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I Need Help Finding Out The Name Of This Movie.

Need help finding name of a movie?

Lol! No, it's not retarded...

The movie you're looking for is "The ring of the nibelung" (a.k.a. "Dark kingdom: the dragon ring"), with Benno Furman and Kristanna Loken. It's based on the german myth narrated in Wagner's opera cycle "Der Ring des Nibelungen" (part 3, "Siegfried", and 4, "Gotterdammerung").

She's Brunhild, queen of Iceland, invincible because of a magic belt she wears. She has promised she'll marry the man who'll be able to defeat her. Siegfried does, on the same night a meteor crashes on Earth. From the metal he finds in the meteor he forges his sword, while she forges her spear.
With that sword he kills the dragon Fafnir, who guards the treasure of the Nibelungs, thus becoming the owner. Plus, the blood of the dragon makes him invincible.

Siegfried and Brunhild are divided, he marries another woman b/c of a love potion, yadda yadda and then... I won't spoil the end, since you want to watch it again! :)

Hope it helps!

Need Help finding name of horror movie!!?

It's driving me insane, I know exactly how most of the movie goes, But I can't remember the bloody name of it or what year it was released. Might be a B-movie still a dam good one with modern cell phones and txting, In my opinion if you like gore and anti-christ and funny stuff like that. It involved a pregnant women who's baby turns out to be a demon or really evil, enough to possess her own body "the mothers" and her family is Catholic, figures. Her first victim, ripping their heart out and devouring it, because the unborn baby is hungry...and I remember the next victim her b/f getting castrated by her when she making out in a sorta sex scene, because once again the evil unborn child is hungry. It needed to kill 7 victims and then supposedly the anti-chirst or Astaroth is reincarnated into the real world according to the script of the movie. Lots of blood and guts and ant-jebusness. The movie ends with a C section of the possessed mother and the doctor or no Her Father kills the baby and thats that. Lucifer appearing as a female character and, another victim bondage in a cage gets electrocuted all this in a movie I love it but Can't remember the name of it. Please Help me.

I need help trying to figure out a movie name?

Okay so I remember I LOVED this movie so much and I cant remember the name of it. So here are the main things I remember about it.
-Main character comes home to find his wife "cheating" on him
-He goes downstairs and finds his bosses cuffs or something on the counter
-His bosses name was Phil
-He sorta like runs away
-I don't remember very much after this, but her meets this black guy and together they plan to rob his boss
-They eventually robbed him and one key point I remember is that Phil had a statue with a huge dick and the main character cut it off with a sword he had is his office (Phils office)
-I remember somewhere along the movie (I believe towards the end) where the main character and his black companion are in a car and the main character had a spider on him and the freak out. They get out and somehow his feet catches on fire and his companion films it while laughing
-After they robbed the main characters boss, the main character calls his wife and tells her that he caught her cheating
-She get relived and explains how it was her sister and fiance who were having sex and just come over to visit earlier then they expected
-The main character is relied then panics realizing that Phil never did anything wrong and that hes going away for a long time if he doesn't get the money back
-They eventually do get the money back
-The next morning everything is fine but Phil find the dick cut off and looks at the security footage to find out who did it
*Quick note* The main character takes of his mask after he cuts off the statues dick
-Right as hes about to take of his mas in the footage, it cuts off and goes to the video where the main characters feet were on fire and his black companion was filming it
-At the very end, the main character thanks his old companion for covering up for him
*Another Note* When the main characters feet were on fire and his companion was filming it, the song "I'm the Scatman" started playing

Hope you can help! Thank you for any help!

Needing to know name of 70's 80's kid movie.?

I agree with that:
The Phantom Tollbooth (1970)
voice cast: Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Hans Conried, June Foray, Cliff Norton, Les Tremayne
IMDb review:
Milo (Butch Patrick) is a bored young boy who lives in San Fransisco, one day a mysterious box appears in his bedroom, which contains a magic tollbooth which, when passed through takes Milo into a cartoon world called the Kingdom Of Wisdom ruled by two warring brothers: King Azaz of Dictionopolis, whose iron rule is that words are more important than numbers; and The Mathemagician of Digitopolis, who holds the view that numbers are far more important than words.
In order to restore some sanity back to the land he agrees to rescue the Princesses Rhyme & Reason from the Castle In The Air. But first he has to overcome certain obstacles, such as The Doldrums and their inhabitants, The Lethargians, who want to stop Milo for Eating, Sleeping and even Breathing. He has to escape the clutches of Kakofonous A. Dischord a mad scientist that wants to stop Milo from ever hearing pleasant sounds again, which he tries with the aid of his accomplice the Awful Dynne (wonderfully voiced by none other than Candy Candido). Officer Short Shrift is a unicycle cop with a insatiable fondness for arresting people for no good purpose. and the Demons of Ignorance who wait in the mountains guarding the approach to the Castle In The Air.
It's not all doom & Gloom though, as Milo does encounter many allies to aid him on his journey. There is Tock The Watchdog, Mr Humbug, The Spelling Bee who, by his own admission, can spell any word that has ever been written in any language, anywhere, The Whetherman and his sister Faintly Macabre, The not so wicked Which, (and no, they are not misspellings).
Every character is in fact a not too disguised metaphor for something else. be it impatience, sloth and greed, but the film also shows a remedy for these negative traits.

I need help with finding a song i heard in a movie. HELP!?

i was just watching a movie called the First Daughter and in the movie the daughter and the president(her dad) are dancing to a slow song. i am not sure of the name of the song so please help me out

Can anyone help me find the name of a movie? I was a kid when it came out and it was my first movie so I want to watch it again.

I am not 100% sure. But I think the name of the movie is Stealing Beauty.

So this movie holiday heart.. need helping finding out what movie they watched.. ive seen that movie one time in my life?

there is a movie called holiday heart. pretty much about a gay man taking in a drug addict mother and her daughter. but there are two scenes where they are watching the same movie. i cant think of the name. i only seen the movie once when i was young. if you seen the movie holiday heart and you kno the name of the movie let me know. thanks :)

Can someone help me figure out the name of this movie?

Superstar (1999)?

Can someone help me figure out the name of this movie?

It's about an autistic child, and i guess he's a savant. He was under observation at a clinic. The doctor stepped out and the child painted himself into the background of the room. I think it was a tree outside the window or something. And no one could see him. You only knew he was there when he opened his eyes. I can't remember what it's called. Please help.