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I Need A Mascot For My Story

Need help with High School Mascot and Colors for story?

If you go for Fieldwaters Area High School, you could have a light blue and a sea green for the colours and maybe call them the Fieldwaters Sirens (I don't know why).

If you go for Bayfield Area High School, you could have a light beige and white for the colours and maybe call them the Bayfield Boars (I don't know why, probably because it rhymes :D)

Hope I helped!

P.S: I wouldn't know how high school's choose their colours and mascots, I'm from England. So... Sorry if this didn't help.

What is the story behind GitHub’s octocat mascot?

This[1] is the official page from GitHub for their logos also instruction and term of its use.This[2] is a Wikipedia article on Octocat.I says…The character was created by graphic designer Simon Oxley as clip art to sell on iStock.Some guy called Simon Oxley created the character in the current logo .GitHub became interested in Oxley's work after Twitter selected a bird that he designed for their own logoGithub was happy with their character, because apparently Twitter was happy with their bird (I mean logo) created by the same guy.The illustration GitHub chose was a character that Oxley had named Octopuss.The guy named the character as Octupuss (Combination of Octopus & Pussy cat. Cute!)Since GitHub wanted Octopuss for their logo (a use that the iStock license disallows), they negotiated with Oxley to buy exclusive rights to the image.Github bought all the rights from that guy, thus claiming the ownership.GitHub renamed Octopuss to Octocat, and trademarked the character along with the new name.And thus resulting in birth of Octocat.For more details of this above incident read here[3].Found this dedicated article by the guy who marketed[4] Octocat for GitHub.Origin storyIn the early days of GitHub—before I was hired—the company founders sought to design a fun error page for the site, as was the style at the time. Git, the version control software upon which the service relies, has a concept known as an “octopus merge”, in which three or more branches of development are combined.The founders purchased a stock illustration of a half-cat, half-octopus character standing in a puddle and placed it on the pages that appear when a server has a problem or a user requests a link that doesn’t. The character they purchased, then known as the “Octopuss”, was created by Simon Oxley.For more from this guy… here[5]For more stuff like this[6] visit My Blog[7]Footnotes[1] Build software better, together[2] GitHub - Wikipedia[3] Meet The Accidental Designer Of The GitHub And Twitter Logos[4] The Octocat—a nerdy household name[5] The Octocat—a nerdy household name[6] Viraj Kadam's answer to What is the story behind GitHub’s octocat mascot?[7] VIRAJ KADAM - Inspire and Aspire

What is the story behind Stanford's mascot being a tree?

The answers otherwise given here are factual as far as they go, but they seem to miss the essence. Each person who assumes the role of Tree makes their own costume, thus the Tree changes regularly. If you attend Stanford sporting events you will eventually see a Tree reunion. We had season tickets to Men’s and Women’s BB and VB and every season we would be treated to a Tree reunion. Imagine a bunch of Trees, all unique, dancing around the court. It’s great. This also means that when the current Tree is unavailable, their are former Trees ready with their costume to fill in.Being the Tree is a coveted honor and the I have heard the competition is ferocious and that it had started getting out of hand. The aspirants were resorting to more and more outrageous stunts to prove their Treeability. Rule had to be put in place to prevent a serious injury.It is sheer envy that places the Tree on some “worst mascot” lists. Or perhaps just the lack of the intellectual capacity to see the deep existential exquisitude of the Tree.Most of all the Tree is a decades long exercise in self deprecating humor. So is the band for that matter. Best mascot, best band, because they have the most fun.

Android: Is there any story behind that android mascot?

It looks like an AND gate that is rotated by 90 degrees to resemble a DROID.AND-DROID.

What is the story of the Yahoo!Answers hamster mascot?

I want to direct you to 2 questions:
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Basically, the mascot for Yahoo Answers used to be a plush toy of a hamster, until a user notified Yahoo Answers that it was copyrighted. So they had to settle with an animated hamster.

What are some fake mascot names?

Glint Westwood

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers' mascot and why?

