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I Need An Opinion On A Song I Wrote

Opinions on my lyrics for a song i wrote?

This is with an acoustic guitar, (capo on 4th and has G, D, Em and C - all of which are a variation to the original chord)
ANYWAYS so this song is about losing some one close to you, i wrote it with the help of a friend and i had in mind my friend who had passed away due to a brain tumor, but in general about any one you love leaving you,
just want some opinions and what ever <3

i will not let you fade away
into a distant memory
you will forever be in my heart
we will never grow apart
coz i love you and you love me
that's the way its supposed to be
i will not let you fade away
into a distant memory
torn in two when we were forced to part
coz you and me are a piece of art
i will remember everything that you said
i will remember all the jokes that we shared
i will not let you fade away
into a distant memory
now your gone, i have holes in my heart
down in the deepest part of my soul
i miss your love, your embrace
i miss seeing your glowing face
i will not let you fade away
into a distant memory
you told me its over, time to move on
but you will remember forever long
long walks along the beach, sneaking out late at night
running all day and mucking around, time to go you hold me tight
I will not let you fade away
into a distant memory

thanks <3

I just wrote this rap song, opinions?

First time I've wrote one before but I just wanted opinions. I know it has some swear words in it, but please focus on the song itself. Improvements, compliments appreciated. Thanks :) Also I added humor to it so don't take it too seriously.

I used to be the one to get chosen last in P.E
That sh*t got to me
Always second best but f*ck it I wanna just climb a tree
Escape this place of insecurity
Be myself and always be free
They can laugh all they want I just don't wanna be that boring Arial font

Sitting in my room
It's not all doom and gloom I listen to Jamie Woon
Staring at myself in the mirror, where's Bloody Mary when you need her?!
I heard she killed a few fellas' I could do with some guidance
I'm scared of the dark but f*ck we could always meet in the park
I heard they got a new slide, we can try it if you like
You can be my side kick, an alter ego if you want
I admire your coldness your particular boldness
They said I'd never be a high achiever
I said I think you got a fever
I shoved a thermometer up her nose as I rose I left the room and I said 'F*CK YOU'

I guess the nerd has the word, the teacher is a liar
Cos right now I'm listening to a choir
Singing a song about me and not about we
The moral of this song is to be yourself always
Don't let the teachers be the preachers
Your future is in your hands
So keep your mind sharp, their opinions invalid
And don't forget to smile while your at it.

Which Beatle in your opinion wrote the majority of the song "In My Life", John Lennon or Paul McCartney? Paul claims to have written much of the musical portion. A computer says John wrote it.

2 people know. One is dead. Lennon said “his (Paul’s) contribution melodically was the harmony and the middle-eight itself.Paul said he wrote the melody. McCartney claimed he set Lennon's lyrics to music from beginning to end, taking inspiration for the melody from songs by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. "I liked 'In My Life'. Those were words that John wrote, and I wrote the tune to it. That was a great one."We know the main writer usually sang the song they wrote. Paul and John seem to agree that John wrote the lyrics, with Paul possibly making suggestions.Paul almost always agrees with Lennon’s past memories of who wrote what. But Lennon has been wrong in the past, be it from drug enhanced memories or simple ego. Paul also has an ego that lends itself to a few shifting memories over the years.As the lyrics were the basis, John would be the singer of the song. The lyrics are primarily John’s.Musically the answer probably lies in the middle. My guess is that John had a basic melody in mind as he wrote the song lyrics. Enter Paul who John showed what he had so far. As they often did, they worked together on the melody. John didn’t have a middle 8 as he said, so we can assume the rest of the song was musically incomplete. Paul then would take what John had and filed in the rest of the melody for the song, likely with John adding some as well. Paul then made up the middle 8 and the harmonies as John stated.So John created incomplete but key musical elements as he wrote the lyrics. In John’s mind he therefore wrote the song!Paul took the lyrics and base music John had in mind and fleshed out the music to finish the song, adding in an original middle 8. In Paul’s mind he therefore wrote the melody!In my opinion the music seems more similar to For No One, Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday, and Here, There and Everywhere, all by Paul. So I lean to Paul being the primary melody writer.In addition, George Martin (the Fifth Beatle) contributed the piano solo bridge.

I wrote a song for my girlfriend? Whats your opinion?

