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I Need French Paper 4 2014

Where can I get past papers for IB online?

The 2 greatest websites for IB students. They contain so much more than just past papers. You’ll find all of the latest syllabuses, questionbanks, past papers, and so much more.IB RESOURCES REPOSITORYorIB RESOURCES DATABASE -

Why did Australia choose new French DCNS submarines over Japanese ones?

There was a bit of diplomacy and poltics involved from what I can tell. Good relations between Australian PM Tony Abbott and and his counterpart Shinzo Abe looked to seal the deal for the replacement to the Collins-class diesel electric submarine. However in late 2014, the French started to maneuver to place a competing bid of their own in the submarine replacement project - DCNS influenced French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to visit Australia, where he attended a gathering of officials to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the first deployment of Australian soldiers to France where they participated in World War One. This shared commemoration of history - Aussie soldiers fighting shoulder to shoulder with their French counterparts, paved the way for further French advances.  Political instability in December 2014 also led to Australian shipbuilders pressuring the Prime Minister to holding a competitive tender with both DCNS and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems of Germany.In March 2015, the Japanese also missed a conference on the Future Submarine project after underestimating the importance of this lobbying event leaving the field to the European rivals. Japan was also unwilling to commit to agreeing to build the submarines in Australia (and we know Australia's shipbuilding industry needs just this sort of boost). In April 2015, DCNS also hired Costello, former chief of staff of the Australian Ministry of Defence, and using his expertise as a former submariner and general manager of the Australian Submarine Corporation helped DCNS draw up the leading bid. Japan only ramped up its campaign to counter the French advances only late in 2015, and by which time, France had sunk any hope of Australia choosing the Japanese option. Writer's note:I am very new to reading and talking about military procurement matters but it was very refreshing to read up on the subject. I hope you like my modest summary of the events leading to Australia's selection of the Shortfin Barracuda over its Japanese Soryu-class counterpart.

Is Petro Poroshenko good for Ukraine?

He could be, his ideas for a solution seem pretty good, referendums on Autonomy, and a focus on listening to THE PEOPLE, rather than trying to force Kiev's will on them.
(they're nearly exactly the solution that Russia has been saying all along, so there's definitely some irony when it comes to the EU supporting people, and groups willy-nilly, I wonder if the EU will throw a fit if he follows through)

Can I make Pancakes and keep them warm in a crock pot?

I am preparing a breakfast for my Sunday school class (at least 25 ppl). Problem is I get to church at about 8:00am and we won't eat until 9:45-10:00. I am looking to do something besides doughnuts.

How can I score maximum marks in Intermediate 1st year (IPE)?

Read From Narayana Important question bank book and read only three star questions from that and if you want to get 460+ Dont waste time reading everything you have to take this risk but it will worth it you will thank me later lol no need to thank Just Pray Good :)

What grade of fuel is recommended for 2003 Ford Focus ZX5?

I believe EVERYBODY should have an owners manual.
I can't help everybody, but i can help YOU!

Here's the link to download your free owners manual.
It's in PDF format, so you can save it to your computer, or print it (if you want to use up your paper & ink).

Page 180 & 181 gives you the fuel recommendation (regular unleaded, 87 octane)

There now, no more debates with the Hubby!

( I think I deserve the 10 points for the "Best Answer" .....much cheaper than the marriage counciler that the 'debates ' often lead to. LOL ! )