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I Need Help . I Have An Issue With The Usps.

USPS in transit but what supposed to be delivered yesterday?

"Was supposed to be delivered" probably isn't what the tracking information says. More likely it said something like "expected delivery." At any rate, your package isn't lost. There's nothing to worry about. It's in transit.

The postal system has been moving mail around the country for more than 200 years. They kind of have a handle on it by now. Just because your tracking hasn't updated, doesn't mean it hasn't moved. It just means it hasn't been scanned.

There's nothing to worry about. You'll get your parcel, although perhaps not as quickly as you would have wanted to.

I cant get on to what is the problem?

The U.S. Postal Service for some reason has a .com address. Try

Does the USPS have an ombudsman to help resolve a claims issue?

There is also a Consumer Affairs office at USPS HQ in Washington.

Consumer Advocate
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW
Washington DC 20260-2200

Can someone help me with USPS (Postal Service) application?

When the postal service says you must have 7 years accounted for, they mean that you have to account for the seven years, not that you have to have seven years of employment. I believe that putting down 3 years of school, one year unemployed, and 3 years of internships would satisfy this requirement.The website is not user friendly, and the instructions can be confusing. I know, because I filled out the forms about three years ago. I was thinking of working part time.But you can figure it out, and you can get it right. It will take a while, it may well take more than one try, but you can do it.If you have specific questions, please ask those here. Which job are you applying for? That makes a difference in the employment process.

When I try to change my address via USPS, the system always thinks my billing address is wrong, but it's not! Has anybody else had this issue? Is there a way to fix it?

This is going to sound strange-- but the postal service is big on abbreviations.The address-system is a computer --so it has no 'judgement'.For instance-- say your billing address is123 South Maple St Anywhere, Kentucky, 12345The system might write that address as123 South Maple St.or (more likely) 123 S. Maple St. Are you using the exact address that is printed on your billing STATEMENT from that credit/ debit card ?

What can you do when USPS is no longer updating the tracking of an item but has not been delivered?

Sometimes you can’t see the tracking information due to a bad scanner, missed scanning etcetera. But the item might be still traveling to its destination. In other cases, it is due to any interruption in the delivery process. You can just wait for a couple of days and item might reach you. If it isn’t, then you can call the USPS and ask them about the shipment. You can also visit the last center where your parcel got scanned. If you had paid for the shipping insurance then it will help you. It is very rare for a package to go missing but it does happen. You can also read - USPS Delivery Status Not Updated [Solved].

How to approach a USPS package problem involving needing a 21+ signature when I m underage? (PLEASE HELP)?

So, I ordered a package from Amazon containing an "adult"-ish product (note: it it actually not illegal for underaged people to purchase and have this product, I did some research beforehand). Even though it is embarrassing to state, I ll mention the product in case this has an effect on what steps I should take: It is a Noogleberry breast enlargement system (cupping system).

Everyone was gone when they attempted to deliver the package today, and when I got home I saw that they didn t deliver it because it needs an adult (21+) signature. The problem is, I m underage.

How should I approach this? Should I call the number and tell them the truth?

If so, will they contact my legal guardian? Will they be able to return the package for me?

If not, what other options do I have? Should I let my mom sign for me? (would they let her & would they tell her its an adult product?)

PLEASE help me. I m kind of freaking out, and I have until tomorrow to figure out what course of action to take.

Why use UPS or FedEx when shipping with USPS is way cheaper?

Just a quick example: Two weeks ago I had a package shipped to me at my address. The package was indeed sent to me (via USPS), yet they routed it to a very similar Oxford street name and address.USPS locally confirmed the error and attempted multiple times to retrieve the package. When they failed at getting it back, they recommended I file for the insurance. Upon filing the insurance denied my claim saying it was delivered to my house.Not only did I lose $600 but I had 4 different stories. Three from the local people saying they screwed up and the one from the insurance. The insurance was the only one who mattered…Anyway, the blame can be put on the insurance, the postmaster, local delivery, etc. However, I can say that I have had things lost by UPS and FedEx throughout the years and I have yet to ever be denied on an insurance claim.Take this however you see fit. It’s just another VERY recent issue I have had with USPS and their delivery service.

I've been waiting 36 days for the USPS to make my mail key. What can I do?

Have you asked to speak to a delivery supervisor? Or the postmaster his or herself? Be super courteous at all times. If those attempts fail, look up your local/regional office of Consumer Affairs. Be very nice to them, plead with them to help you. Last choice, call your local Congressman’s office, ask for the staffer that handles issues with the USPS, ask that person if they can help you. Say you would like to file a Congressional Inquiry into why the USPS is taking so long. They’ll have you fill out a privacy release form. Often they have a USPS liaison to Congress they can contact, in some cases they’ll solve your issue in just a day or two. But try working with your local post office first. If for some reason calling your Congressman’s office you run into any resistance, which is not uncommon because many times in my experience the person answering the phone doesn’t have a clue, ask to speak to someone else NICELY or call a different office of your Congressman. I’ve actually had a Congressman’s office tell me (Congresswoman Lois Capps) that “we don’t do that here, that’s not the job of Congress” when Congress themselves have set the task to provide oversight. Now you can run into people that will tell you “the USPS budget does not come from Congress, so there is nothing we can do’ which is true but them saying they can’t do anything is total BS. Congress is lazy, I’m sorry to say it but it’s true. Some offices are fantastic with career staffers with 20+ years experience, and others are extremely poor. The Constitution also provides the Congress will provide over-sight of the executive branch as they set the budget. So be super courteous but don’t take no for an answer. I have done over 20 Congressional Inquiries successfully and I took the US OPM to court and won. So if you are persistent you can really get some good results. And develop contacts, keep a record of the good people you speak to, and use them the next time inevitably the USPS messes up again.We had a community mail box in a gated community, an HOA. We got a new gate that required you to enter a code. The local postmaster refused to allow her employee to come into our gate citing issues with liability. I wrote a really good letter to Congress formally as a Congressional Inquiry, and not only did we get the letter carrier to come in our gate but we got a new postmaster as well.

Help! Drug test for the post office?

Xanax does not leave your system that quickly, especially if you take it a couple times a week. Normally it can be detected for up to a week, but since you take it a couple of times a week, it could be closer to two weeks or more before you are clean. I'd say there is no way you will pass the drug screen.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to get it out of your system. Xanax is metabolized in your liver, and you can't flush or speed up this process.

See if you can get a script for xanax before you take the test. Either that or find a way to put off the test for a week or two.