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I Need Help For Disneys Dreamer Academy If You Were Asked By Steve Harvey To Tell Your Story

How can I sign up for the Disney Dreamers Academy?

You can't sign up yet.

Be sure to stay tuned for information on how a new group of students can get their chance to participate in the 2009 Disney's Dreamers Academy! You can also find pictures and videos of this year's event at the Steve Harvey website.

I'm sure if you check this website periodically, it will eventually show information on how you can sign up. Hope this helps!

If you were asked by Steve Harvey to tell your story, what would your story be?

I am applying to a program and have no idea how to answer this essay question. I really want to get in, but don't want to flat out write my life story. Any help?

DISNEY DREAMER ACADEMY:If you were asked by Steve Harvey to tell your story, what would your story be?

The story of your life. Who you are and hat has happened to you that makes you that way.

What is the disney dreamer academy?

when you dream at the disney academy.

To what extent are animated movies real?

Most stories are inspired by real life examples and characters. Only they are either exaggerated or played down depending upon the story writer's prejudices or to suit the plot. My answer to -'Whether the animated movies are real or not' - depends upon the age of the asking person, the situation and the movie concerned. For a child who does not eat his food, i would tell him that a crow is going to steal his food or that Santa is going to get gifts for good children. For a child who is afraid of the dark, i would tell him that some god or a fairy is going to protect him. For a mature adult i would tell him that it is up to him whether he wants to believe in them or not. For example we now have the cartoons of chota Bheem or Hanuman. For a person who believes in them, it is real. For a non believer, it is the same as the countless classics of animated movies based on modern stories. (PS. - The reference to chota Bheem or Hanuman is for illustrative purposes only and not to denigrate any religion or its beliefs in particular. The same can be said about Burraq or Santa Claus. Sorry if i hurt your sentiments. And yes i believe that Ramayana and Mahabharata are stories based on real life examples, but exaggerated)Thanks for the A2A Mohammed Zulfequar Ali Faraaz