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I Need Help On My Crush

I need help! I offended my crush!?

Its no big deal your maybe feeling something but it can be one sided.. maybe he didnt feel bad about it.. and if you feel he felt bad just tell him how u felt and what u think and if he felt bad say sorry and tell u didnt mean anything bad or u didnt mean to hurt u were just joking around.. dont be worried give him a smile while telling all ths he will be just fine..most of the boys dont live in past so if u be nice and all with him in present he will let go what happened.. so best of luck!! be nice!! always be happy!!

I have a crush on my officemate need help?

i have a big crush on my officemate, im very nice to her and helps her with anything, if she asks me a favor i do it right away and im happy if i have done something nice for her.right now we are partners on a certain project assigned to us
by the company. i was so happy that we were paired for the project since its a chance for me to get to know her well. i
really got to know her better as we made the project. now i really cant tell if she likes me or not, she told me she do
esnt have any crush on anyone right now. we went out once, and now i asked her out to the movies and she accepted. i don
t want to make any wrong assumptions, i think she accepted the invitation since she feels she owes me a lot, i also told
her that its going to be my treat and she asked me "is this a date?", i answered "no", because maybe she doesnt feel th
e same way, so now im thinking maybe after we go out, maybe i should stay away from her because i feel im going nowhere
with my feelings

I need help! My crush is in 9th grade and im in 8th.?

I would talk to him yourself. As you get older girls and other girls tend to get jealous. Just hmmmm... lol i know what i did. I wrote a note to him and my cousin passed it to him. And later that afternoon (at that time i was in 8th he was a sophmore in HS) afterschool i gathered up my courage and walked up to him and told him i was the girl that liked him. Lol he was over-whelmed, smiled real big, and said 'oh really?' So hahah that's what i would do..

My crush kissed me out of nowhere? i need help?

we were hiding behind a car at school luaghing becuase we just saw one of my best friends and her bf doing something quite embarrassing when we looked at eachother lughing and then he just stoped luaghing looked in my eyes then kissed me on the lips and then the day after our whole year went on a trip and at the end of the trip he gave me some flowers

he knows i have a crush on him but do u think he has a crush on me?
and does he sound like a good person to go out with?

How can you help your crush in school?

You have two parts here.You have a crush on your classmateShe needs help in MathIf you offer to tutor her, she’s gonna see you as a nerd. So that’s useless. You want to nonchalantly ask “Wanna study for the exams together?”. Although, before you do this, you wanna build some rapport, otherwise it would just be weird. As a precaution. you want to be discrete, or maybe even with a friend of yours, and say something about the three of you studying, and then your friend cancels.Although it isn’t a date, it will certainly give you a chance to talk. That talking is where you can become closer to the point where you could ask her on a date. Crack jokes, be funny, but also be serious and to the point. If you’re studying together, then you’re studying and not flirting.I can’t really say much more than that, however, the following qualities would help:You look like Channing TatumYou are in the top 1/4 of your classYou have a good sense of humourYou know the subjectYou are confident (MAJOR KEY)

I need help with my crush!! she says she doesnt like me?

a friend of mine tried to put in a good word for me to my crush and my friend told that my crush said " hes really one of the sweetest guys i know but hes not really my type" basically what she was saying is that she doesnt like nice and/or sweet guys. my friend who asked her about me said that my crush usualy picks bad boys. im just having trouble understanding why she doesnt like sweet and nice guys. obviosuly i cant make her like me or anythign but why would someone be interested in guys who are on the bad side? im a high school senior and shes a junior btw

whats wrong with being a nice and sweeet guy to girls?

Can anyone help me in talking with my crush?

He/sheCrush:butterflies!You:Hii.If you get a reply back:Hey , you’re on the way.If you’re opting for virtual conversation then proceed with normal questions like likings and dislikings. Bring the topic smartly not desperately: The relationship status related question. There are chances at first she/he won’t disclose. Talk limited and try to be humourous. It attracts and li’l pinch of sarcasm. Try coyly. And when you think it’s peak time and looks like things are going great between you two ;then revive the extrovert you. Let your crush know how much you’re crushing on him/her. And if you think there are chances you’ll loose friendship too then just add one more backup line. And even though you get blocked then chill hard, you know why? Now it barely matters , as in what you wanted to let him/her know? You gotta crush on them! Now You did that. Your work has been done. They heard you & your motive has been accomplished. You will be at no loss. Congrats now you are an experienced person with more boldness.Everything happens for a reason.

I need help. My crush is a jerk and treats me badly. How do I stop feeling so angry?

Well, you can't say he doesn't let you know where you stand. He couldn't be more clear. I'm just confused about one thing. In what sense exactly do you consider this jerk your "crush"?How you soothe your anger is by kicking him out of your life once and for all. That's not revenge, by the way. It's just not taking it any more.If you harbour thoughts about transforming him into an awesome "crush," forget about it. Not going to happen.Your self-respect is more important than having a "crush." Rule of thumb: if you have to choose between the two, go with self-respect. Hopefully with the next guy you won't have to choose.