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I Need Immediate Diagnosis Of Chest Pain

Low potassium and chest pain?

My husband had been having pain in his chest area, he already had been taking potassium supplements because he had been diagnosed with low potassium about a year ago, he also has really bad GERD.

My question is, he went to the ER a few weeks ago because he was having really bad chest pain and his heart beat was really weird. They did blood work, chest x-ray, and hooked him up to the heart monitor. They told him he was having PVC's and that the chest pain was probably related to his GERD.

He followed up with a regular visit to his DR. and gave him a new heartburn medication, and a antihistimine that is used for anxiety. His heartburn is pretty much gone and he is feeling better in that area, but he is still having chest pains daily and is very uncomfortable.

I am thinking this is due to his low potassium levels, which the Dr. said maybe we will look into why it is low your next visit if the medication didn't work. Has anyone else had this and what causes low potassium?

Which doctor to see for chest pain which is not due to cardiac problems?

thanks for the A2A.Chest Pain can be due to various etiologies of different systems in our body. To cut short,Chest pain alongwith exertional breathlessness( patient getting breathless while on work, even while sitting at rest, depending on the NYHA grading) can be due to Cardiological and Respiratory causes.. and ECG Trop T and Chest X Ray PA being the primary investigations to identify the root cause between the two.Chest pain and local tenderness can be due to epigastritis and peptic ulcer disease most commonly, for which Gastroenterologists can be of immense help and investigations being Complete Hemogram, USG, UGI endoscopy etc.Chest pain can be due to Costochondritis, that is local inflammation of the costochondral cartilages and can be managed by Orthopedicians and through various antiinflammatory-analgesics. It us a diagnosis of exclusion.Chest pain due to severe stressful events leading to Panic Attack/ Conversion Disorder needs to be diagnosed correctly at first by General Physicians and then only to be treated properly with anxieolytics and Psychiatric help.

What if I have chest pain?

You should consult your doctor first . Because there r many reasons for the same.

What are reasons of chest pain?

Cramp of the chest muscles. Buy Moov spray or Volini or apply Tiger balm when will happen, it will go away faster. Try to lift weight during pain, you’ll feel more pain.Pain is where the slips of Pectoralis or Pectoralis minor joined the sternum.Average duration of pain is max 20 minutes. Pain increases in deep breath. You can control the respiration to adjust. You can point the affected muscle, if you press with finger, it will be painful.If you take painkiller with muscle relaxant in such extreme pain, within 20 minutes it will go away. You can also try ice or heat. Ice can work for some, heat can work for some.Happens more among the elderly peoples, overweight, athletes, young adults, infants have more such odd condition.Lack of stretching before exercise, no exercise for long time and then sudden exercise, exercise in the heat, muscle fatigue, vitamin mineral deficiencies, mental stress etc create such.Take iron, folic acid, vitamin B complex to ensure no deficiency.Excluded —Tietze syndrome is a rare disease. There will be pathological changes on histology. There are subtypes of Tietze syndrome. Usually patients have some disease of the arthritis group including the sero negatives.Pain of pleural origin will have other kind of history. Patients will become sicker without treatment, pain will continue.Angina is rare in this age group. Pain of angina has characteristic description & history. Pain is far higher.Another group presents the pain described as “ Broken heart ”. That happens after death or separation from kith-n-kin. It is stabbing deep pain for a while.There is no reason to visit a doctor or get scared, yet you may -Visit an experienced General Physician when no emotional stress is present to get rid of fearVisiting a compassionate Psychiatrist is suggested in presence of emotional stressIf other sickness develops or pain becomes permanent or not controlled with simple sprayNormal human to animal has a sense of severity. When such happens, you can understand that you will not die. You wait when it will go away.

How to fake severe chest pain! I need a good answer no bullshit?

Hi I'm a 16 year old kid rather not go into explanation why I'm asking this but anyways I need to fake severe chest pain or something that needs immediate attention in general so that I will make it past triage and into the ER cause I'm a juvenile and cant sign my *** into the hospital so please I'm begging everyone who reads this to give me a really good answer I appreciate this so much

What does severe chest pain imply if not a heart attack?

DH often has severe chest pain;  we've stopped taking him into ER for it, although I still do take a BP and watch his resps.See, the last time we took him in, as a 51 year old, first we sat in the ER waiting room because they "forgot" about him;  after an hour, I went up and reminded them they had a middle-aged, male veteran with severe chest pain sitting there-  did they maybe want to get him on a monitor?  And they did-  oops, so very sorry.But he hadn't turned blue or started gasping or passed out or anything, so I wasn't worried about imminent death, but I was sick and tired of him having chest pains out of the blue.  So, we ended up spending the night in the ER-  comfy!  with him being monitored and then in the morning an angiogram was done to be sure it matched the labs.Nothing.  The cardiologist said he wished his own arteries were so clean.  Nope-  heart's good, see you later.  Well, DH had been trapped between two track vehicles once while out in the field;  broke his collarbone, cracked a few ribs, bruised him up pretty good, but being an ate-up, gung-ho, drive-on soldier, he didn't even allow the medics to tape his ribs.  I've never indicated DH was a really smart guy about his health, have I?  Good-  cause if I had, I'd've been lying.What seems to be happening is, when DH gets a cold with cough or pulls a muscle in his thoracic area, or is just under a lot of physical stress, the little muscles-  the intercostals- between his ribs, which are mostly cartilage which doesn't heal well, cramp up, they sieze up, and so his chest really flippin' hurts.It isn't his heart, and there's nothing to be done about it, and DH just has to learn how to relax his body.  Which comes under the heading "Yeah, right".  Of course, if he doesn't, I threaten him with the ER again....

I have "non diagnostic st depression" on a stress test report, what does it mean?

With normal electrical conduction of the heart, the signal originates from the SA node. A PVC occurs when an electrical signal originates from somewhere in there ventricles (ventricular ectopy). Most PVCs are harmless though you may experience heart palpitations or an unusual feeling of your heart beating. Although in people with underlying heart disease, PVCs could cause additional concerns. Which would explain why you are having stress tests and are taking medications (to make sure the PVCs remain harmless). The website has a good explanation.

Sometimes, depending on the extent of the ST depression, this can indicate coronary artery disease which can decrease the amount of bloodflow the heart receives. Verapamil is used for high blood pressure, chest pain, and some heart rhythm disorders.