Unfortunately, Alexei is incorrect. The Steelers mascot is this guy:(Image from Google.)His name is Steely McBeam. He’s the youngest mascot in the league, debuting in 2007. And he is our immortal shame… Ugh.He was named in a contest won by Mrs. Diane Roles of Middlesex, PA. She said that the name was "meant to represent Steel for Pittsburgh's industrial heritage, ‘Mc’ for the Rooney family's Irish roots, and Beam for the steel beams produced in Pittsburgh. And also for Jim Beam, her husband's favorite alcoholic beverage."Let me say my opinion once again: Ugh! Given the look of the mascot, you just KNEW that whiskey had to have something to do with it…I also have to correct Alexei’s comments about the cheerleaders and the Steelers. Allow me to introduce you to the Steelerettes:These lovely ladies were introduced in 1961 and had an amazing 9 year run in the league. They started out as students from Robert Morris University, just around the corner from Forbes Field and Pitt stadium, and had to maintain a 2.0 GPA to qualify.Just look at those sexy uniforms! Once again, UGH!Art Rooney hated the idea, but the team at the time didn’t have a permanent home, and couldn’t give tickets away, so he put up with it. In 1962, they added men to the team and called them “The Ingots.”For those of you who don’t know, steel is formed into an “ingot” for transportation. Of course, the people who came up with the idea could be called idiots, because they thought putting a cannon in the end zone, filled with 12 gauge shotgun blanks was a WONDERFUL idea. Until Buddy Dial ran into the end zone for a TD and they set it off:OOOPS.Needless to say, the cannon was never heard from again. Neither were the Ingots or the Steelerettes after 1969…

What is the story behind chooseing a penguin as the mascot for Linux?

The specific name of this penguin is "Tux". Before Tux came into being, many thought a strong, smart and fierce beast would be the best representative for Linux. Sharks, foxes, eagles and hawks were discussed on the Linux-kernel mailing list, a discussion forum for Linux developers. But then Linus Torvalds (the creator of the Linux) spoke up and said he thought that a penguin would be the perfect Linux logo.Why did he choose a penguin? There is a story behind this. "Linus was assaulted by a huge, rabid man-eating penguin that was running amok and was moving at more than a 100 miles per hour when it attacked him". This story and the variations of this story are still happily told in the Linux community, but few take it seriously.Torvalds did not want just any penguin -– he specifically wanted to steer away from the "macho penguin" image, and instead urged the developers to focus on creating an image of a cute, cuddly and contented penguin. Torvalds discussed the finer points of penguins with the list members, suggesting that "contented" means that the penguin "has either just gotten laid, or it's stuffed on herring."Torvalds idea was - "you should be imagining a slightly overweight penguin, sitting down after having gorged itself, and having just burped. It's sitting there with a beatific smile – the world is a good place to be when you have just eaten a few gallons of raw fish and you can feel another burp coming." Torvalds told the developers that they would know they had a successful design if children, upon seeing the image, were compelled to "jump up and down and scream, 'Mommy, mommy, can I have one, too?"Tux's name, according to Linux community lore, is not based on the idea that penguins, with their black and white coloring, appear to be wearing a tuxedo. When Torvalds was otherwise occupied, developers launched a "let's name that penguin while Linus is not around" contest. Sentiment was running high for "Homer" since several developers thought the chubby Linux logo had a disconcerting similarity to the Simpson's cartoon character, when one James Hughes offered up the suggestion "(T)orvolds (U)ni(X) – TUX!".Sources:The Story Behind Tux The PenguinWikipedia

What’s the origin story of your favorite sports team’s name and mascot?

I’m going to introduce you to Scrappy, the mascot for my university, the University of North Texas, established in 1890.Long ago, Scrappy was a real eagle. At one point, he was renamed Eppy, but Scrappy made a comeback.3 eagles got to play the part of Scrappy before we decided to use human mascots. Here is the last live eagle that represented UNT.Eagles only live for so long, so of course, eventually, we employed human mascots. He’s gone through some changes:(Looks like he even had a girlfriend once!!)(This one was circa 1995, above)Today, he is beloved by all, and you can see him waltzing around campus and socializing with students in the union, at sports events, and sometimes acting a bit cheeky, or even crowd-surfing.U-N-T EAGLES, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!HahahGMGIf you want to learn more, check this out!The ‘birds’ who know no defeat: The story of Scrappy the Eagle(All photos obtained by google images)

What is the laporte slicers (IN) mascots name?

Interesting question, and fun search! The mascot of the Slicers of LaPorte HS in LaPorte, Indiana is the bulldog. In my search, I came across several explanations of "Slicers." It seems the nickname comes from a knife factory in the town - obviously a major employer there. However, it would seem rather difficult to make a "Slicers" mascot. So I kept searching, and found this:

"In 1917, the student body selected orange and white as the school colors, the bulldog as the school mascot..."

As for the bulldog's name...dunno, sorry. =/