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I Need Help In Flavoring And Sweetening My Lipstick/lip Balm

Why does kissing have different flavours/taste with different partners?

The greatest joy and tasteful kiss flavor can be achieved by kissing someone that you loved and cared for deeply.The kissing flavor of love is soft and subtle and has a slight sweet taste to it.When you having a quick tongue-in-kiss, with some one-night stand, it often tasted like boiled potatoes water. It’s kind of bland and has a dull acid flavor all on its own. Sort of a foul flavor in a way.I think its our senses way of reminding we’re engaging in inappropriate behavior/acts.Who’d have known the friendly little buds, from the ole taste factory, was working with our conscience, helping us keeping the straight and narrow.

Do guys like to kiss girls with lipstick or lipgloss on at the moment?

It’s all preference.If you’re talking about one specific person, the only way to find out is to ask them about it. There’s no way around it.If you’re talking about all guys, there isn’t a yes/no answer. Some do, some don’t. I wouldn’t think most care at all to be honest. I mean, I doubt they’ve ever really thought about it. Personally, I don’t think I’ve even noticed lip gloss before, but the ‘turn your lips into a bright red smudgy line’ option just seems messy to me - especially with how some teenagers wear makeup.Do what you’re comfortable with. If you feel better about yourself with a bit of lipstick/gloss on, go ahead. It makes you happy. That’s what you should care about. That’s what the guy should care about.Although, that being said, don’t suddenly decide to turn yourself into the joker. I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t find a guy wanting to give that a smooch.

What is your secret to glowing skin?

Believe it or not, when I was young I had this policy: “utility is more important than beauty”. But as I grew up and entered into high school, facing harsh realities of this world, I learned “both beauty and utility are of equal importance!”.So I started working on my skin…I used to look like thisPs: sorry the picture isn't clear…but I had one picture of me from that time period.So, back to the point…I started to follow a regular schedule/habit for my skin:Indeed, as said “drinking water regularly”Washing my face 3–4 times a day (can vary depending on skin type, I had oily, hence 3 to 4)Using the correct product to wash my skin. Since I had both oily _and_ dark skin. I went for something which had a minute quantity of tea tree oil in it. ( It will give you both glowing skin and also control the oil)Applied various home made facepacks to see which suited my skin the best and then continued to use them. (you can browse for them on the internet easily, though the ones containing gram flour are the best, in my opinion).Sleep is must for beautiful skin, 7–8 hours a day keeps blemishes, wrinkles and other skin problems awayLemon-yes, Lemon. The actual secret of my glowing skin is lemon (& that tea tree product, too). It just cuts the oil off my skin and de-toxifies it. I just can't stop praising it.Healthy food. One really needs to work on one's diet to have good skin. Food which compliments your skin is a must. (References to sources supporting this claim, and your other claims, are advised, per Quora's policy).Patience. I really had to have patience. You may not find any changes in one day or one week…. But if you keep trying…then surely you’ll get the skin that you want one day :)Makeup. I don't recommend makeup much. I do makeup only on special occasions. For everyday basis, I just apply a moisturizer which also acts as sunscreen, kajal (so that I don't look groggy) and a lip balm.Result:This is my present skin condition.PS: Just woke up (has been nearly hour or so) and took this picture for this answer.Edit: For pessimists, I used Redmi 3S. And for the girls or ladies out there, who think why my kajal isn't messed up, I used Colossal brand, which advertises minimum 16-hour retention. I applied it at night and clicked this pic the next morning, so there is less chance of smudging. Even if it does smudge little, I do have two working hands, which I can use to remove the excess kajal around my eyes. :p

If you were kissing a girl, what would you want her mouth to taste like?

