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Can you help me with my math HW? I need the formula, how to do the problem, as well as the answer?

Here's the problem:

Gear A: 15 teeth
Gear B: 18 teeth
Gear C: 24 teeth

Gears are aligned and each gear has the number of teeth indicated. What is the least positive number of rotations gear C must make before the arrows will be aligned the same way?

I seriously need help. can you help me?

can you answer these questions for me? thank you. p.s. answer the ones you know=]

1.describe how amplitude,frequency and wavelength are determined in transverse/compressional waves.

2.a bus driver is rounding a curve approaching a railroad crossing. she hears a train's whistle and hears the whistle's pitch become lower. what assumption can she make about what she will see when she rounds the curve and looks at the crossing?

3. when a boy blows a dog whistle the dog came, but the boy can't hear the whistle, why?

4.why does the ringing of an alarm clock enclosed in an airtight container become softer as the air is drawn out of the container?

5. explain how sound waves are converted to radio waves? examples please.

6. how is the reflection of light off a white wall similar to the reflection of light off a mirror? how is it different

I need help with a math problem, can you help me?

P= 2W + 2L [Perimeter= 2 times width plus 2 times height]
P= 2(4.2) + 2(3.65) [= 2 times 4.2 plus 2 times 3.65]
P= 8.4 + 7.3 [= 8.4 + 7.3]
P= 15.7 inches squared

Perimeter= 15.7 square inches, or 15.7 inches squared.
Glad I could help you!

I need help with my math, can you help me?

1. if you know that the hypotenuse is 13 and one leg is 5 you can set up this equation
5^2 + x^2= 13^2
So 1/2x5x12= 30
2. first, let's find the average o f 18 and 42.
18+42= 60/2 = 30
30x4/5 = 24
3.A percent is the # of ppl who are left handed/ everyone in the class
4. you have to work backwards on this one. so 20% of 80% is
the same as 1/5x4/5=4/25 or 32% 15% of that can be written as
3/20 x 4/25 = 12/500 = 3/125 = 2.4%
Hope this helped. If you still need help add me to your contacts and I can help you some more!

BTW, some of the people above me don't know how to divide, add, etc. So if you want the right answer, it would behoove you to listen to me.

Is there someone who can help me?

There are certainly many people who are willing to help you. Depending on your situation and geographical area they might be able to help.If you ask for help and need it you will most likely get it. Even if you don’t need help you might still be able to find many people who would like to give you what you want.It will probably benefit you to attempt to describe in detail what it is you need or want. That will help you help other people help you.People in general are quite helpful. If they think they can help, then they most likely will help. I am no exception. It is after all the reason I write this.

How can you help me in my studies?

So, for some reason, you are not able to concentrate on studies and you need someone to help you in this regard. Forget what ever happened till you had asked this question. If any body had severely hurt you which made your study difficult, forgive them and forget everything. Pray for them for their good.Boost your brain power by blue berries, whole grain foods, pumpkin seeds, Broccoli. Stay sharp with brain games. Memorize as never before. Maybe it's sleep problem.If so,please have a disciplined Sleep time in the night and cultivate early to bed and early to rise which makes you healthy, wealthy,and wise.Fish oil vitamins show big improvement in concentration, memory, good behavior and school performance.Do some exercises in the morning which will improve your mental activities.Have a time table for all, inclusive of disciplined Study of entire syllabus ,and be prepared to answer any questions in all the subjects.Now,it is up to you to improve any other distractions because, you will not get back the student Life, once it is lost. Life is very short,don't loose it, USE it!.

Can you help me with my homework?

I need help with this physics homework. The question is:

A flywheel is rotating at a high speed. No energy is being supplied to it. The flywheel is used to turn a dynamo, and the energy from the dynamo is used to light a bulb.
The experiment is repeated using a different bulb which gives out more energy each second. Compared to the first light bulb describe how the second light bulb will affect the motion of the flywheel and explain your answer.

I need help with english to hebrew translation... can you help me please?

i want to write "God is good" or "My God is good" i need to know how to write this in hebrew writing please please help me as soon as possible.. who ever can help me first... immediately will get the ten points for the help... 10 points!!!!

thanks :)