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I Need An Idea For A 10-15 Minutes Drama Sketching.

How can I create my own OC's (Original Character(s)) if I can't draw well enough?

Writing, of course!Even if you were Picasso, you'd need to write to have interesting Ocs.Every person has a story, and you would need to make one for them, even if you drew them out.I admit, when it comes to my Ocs I draw them way more often then when I write with them. I still do write stories with them, though.One example is my character, Katie.Here's a reference I made for her :)While you can tell I obviously draw her, I still have written out at least a basic idea for her story.She was a 14 year old girl who got murdered in the early 90s. She never passed on to Heaven or Hell, she stayed around as a ghost. It just so happened that she lived in one of the most powerful, supernatural-esc(?) dimensions possible, where there is an entire hidden civilization made of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc. She turned out to be a fairly powerful ghost, with the power to bring inanimate objects to life, such as old toys, crystals, embers, etc.Now, this is a very basic, simplified version of a story I've come up with for her. Actually, this isn't nearly all of it, but you're not here to listen to me ramble on about it.My point is, if you feel like you can't draw (which I kinda doubt, everyone can with enough practice), write!

How do I start out as a stand-up comedian in Delhi?

This is what you need to do:1.) Sign up for a comedy course. I taught stand-up comedy for just short of ten years and it truly made a big difference in most of my students in pursuing their comedy careers.2.) Attend as many live comedy shows as you are able.3.) Develop a solid five minutes, without any profanity. (Mild, yes. Profound, No)4.) Start with material from your life experiences; family, job, hobbies, anything.5.) Do not ever steal material from other comedians. Biggest no-no in comedy.6.) Watch video of other comics and see what works and what doesn’t, and why.7.) Get an introduction that will make people smile, giggle or laugh. Get them on your side from the get go. Bounce up to the stage with energy and a grin.8.) Rules: Comedy comes in threes. Often laughs come from mis-direction. Use your hands, face, or any part of your body to get your point across. Do not berate the audience for any reason, however, have a few responses already to use on hecklers. If you are going to use an accent, make sure you nail it, every time.I could go on for another couple of pages, but this will give you a start. If you would like for me to send you my comedy text and work-book, I will e-mail it to you. Good luck and enjoy the laughs. Tom…with Ellen DeGeneres - If you don’t get the joke, I would pass on being a comic.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how great an artist would you consider yourself?

7. I like to think I have natural talent, but the harder I work, the better I get. I still have a lot to learn.I rate myself that high because I am a pretty versatile artist. I’m good with crafts (felt, sewing, cake decorating, etc.) and can paint, draw, sculpt, and do makeup. Photography is a hobby of mine when I have time for it. I was also a pretty decent graphic designer during my three years of study in that field.I’ve done a lot of work with ceramics, learned to use a pottery wheel, and have dabbled in random other sculptural stuff: welding, woodwork, glass, that kind of thing. I prefer pen but can draw in a lot of different media. I consider myself an oil painter, but also like acrylic and gouache. Watercolor is okay, but not a favorite, though I just displayed two watercolors in a juried exhibition.But enough rambling: here are the pictures. I’ve shared them on Quora before, so they might be familiar to some users.This post will be VERY image heavy but we’re art people here so it’s okay. I’ve also learned that you never know who will see your posts on Quora. I am graduating next May with a Creative Arts degree and no immediate plans, so, uh, if you like what you see and want to hire me for something… I’m right here!Charcoal drawings from my fine art training:Quick pose from a live model. This was maybe 10, 15 minutes.This drawing is 3.5 feet by 4.5 feet.This drawing is also 3.5 feet by 4.5 feet.Photography:Graphic Design:I drew this with a mouse because I was too lazy to learn how to use a drawing tablet.This logo won an ADDY award!Painting:This is The Calm. It was in a juried show this spring, along with…Iris Picking.Random:Collages left-right from top row are Mail Order, Clinically Proven, Little Miss Model, Forbidden City, Trans-Atlantic. Bottom row are American Dream, The Lorax, Culture Clash, Ladies' Daydream, and The Artist At Work.Makeup design/art from a campus show this spring.I’m a part-time cake decorator and can’t believe I don’t have any pictures of my cakes! I’ll update as I take some pictures.Edit:Here are some of my cakes!

For a long flight (over 10 hours), what does someone do that entire time? Anyone done that in coach?

