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I Need A Waiver To Allow Me To Beat Someone Up

Is it legal to beat someone up if they sign a waiver?

No. The assault is illegal anyway.

I need a waiver to allow me to beat someone up?

Okay, so I know most of the "answers" will just be people asking why I would want this. So here is a long story short. A guy I don't know beat me up enough to where I ended up in the hospital. I was able to track him down and decided to give him an ultimatum instead of having him arrested for at least a year. He either has to let me humiliate him for a day or he goes to jail. He chose option A. I need your help. Please help me find a waiver that can allow me to beat him up. This is in Florida. I know it's legal because I have friends that are dominatrix's. I plan on recording this so I really have to find a waiver/contract. I can edit it if need be. Please help. I need to find one tonight.

Can someone get a waiver to re-enlist with an RE-3 re-enlistment code?

You can apply for any RE3 or 4 for a waiver, the big question will it be approved. When I was in recruiting command I did a few waivers, one was a 3P overweight, he wasn’t when he got tested and physical. Another one (this was in the 80s) hardship from VietNam. His mom passed away and he was approved. There are some RE codes that are not waiverable like to many NJPs (article 15s) court martialed, permanent injury while on active duty overweight just to name a few. I lucked out once but he had to give up his VA each month he drilled. Say he was getting 100. a month and his drill pay is 150. instead of getting 250, he’d just get his drill check not just VA or both. If you get transferred to the IRR your final DD256A will be honorable. In most cases.

Can you hire someone to beat someone up?

Legally, you can hire someone—so at least that part of the question is doable.If you’re hiring someone legally, can you ask them to beat someone up?I suppose if you have a job of “Kick Boxer,” you could argue that that employee is beating someone up—and as long as the employee and the opponent are willingly in the ring together, then that would be legal.Some masseuses get pretty physical with their clients, and their clients might feel like they’ve been beaten up—so that also might be an interpretation of your questions that falls within the law.Soldiers are hired to kill people, legally.If you’re talking about paying someone to take out a hit on someone against their will (mug someone, for example), then they (and you) risk being charged with assault or something similar. So you could try—but you run the risk of bumping into the law, and the repercussions of that.

Someone beat up my brother. Do I do nothing, or beat the person who did it?

Wow. This is the problem that I have with websites like Quora. We get so used to thinking about and analyzing problems that we forget our ability and responsibility to actually take action.I'm not chastising you; simply the others who have answered this question. Let’s be clear: referring the problem to “the authorities” is shirking the responsibility for actually dealing with the fact that your brother got beat up by a bunch of other kids.What can you do? I would tell your brother that if he ever finds himself threatened by that group again, then he ought to hit the leader in the nose as hard as he can. He may still get beaten up, but that group of kids will think twice about bullying him again.Teach your brother to understand that violence is not a good option, but if you have to protect yourself, it is sometimes necessary. Don't leave him to fend for himself and don't trust “the authorities” to give two shits about some kids fighting.Some may not like this answer. Well.. I don't care. I don't care about your theories of “stopping the chain of violence” or “being the bigger man.” Even if he was being a complete brat, even if he stole something, or was rude or what have you, no 11 year old boy ever deserves to kicked and beaten on the ground by a group of kids. You know how people say that no girl ever deserves to be raped? Same circumstances. Address the problem instead of blaming the victim.Fancy words and theories mean nothing to an 11 year old boy. What matters is that he was beat up and he needs to know that he is not alone and that he can and should stand up for himself. As his family, you are automatically on his side and you need to make sure that he knows that.

Joining the Army with a medical waiver for an Ablation?

Hello, I have put a lot of thought into it and I am positive that I want to go in the Army. I want to get the Ranger option in my contract; however I had an Atrial Tachycardia, a fast and irregular heart beat. It really is not a big problem I just went to the doctor to figure out what it was. It wasn't messing with me at all physically. I had an Ablation to try to fix it but the doctor couldn't trigger it to fix it. I still work out all the time and I haven't had any irregular beats since, it was about a month ago.

So basically I had this bull crap happen to me. I personally think it was a miss diagnosis. Now I am worrying that I can't get a medical waiver, and I don't want to lie at MEPS. I am currently waiting on my doctor to get the papers to give to the recruiter.

I swam and lifted weights the same day that my heart was beating fast, so what do you guys think? Will they grant me a waiver or am I screwed!?!

Can someone please help me understand this i have it wrote out but not sure i did it right?

Assume that you signed the waiver in order to participate in a cycling tour but sustained an injury because the tour guide stopped abruptly in front of you to point out a memorial. As a result of the sudden stop, you flew off the bike, broke your leg, and ended up with a concussion.

You want to sue for your injuries but are concerned that the waiver could hinder your lawsuit. Review the waiver in conjunction with your possible action. Do you think you still have a shot of recovering damages? Will the company be successful in asserting the defense of assumption of the risk?

If you sign a contract to allow someone to kill you, is it murder?

Yes.  It is still murder, no matter whether you sign a contract allowing someone to kill you.   You can't contract with someone to do something illegal and no one would uphold the conditions of the contract.  It's the same reason why you can't sign someone into a slavery contract, or sell both your kidneys to a kidney-broker.

How can I use waivers to win my fantasy football league in 2018?

The influence that the waiver wire can have on your fantasy results is dependent on the number of teams in your league and the depth of the rosters.I am in one league this year that has 18 teams with deep benches. The waiver wire rarely offers any player of quality that can help a team.By contrast, a 10-team league with normal rosters will offer a lot more possibilities. In my 10-teamer, I picked up Tyler Boyd this week and dropped Anthony Miller. This should improve my depth at WR. (I had hopes for Miller early on, but he just dislocated his shoulder, and he has a mediocre QB throwing to him.)To make maximum use of the waiver wire, you need to review all the NFL results for the week and identify who had breakout performances and who has been given an unexpected opportunity because of injury to a starter. Check to see who is available in your league and put in your claims on Tuesday. Set your claim priorities based on your expectations and your team’s weaknesses. Be diligent about this, and don’t skip a week.The waiver claims for Week 4 have already been processed at this point. But, it is still worth looking at what players are available now as FA’s that might help you.Most years, the best waiver pickups are to be had during the first few weeks of the season. That’s when some players who went undrafted in fantasy surprise everyone with their performance on the field. For me, Matt Breida has done that this year.Good luck this season.

What are the waiver rules in fantasy football?

In general, there are a bunch of players in your fantasy league that no team has picked — they’re called free agents. Over the course of the season, you can drop players from your team and add some of these free agents, to try to make your team better, or if you need a new player because one of your players is on a bye or injured.“Waivers” are a way to create a more fair system where there’s structure to which teams can add a specific free agent. After a team drops a player, another team can’t add them immediately (otherwise this would just give an advantage to the team who’s online the most). Instead the player will go on waivers for a few days, and during this period another team can put in a claim for him saying that they would like to add him. At the end of the waiver period, the team earliest in the waiver priority who claimed him will successfully add him.The waiver priority order is set differently in each league. By default, the order starts as the inverse of the draft order, and then each time a team successfully adds a player they move to the back of the line. In some leagues, the order resets each week to the inverse order the league standings, to give bad teams the best chance to add good players.In addition to there being a waiver period after a player is dropped, there’s also a waiver period for all free agents from Sunday until Tuesday. That way, after this week’s games you don’t have to rush to try to add/drop players for the next week. You have a day or so to put in waiver claims, and then all of them process at the same time for the entire league on Tuesday.