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I Need Some Common Conflicts For My Short Film


Man versus Man
Conflict that pits one person against another.

Man versus Nature
A run-in with the forces of nature. On the one hand, it expresses the insignificance of a single human life in the cosmic scheme of things. On the other hand, it tests the limits of a person’s strength and will to live.

Man versus Society
The values and customs by which everyone else lives are being challenged. The character may come to an untimely end as a result of his or her own convictions. The character may, on the other hand, bring others around to a sympathetic point of view, or it may be decided that society was right after all.

Man versus Self
Internal conflict. Not all conflict involves other people. Sometimes people are their own worst enemies. An internal conflict is a good test of a character’s values. Does he give in to temptation or rise above it? Does he demand the most from himself or settle for something less? Does he even bother to struggle? The internal conflicts of a character and how they are resolved are good clues to the character’s inner strength.

Often, more than one kind of conflict is taking place at the same time. In every case, however, the existence of conflict enhances the reader’s understanding of a character and creates the suspense and interest that make you want to continue reading.

How do I upload a short film content with copyrighted music onto YouTube under creative commons?

You remember seeing other videos that got away with this. And, understandably, are making a connection with that and their attribution of the music to “Universal Music Group”.But this connection is not why they were missed for copyright enforcement. Attribution is not an element that allows fair use, or any other sort of use without permission. As you note, enforcement comes to most over time.You cannot post videos containing someone’s music without their permission (unless your use fits fair use, which does not seem to be the case here). You need to contact the record publisher and get a license to use the music, or use different music which was posted online with a license for free use. (Where can I find royalty-free background music for inclusion in videos and short films?)You also ask about applying Creative Commons to your video. Presumably you are intending to grant all others that see the video the right to use the video as they wish, including the content that you used to make the video, such as the music. If you think about this for a minute, clearly you don’t have the right to grant others use of the music you are using; unless the license under which you are allowed to use the music allows this. So for music-without-permission, clearly you can’t say “Here everybody! My permission for you to use this Beyoncé track however you like.”You might have questions now about how your film might have fit fair use requirements. I direct you to this question for more details: What is “fair use” under US copyright law?[tl;dr version: narrative films fall outside of allowed use except in the very narrow instance in which they are parodying some movie. 50 Shades Blacker uses characters from 50 Shades of Grey under parody. All other uses have to be non-fiction, like a movie review.]

I need a monologue for Mia Thermapolis from the Princess diaries series?

i need a monologue for Mia Thermapolis for my book report thats due tomorrow! it cant be th\e exact words she said in a movie or book- o actually have to make it up myself and i hava writers block :( can someone please help me??
heres what i have so far as for ideas:

- Mia Thermopolis
- My full name is Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi
- The future princess of a tiny European country, Genovia
- Came from a royal family-
• Dad- current prince
• Grandmother (or Grandmeré)- current queen
- Currently a freshman at Albert Einstein High in New York.
- Main Conflict-
- Mom starts to date my Algebra teacher and gets pregnant, decides to marry him
- I don’t think I would make a good princess, and I have to go to ‘princess lesson’ everyday with my controlling and snobby Grandmother

What is the difference between a short film and a feature film?

The standard answer is the # sub-plots. But in truth it depends on how short your short is.A 50 min film can actually sneak in two subplots30 minutes, usually one15 and under - stick to just a main plot.Also, the number of obstacles in the 2nd act, and the number of “plot points.” If your 2nd act (working on the 3 act model) is 60 minutes, you’d better have some stagger in your conflict— highs and lows. If your 2nd act is 10 minutes, not so much time for twists.Finally, when we’re talking very short films it’s much easier to get away with less story-oriented film. Just like a short story can explore a theme rather than a journey.For instance, this extremely short short. No “hero’s journey” - just a set up and (for lack of better words) punchline.But for a great comedy with one subplot, check out Pennyweight:

Have you ever declined an offer to become an actor on the stage, in films, or on TV?

Thanks for the A2A.I’ve declined lots of auditions and/or roles in various media. Early on, it makes sense to say yes as often as you can (within reason), but as an actor progresses in her/his career, s/he will say no a lot.The most common reason has to do with schedule, and the second most common is that the material doesn’t appeal to me for one reason or another. Occasionally there’s a person or group involved in the project whom I’d rather not work with. Sometimes there’s a strategic reason, like my agent/manager wanting to wait for a better/bigger/more interesting role in the project.Whatever the reason, when it comes to an actor’s career, the things we say no to are just as important as the yesses.

Fearless with Jet Li: Martial Arts Philosophy?

Fearless is one of my favorite martial arts movies of all time. It is fun to watch and also has the great message that you speak of in your question. I was just speaking with a brown belt in class last night after he talked about his desire that sometimes pops up to test what he knows in a situation outside of class. I asked him what kind of situation he was thinking about, and he brought up a couple. For each situation I had to point out for him the consequences and pitfalls of engaging in violence. I think he is on the path to understanding that violence is to be used sparingly and only in that small minority of situations that truly warrant it. When you understand the devestation that you can cause to another human being it should make you very reserved in when and where you utilize it.

This is all predicated on losing the ego, which over time training with a quality instructor and examining one's own true self should lead to.

Is it possible to submit a film to multiple film festivals at one time (e.g. Cannes and Sundance)?

It depends on the festival, but in general; Yes.The main concern you have to keep in mind is when a festival requires a “premiere”. For example, a festival may require a City Premiere, meaning the film can't have been screened in the city that the festival is being held in. State, national, and city premiere requirements are fairly common.In the specific case of your example; Sundance and Cannes, both festivals require a World Premiere, meaning you could submit to both festivals, but not screen at both if you were accepted.