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I Need Help I Got A Tattoo And I Regret It.

First tattoo, i feel like i regret it?

got my first tattoo on my shoulder blade yesterday. its not big but its not small either , just three symbols in black ink. my parents never gave me the "okay" , they just kind of let it up to me. so i went and did it . now, they're kind of hurt & its making me regret it , or so i think i am. is it normal to regret your first tattoo? sometimes when i look at it, i smile , other times, i just wish it was never there. whats going on? im already considering laser removal. please dont tell me anything negative, its bad enough. im just wondering if anyone's felt the same and got through it over time. thanks for your help. im in desperate need.

Is new tattoo regret common?

I just got my third tattoo yesterday. My other two are much smaller in comparison to this one. Last night after I got home, after the 6 hour appointment it took to get it done, I felt fine at first, really tired, but fine. A few hours later, I started to panic, and cry. I started to feel like I had made this huge mistake and how I'd give anything to take it back and wake up tomorrow and it be gone, or it be Tuesday again and to decide against it. I didn't feel this way about the other two, but this one is also much bigger and has color in it, as my mom pointed out.
I highly considered removal last night and had my mind and heart set on it, but I know from what I looked up, there's nothing I can do until it's fully healed or I'm gonna risk health problems. And if I want to try Wrecking Balm I have to wait until it's been there for 6 months.
I just want to know, is it common to panic after a new tattoo? to have instant regret? I've read from some people that they regretted their almost instantly, but later on loved it again. Please just tell me I'm not alone.

Is New Tattoo Regret Common?

I just got my 5th tattoo yesterday. I am in the process of getting one of mine removed because the artist royally messed up (which is unfortunate). However, my others I have all been so pleased with. However, this one I just got is the biggest one I have and the most visible. I can cover it if need be for a future job or around disapproving family. However, it's still very visible on a day to day basis. It also turned out a lot bigger and darker than I intended. And while I did love it after I got it done, and while it is pretty, last night and today I was hit with panic and regret. I actually had a panic attack last night about it. I wanted to fall asleep and wake up and have it be gone. I wished I could take it back. But then today I've caught myself admiring it sometimes in the mirror. And it is pretty. It's just the biggest and most visible of all the others I have. And while I am of age, my parents don't like tattoos at all. And I know they'll hate this one so much and be angry with me. I just feel a bit sick to my stomach over it. And I want to be a teacher one day after I finish college. I am prepared to wear conservative clothing and dress professionally and cover it for work. But at the same time, I am worried. I have all these worrisome thoughts and anxiety about it. Maybe it's just because right now it's super bruised and red and swollen. Once it heals maybe I'll like it more. I just have never regretted any of my tats like I do this one and Idk what to do.

I want tattoos but am scared I'll regret it. Do I go for it?

I was scared I’d regret my tattoos the first time I was getting one too. I had always wanted them. I think what’s important is that whatever you get is important to YOU. It means something. Don’t go to some ghetto place where they are going to charge $100.00 for a piece that should really be $600.00. If you’re going to have it on your body for the rest of your life, just spend the money and make sure it’s well done.A big reason people “regret” tattoos is because their family or friends don’t like the fact that you have them or maybe they are okay with tattoos, just not the ones you got, or if they are visible, etc. But it is YOUR body and YOU decide what goes on it. I like to think of the body as a blank canvas that we get to be creative with and express our life journeys in that way. All of my tattoos mean something very special to me whether other people understand it or not.I thought having a tattoo would be intense and that I would regret that it’s there but now I have 6 tattoos (a couple pretty big ones) and I don’t even notice them. Once you have them, it’s just not as much of a big deal or as noticeable as you thought it would be. Which is why people always say once you get one tattoo, you’re going to get multiple. I don’t think I’ve ever met a single person with one tattoo that doesn’t at least plan on getting another one. And I’d also rather spend a great amount of money on what’s going on my body the rest of my life than some china cabinet full of fancy shit I’m never going to use. Every day I’m reminded of my struggles that I have overcome just by the ink on my body and that makes my life so much more beautiful.Your body is beautiful and if you want to put a bunch of art on it then do it. Fuck everyone else and do what makes you happy.(Mic drop )

Do you regret getting a tattoo?

For people that actually have tattoos. Lol.
But do you regret getting it at all? If you got it somewhere blatantly visible, do you wish you would've gotten it somewhere you can hide it?
I want to get a tattoo reallllly bad, but a lot of people I know who have them say don't because they regret getting it later in life. Others don't say that though. I'm just curious.
Also, what kind of tattoo did you get for your first? I hear if you get a really big one for the first it can be super painful, but my friend got one and she said it was just like an adrenaline rush.

Do you regret getting tattoos? If so why?

I don't regret getting my two tattoos. I DO regret letting an artist I knew nothing about do the work on my first one. I DO regret letting him talk me out of red and orange and into blue and purple (because he was an artist and he felt the colors would look better that way) It now looks like a bruise until you get a foot away. Next month I'm getting it covered.
I learned my lesson on that one and waited until I found the right artist to do what I wanted on the second one.

PS I find the phase tramp stamp to be repugnant and derogatory to women. I prefer the term *ss antlers..... (running and ducking for cover)

PSS I hear this on one of the boards last week "Now we call em tramp stamps, In 50 years they'll call em gramp stamps"

How do I fade a new tattoo that I regret getting?

Ignore all the people who suggest picking etc trust me it wont work. Here is a brief story that might help convince you.

A tattoo artist badly messed up a design I really wanted right on my forearm.

I was absolutly devastated and in a panic tried pick, scrub etc the tattoo off-very painful. I ended up with a wound infection, scars, but low and behold m tattoo is stareing up at me pretty angry but relatively unscathed.

I now have to wait for it to fully heal (six more weeks) till I can start removal. Im having rejuvi, where they inject stuff into your skin to lift out the ink with the scab.

Just do your normal aftercare, cuz a well healed tattoo makes removal much easier. Laser aint the horror that its being made out to be, it dosent generally leave scars, rarely just a bit of 'shadowing' though it isnt totally effective on all colours.

Also they can suppy you with numbing cream etc if you find the treatment to uncomfortable

Good luck xx

Also question to phoenix, if you cant tattoo over skin that has been subjected to laser, why do so many people use laser treatment to fade an old tattoo prior to having it covered up? with another tattoo?