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I Need A Fantasy Title

I need a fantasy story title!!!?

So I'm writing a story right now, but I'm stumped. I NEED A STORY TITLE!!!! Gahhh!

So far my story's like this:

There is a girl named Räelynne (it's in the language for my book) who lives in the magical feudal times (kinda like Eragon, you know?). She is a princess among the humans but she is actually an elf (these elves are tall and graceful, not puny and disgusting), but she doesn't know it. She also has a brother. It turns out that when she was a child, her elf village was attacked by a demon boar and the boar kills her father and other village men while the women and elderly and young evacuate. She and her brother are so enraged that they kill the boar, and her brother kinda dies in the process. He falls and she never sees him until the end of the book. She wanders along the countryside, looking for her mother and the other villagers. In the process, she gets possessed by an evil spirit and a group of people on the hunting party (the royal family among the humans). She notice her wandering with glazed eyes and they ask their village healer to bring the demon out. The village healer notices that she is an elf (she was wearing a hat before) and not only removes the demon, but also softens her pointed ears because the humans all fear elves and no one would accept her. She becomes an adopted by the royal family, who kind of like her ever since they rescued her,and her nurse (who is actually her real mom but also doesn't know it) tells her stories of her life, and it starts to sound familiar. She starts to realize things about her self, but she is still really confused, since the demon that inhabited her eats memories. And yea. I just started, but I want it to be one of those really long books. There's going to be action and romance and drama scenes.

I'm going to tell stories from each point of view (Räelynne's name is actually __________... I'm not sure yet) but the readers won't tell that they are the same person until the end.

It's from third person. If you don't like it, I don't blame you. I'm not even a teen yet, but I really like writing. :\

Title for a Fantasy Book?

I am Writing a Story about a Coven of Witches Escaping from Vampires and Werewolves Controlled by a Evil Magicien.The Only Way to Put an End to the Evil Creatures is to find a Powerfull Crystal which is Hidden in the Magicien's Castle Itself.

I Need a Title for This Book. It would be a Great Help if you have any Ideas about a Title.

Thank You.

I need a title for my fantasy story!!!!?

I've tried thinking up a title but it isn't working so if anyone has any ideas, please help me. The best I got was Twisted World, but it doesn't really fit my story anymore. ^_^ I'm open for any ideas.

This is the summary:

The story is about a teenage girl named Echo who gets sucked into a world filled with magic. She knows some of what magic is, but is overwhelmed with the great vastness of it all. Finding herself saved by a supposed guardian angel named Omen that claims to be there to protect her, she is in for more than she can even comprehend.
In the beginning she just goes along with it, but later on learns that something bigger is amiss than just some odd, smart-talking, boy coming in just in time to save her from an enemy campsite. In fact, she is in the center of it all as she meets people/creatures who will either want to help her, kill her, or even decieve her into helping them take over the world, or even destroy it.

What is the title of a fantasy book?

The Hunting of the Last Dragon by Sheryl Jordan
"The last of the great fire-breathing
dragons has awakened. . . .
Everyone thought all the dragons had been wiped out -- until a fierce flying beast appears, and leaves the village of Doran in flames. There is only one survivor: Jude, an ordinary man who never intended to be a hero. He'd rather avoid any danger, but a strange, strong-willed girl from a distant land has her own plans for hunting the last dragon. Can her courage and cunning help him conquer his fear in time to save their world from devastation?"
set in an alternate 14th-century England, a British peasant lad and a Chinese orphan far from her native Hangchow set out to kill the last fire-breathing beast to survive a systematic extermination. Deeply traumatized after returning from an outing to find his village a blackened ruin and his family dead, Jude is picked up by a traveling fair. His job is to tend to "Lizzie," a young woman with bound feet who is exhibited in a cage as a freak. Amid news of more destroyed settlements, Jude and Jing-wei (her real name) grow close, then escape together, fetching up in the cottage of an ancient Chinese herb woman. She convinces them to take on the dragon, arming them with both practical lore and a goodly store of gunpowder. Grieving for his family, and frequently quarreling with his vexingly strong-minded companion, Jude makes an engaging, reluctant hero. Through his eyes, readers will find Jing-wei admirable, too; not only is she definitely the brains of the operation, but she also has courage enough for two"

I need help finding the title of a fantasy movie from 80's or 90's?

Hi, usually I am very good at using keywords to find old movie titles on google, but I'm not getting anywhere with this one, perhaps because I don't know any times, what year it came out, and the plot is pretty fuzzy.

What I remember is that is was an older movie that I used to watch when I was younger..I really am unsure of what year it came out. I was born in 1990 and watched it a lot when I was probably 4-6, but it definitely came out before then just not sure how long.

