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I need legal help?

I have a person who keeps on threatening to harm me and a family member of mine and threatened to murder me he’s been messaging me over the past few weeks and im getting annoyed now with his threats and I wanna do something about it befor he puts his words into actions I need legal advice but I recently lost my job and can’t afford a lawyer rite now

I need legal help a.s.a.p.?

I am a police detective. The purpose of the arraignment is technically to hear what you will plea will be either guilty or not guilty. You didnt mention what state you are in and I assume that since you cant see your lawyer after the arraignment means you have a public defender. If that is not the case and you cant afford a lawyer, you need to contact the public defender's office.

Anyway, regardless of what you feel your guilt is, at the arraignment, attorney or not, your plea should be "not guilty." The judge will then set a trial date, usually a couple of months away depending on the seriousness of the charge which again you didnt mention. If your charge is a felony, then ask for an O.R. bond or OWN RECOGNIZANCE which means you can stay out of jail until trial. If your charge is a misdemeanor this wont be necessary.

This will give you time to A., get your attorney, B., Have the attorney get all the facts through "discovery" and C., hopefully if needed cut a favorable deal for you. You said you have never been in trouble before. If this is a misdemeanor charge, at most you will get a slap on the wrist, no jail, maybe probation. Even if it is a felony, having no record means jail is highly unlikely unless this is a serious felony. Seeing how you arent in jail, I assume this is a misdemeanor or a low felony charge.

Plead not guilty. Get your attorney either by hiring one or through the public defenders office. Cut a deal if necessary if you are guilty. Who knows, your attorney may find a flaw in the case that could get you off or get the charge greatly reduced. Either way I wouldnt be too worried about it. You are worried because you have never been in trouble before and have never been in the system. That is understandable. Get your attorney and let them work for you. Once again not knowing the charge hinders my advice some but it seems to me you probably will be just fine.

PSS. I saw your additional info that it is a felony and in Georgia. Call the public defenders office if you cant afford a lawyer. The D.A.s office cannot stop you from seeing a lawyer. They probably meant you wouldnt be seeing your public defender until the day of the arraignment. That is not unusual. You plea not guilty and then you and the attorney will hash out what happened and what the plan of action is. If you can afford an attorney, get one now.

I need legal advice/help.?

I was charged with a crime as a minor. It was later dropped to a lesser charge. I was given advise by my parents and my legal counsel to plea to an even lesser charge because it could be expunged or it would be at least sealed as a minor offence.

I accepted this advice. Thinking my parents and legal counsel were doing the best for me. It turned out nearly 5 years later that the offence is not only unable to be expunged, but that it is visible for anyone that is looking for it can easily find it.

Is there anything I can do to remove this from my record? Are there any advocacy groups that could help me?

I need legal help please!?

You yourself move, and leave the deadbeat by his self

I need legal help! (age of consent)?

neing "in love" lasts less than a year if that . Sex is wanted by the male because of testosterone. Be a man and wait until she's of age which is 18 in most states. Keep it in your pants bro. She on the other hand is just anxious and probably to get away from home. Neither of you know what marriage is, let alone what having kids or having kids out of wedlock means. Get sensible. Ok so what if you do it and it's wrong, what if you do it and it's illegal, what if you do it and she wants to come to Wisconsin where it's wrong. At 21 you should know better. At your age you could be out of college, looking at a lifelong career, knowledgeable, while she is still a kid, a junior in HIGH SCHOOL where her peers are still young minded. Say no to her till she's mature.

I need legal help with a custody case

GO to your county's Bar assn. They all have some sort of "Put something Back" program, where they accept Pro-bono (Work without fees) cases.. generally speaking they will only help women ( or men if they have the kids) you will have to meet the criteria for the program, financially and situationally...

Also try a search for Legal Aid Society+your county or city

Florida makes both parents go through parenting classes, IN florida it;s called "Sandcastles, call em up, register for the classes, there wil be plenty of people on this road who can point you in the right direction.

And lastly rest easy.. unless your ex is a millionaire and can spend a ton of money on legal fees, 97% of contested custody cases go to the mother, even if the father was a primary caregiver... crap statistic for us guys, but hey, it is what it is..

Here's a great option ( unless he is a completely irresponsible guy) why not settle it out of court and give him visitation and agree on child support?

Every second weekend and one night during the week for dinner or an overnight half of holidays and birthdays, and half of school breaks is pretty typical.. with the mother keeping primary residential custody ( that means the kids go to school where she lives...

I need legal help! Suspected of Theft...?

Okay, so I work for a small retail store. On saturday night or sunday morning someone came into the store using a key, used an alarm code that my store manager and I both know and opened the safe stole money and reset the alarm and left.

I have not been arrested. But, I have been interviewed by a police officer and during the interview he used the words "I know you did it or helped someone do it." This was with one of my co-workers and my direct boss outside the door, with that boss's, boss in the room. During this interview however I constantly felt like the officer was making me incriminate myself. So after he accused me of a crime I kinda stopped talking.

According to the officer, I am the only one who knows that alarm code (my store manager retired just a day or two before). This alarm code was her number to access the POS terminals and other things and given that this is a small town and we all considered each other trustworthy, we all knew each others numbers and things like that. Not to mention that the alarm codes, key's and safe combination have not been changed since the store opened nearly 2 years ago. That means that 8 people 9 counting myself have held those keys and had alarm codes.

I can understand why I am a suspect, I do have a door key. But my question is do you think they really have anything against me. I mean I can say I didn't do it (which I didn't), I don't need the money and I have no reason to but I don't expect anyone to believe me. But would you think that they have something or do you think they are fishing for information.

I just want some opinions from people who have been through things like this, anyone in the legal profession. Also should I consider suing or threating to sue for slander/defamation.

Please, I need legal help!! from an attorney.?

First, someone there needs to have some authority to make decisions, if you want to make it the ex's grandmother then do it on paper. Again, somebody has to make decisions and if they aren't living with you then you need to allow someone else to do it along with you.

Second, contact the doctors office, and let them no that NOBODY aside from the person you named, and yourself, is authorized to make any decisions, sign for anything etc.

Contact the school or daycare and let them know the same thing.

Then contact the ex sisters in law and let them know.

A year? You need to get a job and raise your own kids.

Need legal help! Roommate? Lease? Money?

they could't make up regulations as they circulate alongside. however the concern is, those regulations variety through state so i'm able to easily aid you comprehend those i comprehend, in Illinois. they could desire to make an effort to come across a clean man or woman. they can't deliver mutually hire from you and additionally hire from them. you probably did sign the hire and can't basically stroll faraway from it, yet they don't seem to be being existence like. Your grant of 630 replaced into quite existence like, and that i'm specific a decide could see it that way. you're able to desire to enable them to comprehend you will take them to small claims court docket and notice what a decide says approximately charging 7 months destiny hire whilst all they could desire to do is get a clean roommate (which you're able to desire to grant to help with).

I need legal help immediately please!!!!?

What is your mother thinking.
are both your names on the title? make a police report that she has taken it. at least that will cover your butt if she hits and runs and denies that she has the car.
Sound like a case for the PEOPLES COURT!!or Judge Judy. they both have web sites check it out.,
get your receipts and checks together and copies of the bill of sale copy everything. If you can prove you have made the payments and paid the insurance she should have to repay you if she keeps the car. call a few lawyers you may be able to work something out. I know i would call peoples court. or there is always small claims Court in your state.

you could always stop making the payments since she has it and let them repo it. It would be worth the 2000. to stick her

I still don't know what she is thinking. I could never do this to one of my kids. Good luck