I really worked hard on this. Please, honest opinions (:
The song is kind of fast paced, but really romantic.

Three words just isn't enough
When we talk about our love
"I love you" Just can't satisfy me.

When I see you, my heart skips a beat.
When I hear you, I can't breathe.
Baby you just have that affect on me.

C-c-c--c-Can't you see, I love you
More than you love me (Joke. We do the. NOOO I love you more (: thing)
Baby, we are just meant to be (;

Twenty four seven, Three Six Five'
I'll love you, till I die.
Baby, Now i've run out of rhymess (Just as a joke, to make it ryhme)

Thank you soo much. I plan to sing this to her (;

I wrote a song and want some opinions befor I show my band?

This is a song a wrote that ha a lot of personal meaning and I want to know of you likebit befor I show my band (*=chorus)

does anybody else feel a weight on their sholders? Does anybody else feel slightly older? Is it only me whose world is falling down? Is it only me who feels like their voice doesn't make a sound?
*am I alone, on my own? And if I'm not why do I feel this way? What's the price I must Pay? Am I alone?
As the days grow longer, I slowly start to feel stronger. Cause you opened up your arms and I felt it in my heart. Then the butterflies start.
oh~woah~oh And if your feeling alone, on your own, look around I'm sure others will be found and If your thinking!
oh and I you eve feel alone just remember I am here it's not worth a single tear no your not alone so never think
no, I'm not alone
No, your not alone
Woah, we'll never be alone

Like it? Sorry it kind of long. Constructive cridisiom is wanted(I can't spell)

I wrote a song is it good?? (be honest)?






Set the mood. Make sure your music fits the story. If it is sad, then you may want your melody to evoke sadness (by slowing it down or adding some minor chords, for example) or you might want to add a twist and combine sad lyrics to upbeat music in order to create a sense of tension and ambiguity.

Say something. A song can get by with poor lyrics, and you have a better chance of writing a really good song if your lyrics are great. This does not mean they have to be serious, but they should not be cliché or ho-hum. Write your lyrics as though you are talking to somebody who you want to impress or to someone toward whom you feel some sort of deep emotion.

Your opinion needed on song meaning, or maybe you know...?

The song by Sawyer Brown called "All These Years" can someone, ANYONE, tell me the meaning of this song? I've looked EVERYWHERE online, ---> more specifically I am looking at whether the meaning is, "I'm still here, until I'm gone AS IN you're right, I've been wrong, I'm still gonna be here, I'm not giving up, let's try this again cause we've both been wrong, because 'I now see how much I stand to lose'" ~OR~ is it more like, "Woooow, we've wasted so much time together, and it's over"? I know this seems very stupid and a meaningless question but it's actually very very important, so please be serious. Thank you all so soooo much.

In your opinion, the heaviest song ever written?

I second that

What is your opinion of Paul McCartney's song "Fuh You?"

I heard it one time. Oh, also on Spotify to see what they included. I don't plan on hearing it again. I might, and it won't kill me but, I'm not planning on buying the album. Oh, and I wrote that back to the people who sent the ad to my email mailbox suggesting they tell "Sir Paul."I guess it's cheeky, with that spelling, hardly the pronunciation. I was taught not even to use "darn" or "gosh"--and don't. I remember when, as a kid, I tried to scratch out "damn" from "Piggies" on the White album (gradually using more and more pennies on the needle) so I could play it and not be offended nor to offend; yeah, that dates me. Different time, place and morals.As a "Grandpa" I still try to teach my little grandkids, "We don't say that" when I hear them say certain things. Several have written recently on the coarsening of our society. Words like that are a moral choice that I don't choose. I'd like a nicer society. I've been around plenty of people, even musicians, who choose differently. That's their choice. Not all do. Choosing differently, to be civil, is a choice I, personally, like. Hmm; civil-ization. Let's not lose that.I was surprised when I heard ~the edit~ in The Wilbury's "Dirty World." That group included George Harrison (who wrote "Piggies"). Listen carefully and you'll hear, "-ing dirty world." I didn't hear it at first. I'm glad something was edited out. It was more civil but now, even THAT bothers me.NOTE: I don't know who asked the question, but am glad the point was raised giving occasion to answer. And, yes, I know Harrison included certain words on albums.