It was a fantasy movie from what I can recall, and there was an evil queen..maybe an ice queen? I remember her having a tiger. A woman was somehow connected to her and I think there was some kind of curse or agreement where she had to give up every baby she had to the queen, or something along those lines.

I remember random scenes/clips, such as the woman whose babies kept being taken climbing up a snowy mountain. Another was an image of an older child with curly blond hair.

I think this is driving me crazy so badly because I can picture it in my mind but can't make any connections!! I am really hoping someone can help because this is going to bother me!!

I need a title for my manga!?

I'm working on my own manga, and basically all I need now is a good and original title for the story.

My manga is about some people who are able to control their souls and use them to fight with.
The world is divided into a yin- and a yang-part and also into five elements. Since the beginning of time the elements were sealed into five holy swords, which could never be broken. Four of these swords were placed in places that man could not reach. Though one of them was placed on Earth and the story is basically about some secret organizations with people who can control their souls who wants that sword in their possesion; since the sword is the key to controlling the five elements and thereby also yin and yang and the whole universe.
We follow the protagonist and a handful of people who wants to prevent those organizations from getting their hands into the sword. The manga contains a lot of action, fantasy and adventure but also a lot of philosophy and last but not least romance and love.

I really hope you can help me finding a good title for this manga. Thanks! :)

I need help making a title for my Fantasy Novel?

I'm planning on writing a series based on Vampires, and Werewolves, and a Crossbreed...yes, Twilight inspired me, but i promise it's original.

Anyway. The series will be called, "Phase"
Book 1- Phase-1: The Threat
Book 2- Phase-2: N/A (That's what i need help with & a plot)
[i'm going all the way up to Phase-5--the 6th and final novel will be the Apocalypse (the final battle)]

the phase is based on a teenager male, Jerad (Crossbreed) who is in love with this girl, Erin (Vampire), but she loves Chris (Werewolf), who is a complete jerk to her, but uses his "Mood-Swings Ability" to make her love him. The conflict comes in later when Jerad, Erin, and Chris realize their parents have been kidnapped by a gang of killer Vampires, sent by "The Threat" (Phase-1). Eventually they save their parents.

Note: In each book their is a major conflict known as the "Phase" i need a conflict for the second, fourth, and fifth. And a title for Phase-2, Phase-3, and Phase-4. I hope someone can HELP!! PLEASE!

What is the title of this fantasy novel?

The main characters (I think) are the daughter of a wealthy innkeeper and the slave of the inn. They go off on an adventure where she is crippled. She comes home and hides in the barn (her parents think she ran away), the slave pretends he bought a crippled slave woman from the market for a wife (I remember that the innkeeper told him he shouldn't have done that. That he would have been more than happy to find him a better wife than a cripple), he gains his freedom, they leave, marry, and live happily ever after. Some royal or noble may have set them up elsewhere with an inn of their own, but that might be from another story.

I've been looking for this book forever, but since all I can remember is the end and not the content of the book, I've been having a hard time finding it.

What would be a good title for a fantasy novel?

When I come up with titles, a tend to usually end up putting two seemingly random words together. You can take a character, basic plot idea, or even something somebody says repeatedly or just once that you feel represents the book well.

Or, you could just pick something that sounds cool and has enough to do with the book that people aren't being mislead but not enough to make people go 'oh, that's why the book was titled such'. There are so many books I like that I still cannot figure out why the title is what it is.

It all depends on your novel, your characters, the intricacies of your plot. And you can always change it later.

Good Luck and Happy Writing!

As a reader, unless it has exceptionally eye catching cover art, then I would most likely pass over it. The title seems to fall flat for me. There’s nothing that makes me want to ask questions about about the book, nothing to pull me in and get me to pick it up and look at the blurb on the back cover.One thing you need to remember about titles, the title in itself needs to be a plot hook, and if you can work it out, it really needs to work with the artwork on the cover of the novel.I’ve got this planned out for one of the novels I’m working on. The name of the book is The Eclipse, not much of a hook by itself, the cover art, however is what sells it. The cover shows a three masted galleon with a bright blue and gold paint job and colorful sails with cannons shining along the side of the hull. That’s the literal part of the title, The Eclipse is obviously the name of the ship presented on the cover. But, there’s a metaphorical aspect to it as well.There’s a shadow being cast on the sails as a dragon flies overhead. It’s body is partly passing over the sun creating a sort of eclipse. So, the title and the cover art give you concrete evidence that the story is going to be about a navy ship named The Eclipse and its going to have something to do with dragons as the primary antagonists.There are also other things I’d like to include on the cover art, but if I put every idea I had on it the cover would be very very busy, and you wouldn’t be able to make out any of the important details.