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I Need My Parents To Stop Fighting

My parents never stop fighting!?

Dear Hannah: I don't have the book of answers but I can not
understand the terms under your mom thinks that both you and brother would be taken away from her, now listen up, I am a male ( of course) and reality is that I have had some issues with my wife and she has always been told by me that our children will never be missing a meal if she and I divorce. Also mothers most of the times have the legal right of keeping the children and the material things (such as the house and cars) to support the children until age of 18).I suggest to you since I don't know your age nor your brother's that send me another description of your problem and please never choose to run away, I will do my best to come back to you since I am in a foreign location and I have 2 daughters, a son and a wife and don't get to see them that much anymore. Also, you are very right about parents arguing but not to the extend that you describe it, I have being a husband for almost 20 years to the same woman and truly, that does not make me the perfect husband but I try to be ( at least a responsible one). Hang in there ANGEL, something positive and wonderful will turn out for you by being brave about your concern. Look up, he is watching,even for the ones who don't believe in him.

How do I get my parents to stop fighting over me?!?

A few years ago, my parents split up, and had a fight in court about who was going to keep me.

My Mom got most of the custody, but I still see my dad about once or twice a week.

My Mom and Dad hate eachother. My dad did some bad things to My mom a long time ago, and she still holds a grudge against him. My Dad may be mean to my Mom, and vise versa on my moms part, but I love them both and don't want them to be hurt.

Since my Mom hates my Dad because he doesn't pay child support for me. My Dad is very kind to me anyways though.

Whenever my Dad buys me something over 20$ and I'm happy about it, I mean, who wouldn't be happy from getting a gift, My Mom starts to yell at me saying that my Dad should be paying child support.

She often yells at me anyways, because she is going through menopause.

But recently, Christmas has come up, and my parents always fight about who gets to keep me on Christmas. My Mom wants to fly to Florida to see her family with me, and my Dad wants so eat Christmas dinner with me.

They are constantly fighting over it, and it's depressing and making me sad.

I'd want to spend Christmas with both of them, and stop the fighting, but there doesn't seem to be any way, I also don't want to hurt their feelings.


My parents never stop fighting...?

I really don't know the answer but, your mom, probably has valid points to make with your dad, (though what they would be I don't know for sure, right? ) But, seeing as it is their marriage, and I as a married person I can honestly state, a partner has the right if not the obligation to hold their partner accountable for their financial obligations.

But, your mom should definitely use more discretion and not discuss the fiances in front of you, however, if she is, it must be really significant or she would hold back from bringing it up in front of you is my belief because a mom's instinct is to protect her kids normally.... you know? So my advice as a mom is that you should try to ignore it when they start talking or fighting.... and let them go at it. It is NORMAl...

In my opinion, your mom is probably fighting for your future anyway....but what do I know....anyway love your parents always they love you.

My parents won't stop fighting, what do I do?

I'm so sorry to hear this. All married couples fight that is just a fact but unfortunately sounds as your parents are not getting along lately and they use every single little excuse to get their anger out on each other.

My dear child there is little you can do, you can try to talk to them one at a time when they are calm, tell them how you feel when they fight in front of you, (which is something every parent should know not to do) but when they are fighting unless there's punching and hitting you shouldn't get involved in the fight, you taking a side will just get their anger worst. You can encourage your mom and dad to get marriage counseling, when people are married for some time they go through stages like this in which their love is tested.

Don't worry to much, I know what it is to be in the middle of a fight. Try to get distracted, go outside, or just go to your room, if their love is strong this will pass. Just remember that they both love you no matter what happens.

Be strong and good luck!

My parents are fighting?

My parents have never fought for this long before. They always have it worked out by now. They've been fighting for over a week. My parents are both upset all the time. I hate it. ITS CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! They shouldn't be yelling at each other all the time. I'm used to going to my parents whenever I have a problem or need to talk. But now my parents are the problem. I just don't know what to do. All of my friends have gone out of town for the holidays, and even if they were here, I can't call them on Christmas Eve to talk about my problems! They don't want me calling them during the day for that, OR for at ten-o-clock when they're keeping me awake. I just need help...from anyone...

How do I stop my parents physically fighting?

I was fourteen, playing soccer in a field with my friends, when my sister came running and said that our mum and dad were fighting in their bedroom and she was frightened. (This was in England.)I went running home, dashed up the stairs, to find my mother was holding a pair of scissors, raised, and was about to stab my dad. There was no question who was the aggressor. What to do? I picked up the poker from the fireplace, and then had one second to figure out who to hit. Well, of course, I cracked my dad on top of his head, near the front, which soon put a stop to it. He groaned and sat on the bed. My mother scolded me, said I could have killed him. All these years later, some 70 actually, I still haven’t put the experience in a proper place in my brain.Well, military service took over, and I left the UK with a spell in the merchant navy, and buried the memory.