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I Need Help Thinking Of The Name Of This Song

I need help thinking of the name of a song?

Things we know:

The genre is alternative
The chorus has four parts, we know 3 of them but forgot them

Things we think we know:

Contains the words fire, dance/dancing, and/or friends
Pitch is oddly rainbow
Sounds sorta like carry on wayward son by Kansas
Everyone has heard it but no one knows the name
Mid 80s to late 90s

Just so you know, neither of us were under the influence of drugs or alcohol while we wrote this

I need help thinking the name of a song from the 2000's about mountains?

You raise me up by Josh groban
"you raise me up, so I can stand on mountains"
Live like you were dying by Tim McGraw
"I went skydiving, I went rocky mountin climbing"
Here's a list of songs about mountains

Well you could always go here for some names spotted on Quora

I need help finding out the name to this song?

You need a little more information - what year are you talk-
ing about - is it a slow or uptempo song. I really don't
think you will get anywhere with the information provided.

I need help figuring out this one song. I can't think of the name.?

ooooooooh I love this song!!

It's Natalie Merchant, and the songs are 'These are the days' :D

^^^^ Lyrics :0]

I need help with the name of a song.?

I haven't heard it since around 2007 so I know it's older than that. But I remember some of the lyrics, vaguely: "Where were you when I called..." Then at the end of the song the female says, "Cone over baby tonight, maybe we can work things out."
I know the main singer is a female and a man is also in the song. And he says something about hitting her. Someone please help me!! I can't find it on google or and lyric sites.

I need help figuring out the name of this song?

"My last" By big sean and chris brown

Help think of what this song name is please!?

Is it rescue me by skepta? Their are also some remixes that might be the one you like. Hope I helped!

I need the name of this song!?

All I remember was something about "Ya booty go boom boom boom." It's not any of these casely, b5, ester dean, or black eyed peas song. All I remember is the bass wen't along with the song and you could drop it low with the booms -- if that makes any sense. It's in the r&b genre. Really appreciate your help! :)

Need help to find the name and artist of this song. I got a few lines I think is Thanks for ur h?

i think of this could be 2 songs by utilising Lionel Richie. thank you for the time which you have have been given given me are lyrics from as quickly as, two times, three times a woman, and wager i'm on my way is from the music caught on you. wish this facilitates