in terms of giving me course credits at Amherst. There is, however, an unfortunate sense of urgency that compels students to enroll in AP courses to “stand out” on their college applications. I believe I would have been much better served taking the Honors equivalents, without the stress of having to prepare (that is, cram and memorize everything) for the AP tests.If you’re stressing about AP tests in the coming weeks, try not to freak out. As you can see, my smattering of sub-par scores didn’t affect my future much. That’s true for most everyone.

How do some people take 8 AP Exams?

There are many seniors at my high school, i am currently still a junior, that have taken 7 or 8 APs. The list is usually: AP Lit., AP Micro, AP Macro, AP Bio/AP Chem, AP Calc BC, AP Statistics, AP env. sci., and AP Spanish or AP Psychology.
Psychology is interesting and actually reasonable to understand.
AP micro and macro coincide to a bigger picture of econ in general obviously.
AP Bio and AP Chem is less review needed for the exam because the tremendous amounts of labs and work during the year will suffice
AP calc BC is a continuation of their junior year's AB class and if you r good at math, u r good at math.
AP stat also applies to this math theory, it is understandable for math wizzes or may require classwork and review sessions
The most difficult one is AP spanish because it is almost a fluency exam in reading and writing skill in a different language, takes extreme passion and hard work
The self-learned AP is env. sci.- just know the laws and impacts, be able to do simple math w/o calculators
AP lit. is you kno english or u dont, no exceptions
The main ideas of APs in May is that your mind will become accustomed to daily testing and will in fact adapt to the stress, as long as you feel confident in your teachers and/or review throughout the year... Good Luck!

Chance me for Stony Brook Honors, Cornell CALS, NYU, Northwestern, UVA?

Provided your SAT score increases to 2200 or above, you should be in at Stony Brook, NYU, and UVA. Your academics are very strong, and your extracurriculars are pretty varied and impressive. You should also have pretty solid chances at Northwestern and Cornell, provided you put a good amount of effort into your personal statements.

Chances of acceptance into Occupational Therapy school?

I am planning to apply for fall 2012. I have a BA with a double major in English and Psychology. I graduated with a pretty low GPA so I'm a little worried. My overall GPA at graduation was a 3.218. I went back to take some prerequisite classes for OT and brought it up to a 3.288. My overall GPA in the prerequisite classes is a 3.8. I have worked as a pharmacy technician for 5 years so I have experience in the health care field and I will be doing some volunteering and observing in OT offices over the summer before I apply. My recommendations should be good. I got a 1100 on the GRE & I really don't want to have to take it again. I know I am probably not competitive for the top schools like USC & BU but do I have any chances of getting into any decent schools with decent ranking or any schools at all? Thoughts?