It depends if you are in coach or business/first. I just flew to Hong Kong from the US in an overnight flight. I left Saturday and got in Monday early morning. The flight was just shy of 16 hours.  I flew Cathay Pacific in business. The plane had economy, premium Eco and business. There was no First in this plane. Here is what I usually do:1. Always pick an overnight flight. Much easier to sleep this way. 2. Arrive exhausted. The more tired I am, the longer I can sleep. So the night before I sleep at least 3hours less than normal. 3. Eat before the flight. I find it better not to eat major meals on the plane even if the food is great.  If you have a full stomach it is likely that you will not have good sleep. 4. If you drink, limit alcohol to one glass of wine or champagne. Don't ever drink beer in a plane unless you want to spend half the trip going to the toilet. 5. Drink normal quantities of water. Don't "hydrate" yourself, it has the same result as beer. 6. Have a good book so you catch up on reading. It is better than to rely on the plane's entertainment system. Sometimes it doesn't work. Also if you travel often most likely you have seen all movies. 7. Plan your time. If you are doing north-south like NY-Buenos Aires or London-J'burg try to sleep just after take off. If you are going East-West it is trickier, but for a 12+ hours I would wait at least 2h before sleeping. I sleep very well in the plane regardless of where I'm sitting. I have friends who can't sleep even if they are in First. In any event the one thing that I recommend you NEVER do is take sleeping aids. I have seen some very bad results.

How can I improve my English vocabulary by movies and TV series?

If you want to improve your English vocabulary by watching movies and television series, you need to have  a proper learning agenda, with the following important practice-oriented elements in place:- you have a large note book handy to capture masterful dialogue, or memorable language expressions, which you wish to emulate;- upon completion of watching, you do a running commentary to capture the gist of the movie or television segment,  so as to practise your ability to consolidate and summarise key ideas and salient points from it;- you may even want to analyse and dissect the movie or television segment down  into its constituent literary elements, e.g. genres, themes, settings,  characterisations, plots, critical  events, etc., which come under  advanced English comprehension skills;- you make massive application and consistent practice in using whatever you have captured from the movies or television programs in your everyday real-life activities, involving real world communication with real people: conversations, meetings, dialogues, discussions, writing emails or reports or proposals or even blogs, making presentations or sales pitches, web-casting, pod-casting, public speaking gigs, manning the Call Desk, etc.;- you create speaking opportunities to talk about - first aloud to yourself, and later with English-speaking friends - your impressions or feelings of the movies you have watched;- you create writing opportunities to critique about the movies, as part of your own regular writing practices; you may even submit your movie reviews to IMDb - Movies, TV and Celebrities; - you have some sort of a feedback mechanism by way of knowledgeable people, e.g. an English teacher, a friend who is a top dog in English, etc.,  to help track and monitor, and more importantly to review, your daily or weekly progress;- you have a supplementary Index Card Strategy to enhance and reinforce your English vocabulary building and generation;In a nut shell, the real improvement of your English vocabulary and other language expressions actually comes from your sweat equity of intense effort and focused execution of deliberate practice!

Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?

With you.…Just kidding. But after getting this A2A from the Sultan of Sockistan himself, I just couldn’t resist.In all seriousness, the last person to ask me this question before Habib Fanny was the hiring manager at my summer internship. It’s my last internship as an undergraduate student - I’ll be graduating this coming May, and if I end up accepting a full-time offer with my current firm, I’ll be working in economic consulting for anywhere from two to ten years. That prospect is terrifying and thrilling and coming up fast.This is a question I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, and the more I think about it, the more often the answer changes.In ten years, I can see myself in an upscale coffeeshop in Manhattan, working on exciting new research that keeps me busy sixty hours a week. I’ll be wearing charcoal grey blazers and fancy high heels, the kind that currently make me fall over. I’ll be living in a studio apartment with my two dogs and my boyfriend-du-jour, and I’ll be having the time of my life.I can also see myself in the backyard of a two-story house in the suburbs of Seattle, goofing around and playing my ukulele. I’ll be wearing sweatpants and sneakers, and I’ll have cut my hair short, the way my mom cut her hair when I was born. I’ll be living with my husband and our first child, and I’ll be having the time of my life.There are a dozen other answers that are just as appealing to me, if not more so - but, for whatever reason, those two possibilities are the ones that have been dancing around in the back of my head.Regardless of where I end up, I see myself in love with the world around me and having the time of my life. For now, that’s all I need.