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I Need Help Finding A Bathing Suit

How would I make my bathing suit top fit?

I think it would be best to return it and buy a new one. But, if that's not possible, make the band that go around your torso tighter. Make the straps as tight as they can. That should help a little. If you still need help, pull as much boob as possible into the cup, that will get more body into the bikini top. I literally mean pull the cup foreword with one hand and take the other one and pull your boob up into it with the other. Nobody has to know. If all else fails, get inserts to put into the cups to make it appear fuller :)

I need help finding a swimsuit manufacturer?

I'm trying to design my own custom one piece swim suit for competitive swimming, I need help finding a manufacturer that will make my design the way I describe it and want it.. and I would probably even have them make a few dozen swim suits if they come out the way I want them to. help please!

Bathing suit top flattening my chest. helpp?

so many bathing suits that i try on squish my boobs down and makes me look flat and not flattering. I am not flat chested though, i am 21 years old and a 32 C. For example today I tried on a bathing suit at Gap and i loved it but I went from size small to size large in the tops and each one no maatter how i tied it made my boobs sag and flatish. Just wonmdering how to solve this problem or if there is a type of bathing suit material to solve this problem...thanksa

Bathing suits for BIG boobs! help!?

I'm 16, and a 32 DD, and everywhere i go even the extra large bikini tops are way too small! does anyone know where they'd have my size? Im real tiny, but real busty, so none ever fit!

and the ones that fit moderately are ugly old lady ones, or WAY too revealing! I need something that will atleast cover my breasts! lol help please!

Bathing Suit help! Clasp in back not tight enough?!?

I always find these really cute bandeau swim tops that I like. I take either a medium or a large in these tops, and most of the time, they end up being the kind that clasps in the back instead of ties.

This is a problem for me because they're never tight enough! The only size that is tight enough are the xsmall/small, but those are too small in the front. Is there any solution to making them tighter? Or do I need to find some that tie?

Bathing suit help... i have eczema :/ ...badly?

bathing suit help...i have eczema :/ ...badly?
hey guys i REALLY need your help finding a bathing suit. its summer, its getting hot and i wanna enjoy myself like everyone else. the problem is i have eczema badly on my chest and its wayyy darker than the rest of my skin so it looks HORRIBLE but so are my arms but they arent as bad. i want something that can cover as mucch up as possible but still look at least decent. also im not skinny but im not huge neither. cn anyone give me any links?? also it would be okay to have something with shorts and a shirt. kinda what those surfer girls wear lol idk

but thanks :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Where can a small-busted girl find bathing suits?

Triangle tops with a little padding are almost made for small busted girls ( I think PINK carries AA cup), and sporty tanks or bandeaus are  also good choices.  A wrap top (in the picture) can even give you a little cleavage!You can definitely rock a deep-V bodysuit (and I mean really deep, since luckily you don't have to worry about accidentally showing "too much") given you are not extremely skinny or are comfortable with showing your ribs.  The only thing I would recommend you to stay away from is halter tops with sculpted cups. As for specific brands, it really depends on your price range, but there are definitely tons of brands out there targeting small busted girls since the current fashion world is dominated by flat chested women (Believe me, as a girl verging on the big busted side I have trouble with finding the right bathing suits too). Now no matter what style you choose, remember to always ROCK the COLORS!  Bright colors enlarges visually, and they make you look fun and active. Though I do love the black body suit, so your choice! Hope it helps. All pictures from Google.

Where can I buy a bathing suit (not online) in the middle of the winter?

Depending on where you live, you could try a swimsuit store. They are more common in warm climates, but a quick Google search revealed that there are several in the Seattle area (which isn't known for swimsuit weather, even in summer; and I am using my city as an example only), so this might be an option for you.Swimsuit stores are great because they have amazing selection at all price points. The problem with out-of-season swimwear shopping is that you'll generally pay through the nose, unless you go the Target route. If you need a suit for a vacation, you can always wait until you get to your destination. If it's beachy and touristy, you won't have trouble finding one.

Why do most girls wear bikinis rather than one-piece bathing suits?

Above: Paulina Vega Dieppa (born 15 January 1993) is a Colombian television host, model, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Colombia 2013 and Miss Universe 2014. Vega is the second Miss Universe from Colombia.Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler from Venezuela, crowned her as Miss Universe 2014 on January 25, 2015, in Doral, Florida, beating 87 contestants. She was the second Colombian in 56 years to win the Miss Universe crown. (Source: Wikipedia)Why do most girls wear bikinis rather than one-piece bathing suits?Let’s compare them and see…Above: Here’s your everyday one-piece bathing suit. It’s wild enough to put you to sleep while you’re tanning on the beach. I’m getting sleepy just looking at it.Here are some exciting alternatives. These are inspiring enough to bring men back from the dead..Wearing a bikini is SO much more fun than wearing a one-piece bathing suit. Most girls would opt for fun, excitement, and getting attention (especially from cute guys) and let’s face it — bikini tanning lines look so much better when you get undressed.Photos from Google image search

I need a sexy bathing suit that can cover a lower back tattoo?

Finally finding that Tramp Stamp a little embarrassing are you?

A one piece should do the trick. Or a wet suit. Maybe a Nigella style Burkini?