I Need Help Now I Dont Know How To Handle This

I reall need some help and dont?

Know where to begain ....the land lord took is court...she was payed...1900.00 and we had to give her a letter saying what al we need fix that was back in aug3,2012 UNTIL now we have reported holes in floor.the potty sit way low to the ground ..the power gose out at lest 2drop a week and we have to go buy a fuse and it ok for a couple days the back to nothing..well nov22.2012 my dad had heartfauiler and they put him on oxgan and ask why has anything been done ....and I tell them I reported to here and said will be 30happy and now I might need weight until xmas and out contract over but she not fixing and said don't move stay

I'm so hurt inside, i dont know how to handle this, and i would really apprecitate it if anyone helped me out?

hey everyone,
I've gone threw a **** load of stuff,
a lot of people have, and for my age only being 16, its insane how much occured within my lifetime.
but there at those moments in my life where i just cant handle so much pain and confustion at once.

so basically within these two weeks i findout my dad got married for his 3rd time without me again, were moving in a few months, i have a sister, my younger brother doesnt have a school to go to, i'm starting homeschool, my dads already thinking about divorce, so we might not move, i have a sister, and one of my best friends completely is cutting me off just because i hungout with her ex cuz he asked for help about how to handle the breakup. my best friend isnt there for me, and i just feel like i have no real friends who care, or yet friends at all. i always go out my way to help others, i always make time, and its like it all back fires on me or something, i dont understand, i'm so stressed out about everything everyday it changes and my view of my future is differnt and i just have all that and more on m y shoulders. to top it off my birthday is friday, which no one wil give a crap about exccept my boyfriend whos the only person who has actually been there for me these days and it just hurts... the one dream i have about dance is falling apart, i'm just so stuck and it is really hurting me so much. i'm trying to be so strong but inside i'm so broken, i barely eat anymore, i dropped 10 pounds this week and the most sleep i get is about 4 hours, i'm falling apart and its like no one see's it

My husband has an outside child and I dont know how to handle this HELP?
Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents
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Iwas molested by my dad, and want to kill myself I need help, i dont know what to do.?

i did report
i was removed and now live with my mom
no one belives me
and my brother has been telling me that my dad should haved killed me or tells me i should just slit my wrists and die


Okay right now in french I'm dealing with contractions with "a" and "de".
How do i know when to add "a", "au", "a la", "a l' ", or "aux". And how do i know when to add "de", "du", "de la", "de l' ", or "des"


I hate my school counselor and i need help with what to say to her?

I would stay calm. It's easier for her to understand and accept what you tell her. Just thank her for wanting to help, that you understand she is there to help you if you need it. Right now you know your situation and know that you dont need her help but if you do you will approch her and come to see her.

This way its straight forward and you get bonus points for handling it like an adult and not going off on her which will only make things worse and she will probably think its rooted in some other problem and start digging there.

I am going insane and I just want to kill myself because I can't handle anymore. What should I do?

Hi..i totally fell for you. I have some days that are just unbearable and i want to end it all. and there is nothing anyone can say to change that.People might frown on self harm in its various ways but…you have to find what works for you.When im at the limit…i grab a blade (razor) and i swing at the arm, hard as i can and seeing all that blood helps me..i know..this is not what i should be telling you… not that guy who will say…”it will get better”, or you should meditate” or the worst one for me is when people try to bring God into the mix, sorry but where is you silly god when im or you…is ready to end it.Im ot saying cut yourself, or harm yourself but if you did…and it helps…then so be it.on those days that are sorta bearable.,..try to find things that can take your mind off of the bad thoughts..I dont know what works for you cuz everyone is differnt.but here is a fe items i do to take my mind of of killing myself.I try to eat some food….listen to some music that i like…sometiems i will cut my arm and then seeing the blood, i will feel a bit better than straight and watch a movie. or some take yourmind off the bad things.Im sure many people responded to you and i hope you can find something in these responses that will help you out.

My life is a mess and I can't handle it anymore. What can I do?

I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. I agree with others that you should definitely get medical help. I have bipolar, depression, severe anxiety, and ptsd. 4 yrs ago I was not medicated and was going out of my mind. I attempted suicide by shooting myself in the chest. The moment the gun clicked I snapped out of my comatose state and thought oh shit what in the hell did I just do. I spent two weeks in the hospital. The first week I was restrained and had constant supervision. Not only was I in serious pain but I was horrified that I was capable to do it. I hurt so many people. It was heart breaking. I also suffered from survivors remorse. I had a choice at life and chose to take it away. People around me had cancer or other diseases that were going to be fatal and they didn't have that choice. I felt guilty for being so selfish. I did however feel grateful that I got a second chance. Most people that get shot in the chest with a .45 don't survive. I feel with my second chance that I had a purpose in life, before my attempt I didn't feel worthy at all.What I'm trying to say is please don't even think about suicide. You are precious and you are important and you do have a purpose. Get psychiatric help. Make YOU the #1 priority. Don't let the devil in your head and fight to take control. Don't allow this disease to win.I'm fighting right along with you. It's hard but WE can do it.

What is the best way to tell someone you don’t need their advice?

I don't know what the “best” way is, but I can think of several ways that might do the job.I’m glad you understand that I just need to vent and am not looking for advice right now. Thank you for being supportive. It means a lot to me.I've already decided how I'm going to handle this situation.I’m not looking for advice on this situation.I’ve decided to do my own research on this.I plan to follow professional advice about this.I’d prefer not to discuss this. Could we talk about something else?This is a very private matter for me and I’m discussing it only with my [spouse, lawyer, doctor, family, pastor, close friends, mentor].Thank you for trusting/respecting me enough to let me figure this out for myself.I’ll let you know if I have questions or need your advice.Please allow me to handle this as I see fit.I’m sure you mean well, but I don't need any more advice—though if you would be willing to [do something helpful], that would be a big help.Prayer would be more helpful to me than more advice.I’m still in shock/grieving and can't even begin to think about what to do about that yet.Please mind your own business.I am done talking about this.