I always thought , how do girl feels like when they get kissed by men.I have an amazing story that i want to share related to this, I lived in Gurgaon and my Ex, lived in Delhi. It happens 3 years ago when we are walking in an random park near Humayun Tomb.People lived in Delhi knows about Humayun’s Tomb that on random days its totally accessible and you can easily do stuffs like this.After some time of random sightseeing, we found a place where we got intimated and started kissing each other passionately and do this for around 20 min continuously. She was very amazing kisser and also she has taught me how to kiss passionately.When we stated this, we just enjoying the moment of self satisfaction and the love which we had shared, let me tell you there is nothing to do with taste of mouth or the breath because you are extremely involve in doing the things which you really admire and like always wanted with her. Either on public place or any private place doesn’t matter.Let me tell you that we men absolutely love kissing women and also do feel same.I don't know why but the lips of women are so luscious and yummy that we men just can't resist kissing and we love rolling our tongue inside her while kissing.Well nature has aesthetically crafted women so beautiful that we have innumerable reasons on why we love getting physical with women.I have chosen Anonymity because there are so many people on Quora who know me personally, specially from my office and they don’t know about this incident or i don’t want to revel this either.

Is there any top branded consumer item that you had been using for years but stopped buying and using all of a sudden? Why?

Hello Gopalkrishna Vishwanath sir, I really look forward for your questions, love to read your questions even if I don't write an answer. They really are very interesting :) ofcourse your answers too are but I don't have to say that..Now am answering the above question..No more branded commercial soaps. I have been making my own soap at home from scratch. I don't remember when I last got a commercial bath soap. Good for my skin as well as environment too.Lipsticks. I prefer homemade lipbalm but my 14 year old is not so happy with just balm, she wants some bright colour too. She use to buy Elle 18 colorpops. But i recently made lipsticks for her as well her cousins. Reason was simple, I didn't want to put something on my lips which had too many questionable ingredients as I know most of is eaten :DApple cider vinegar. I have learn to make apple cider vinegar at home. Simple because it cheap and economical to make than buy.Moisturizer. No more branded moisturizers. I make my own or use good old oil (any oil which I have.) Reason I can control the ingredients.Pics are from my gallery.

Chap stick recommendations???

personally i like carmex, because i like the way it smells, but palmers h,as these swivels sticks, and they smell like vanilla chocolate. i love the coco butter , it works awesome. i chew my lips till they bleed and they are so cracked and dry i can't smile but after using it, they are back to normal in like a day..... most chapstick i have to keep reapplying for a few days in order to smile.

Is there any ill effect if I drink lime soda after lunch every day?

Lime ok for regular consumption, as long as you do not have any specific allergic reaction to it or any specific gastro intestinal problems that can be aggravated by citric fruits.Soda ...technically soda is safe for consumption on regular basis as it is only water and CO2. However, the quality of soda available in the market is questionable in general. Soda manufacturers not always use water fit for consumption and the environment in which it is manufactured is not always hygienic. The risk gets elevated during rainy seasons when water borne diseases are prominent. Sugar ...As long as you can ensure that you have sufficient exercise on a regular basis, daily intake of sugar is not harmful Salt ...An average human body needs only a few milligrams of salt per day. An increase in intake of salt is hence not recommended. Service provider ...Controlling for all other parameters listed above, a major risk that remains is the risk of the hotel/juice centre from where you are consuming the drink. The environment in which it is made, the utensils, the spoons, knife, storage environment, cleanliness of facilities, hygiene maintained staff, preparatory procedure followed (fresh preparation vs already prepared, stored and served) ... all these parameters can have an impact on the quality of lime juice and hence could have harmful effects on the consumer.

What are the top 5 things you carry in your handbag daily?

I spend my 80% of total hours a day outside my room, in the city !!Mostly i carry things like…water bottle of 200 mla book and 2 pens of different colour for notesmy mobile phonecharger of my mobile phonemy ID proofs such as Aadhar and PAN always with me.An handkerchief with one extra napkin in my bagToilet shop (paper) with good smell for emergencies !!A paracetamol at least 5 tabsMy pendrive with 32GB atleast 10GB empty space for movies !!3 chewing gums with different flavoursmy capMost imp !! Lender of last resort !! MY HEADPHONES ( are best friend in journey) .Not Always but while moving to office and coming back i carry My Laptop & Charger with Battery Back up !!Atleast 2 Bank Account’s ATM with atleast Rs. 700- 1000 / - in each account for emergencies.I never carry cash more than 700 in my wallet even while travelling in order to escape from theft momentsWhile travelling i also carry some nice crispy food packets to get fresh with.thanks for reading….