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I Need Help With Weight

I need help to lose weight!

well im a 13 year old girl that wieghs 153 pounds and am 4foot 9 1/2
i know i weight alot if i didnt i wouldnt post this
anyways i went in for a check up and they said i so was over weight so they scheduald an oppointiment for meh to meet up with a nutritionist the next week
so i decided to try to lose weight befor i meet her
i did lose weight
about 3-4 pounds and to be honest the only thing i did was stop drinking jucie
lol no lie =)
so yeah and now i feel so inspired i want to lose 20 pound befor winter
i think thats a good goal
so i need really good edvice for workouts and stuff
im still a kid so i cant weight lift or anything
something more like jumpin jack,running in place ect.
and becuse im a little kid wen i lose weight it WILL show even if its like 10 pounds
so yeah plz help i guess
also how much calories can i burn by just doing jumping jack and stuff like that ..................................?

I need to lose weight, help me please?

Hello there. I appreciate any suggestions you have. Is cardio the best way to lose fat in the thighs/hips? I have cleaned up my diet well. I am 5'5", 130 lbs, pear shaped. my goal is to slim down the thighs and bulk up my arms and shoulders. I have a very thin waist. my plan now is the plan's weight training 3 days with cardio the other 4 days. Usually do treadmill 20 min workout with 4 intervals of this: 2 min 15 inlcine/3.0 pace, 2 min running 5.0 pace, then walk for a min. Also I have read reviews on journals and the medical sites that this Naturalis thigh slimming treatment is a workable product . Does any one know where to buy this product from stores in New York ?

I need help with weight Force?

The weight force is the product of the mass multiplied by the acceleration due to gravity. If a DC-10 commercial passenger jet weighs 200,000 kilograms and gravity is 9.80 m/s2, calculate the weight force.

I need Help Loosing Weight....Im 13 and Way about 195 Pounds....I am 5 foot 7 and I Really Wanna Loose Weight.

well you have taken the first step by addmitting you have a problem,firstly you need to get on a low carb diet,no bread rice or pasta,no pasteries,these are all full of starch which are very fattening,instead of having three big meals have 6smaller meals spread out over the day,this will help find interest that you can do in the home,so you dont get board,but i expect your allowed out to go to school so walk as much as possible,then when your home you can allso excersise on the floor by laying on your back, lifting legs then the upperpart of your body,you can allso do press ups,theis will all help to burn of the excess,but it wont happen over night,its taken some years for you to gain your weight so if you relly want to lose it you must keep at it both the excersise and the food intake,allways remember its, input on output, the less you put in and the more you excersise the more you will lose,good luck its taken me awhile but i have now lost 42lbs and still working at it

Weight loss help I need help losing this weight in a month for a cruise. I need tips or help?

Ok, so you have only a month. This is supposed to be a very intense month. Depends on how much weight you need to lose… I would start with:HIIT - a short but very intense workout. Do this around 3 times a week (have at least 48 hours of rest in between to recover muscles). HIIT stimulates your fat burning cells for up to 24 hours after the workout.Calorie deficit - if there is no calorie deficit you can’t loose weight. You could eat junk, stay in the calorie deficit and still not gain weight. But I really do suggest eating healthy to provide all the nutrients for your working out body and also fiber so that you won’t constantly want to eat.Protein - It is very easy to overeat carbs and fats. So you need to focus on protein. It makes you fuller and helps build muscles. Start off with a protein breakfast to get that “I’m nice and full” feeling that keeps you going for hours.Strength training - the more muscles the more calories you burn. Also it gives you a toned look. (If you can’t make it to the gym just use your body weight).Walk/Bike/Run - All cardio and these will help you burn the fat.Have fun on your cruise trip too :p*Take before and after pictures to see your progress. And also, be confident. People are attracted to fun and confident people. :)

Weight force help...?

I cannot draw it, then it could be more illustrative and clear.

A mass on an inclined plane with angle (theta) will have gravitational force F = mg with two components : First one parallel to the plane ( which works for movement on the plane) and Second one perpendicular to the plane ( which produces friction agains movement along the plane).

Component parallel to the plane F Sin (theta)
Component perpendicular to the plane F Cos (theta)

So your force component = 215 x Sin (35) N
Please use your calculator and sail

What should I do for weight loss if my doctor won't help?

Hi! I’m a Health Coach with a background in eastern and western ideologies.Sometimes all you need to know is the right person to talk to.A doctor is not the person you want to talk to about your weight - they are better to talk to if you have something minor like a head cold/fever, or something life threatening like an injury in a car accident that requires surgery, or infections etc.Most conditions in between that - chronic issues, IBS, diabetes, hormone balance, whatever, can be healed through food. So you want to talk to one of the following:-Functional NutritionistThis is my top recommendation for 2 reasons:A functional nutritionist can do a blood test (or other tests like saliva, DNA, stool) to find out what foods are reacting well/not well to your body. The first step in having a balanced body is understanding which foods are affecting you in a positive or negative way.Based on the test, the functional nutritionist can advice how to eat according to your body’s needs, and they also typically have a background in holistic ideologies meaning they will help you recognize if there is something else in your life stressing you out other than food that could be leading to weight gain.-NutritionistA nutritionist is someone who will construct a meal plan for you based on your goals. This type of specialist is good to see only if you have a specific goal like weight loss by a certain time, or sports performance.-Health Coach (this is what I am)A health coach helps you set goals and guides you towards how to achieve them. They are also great with accountability and are a great resource for lots of health information. A health coach is also someone good to work with in conjuction with another practitioner (so as an example, if a functional nutritionists tells you you are intolerant to dairy, then a health coach can show you what and how to eat foods that can be substituted for dairy)You can check out practical advice on my website: girlonblissHope this helps!