I Need The Telephone

I need a telephone # for a yahoo tech?

i read and delete my emails but any pictures or smileys that are in them (text or attachment) are downloading on their own to MY PHOTOS/MY ATTACHMENTS and i can neither delete or move them to MY PICTURES where i could delete i can only move them to desktop as an icon and that still leaves them in MY P/A along with the email i deleted i would like to be able to delete the junk and send the keepers to MY PICTURES

I need the phone number?

"know his name course" = huh?
"and the company in withc" = what?

i think that i may just barely understand your question, although it is really not very clear....

sounds like you believe that someone has a phone in your grandfathers name (you have his name and social security number his date of birth, and the name of the company that is providing the service)

do you have power of attorney of your grandfather? is he handicap and unable to contact these companies himself? because you are not the person that needs to be contacting the phone company with inquires, and they will not provide you with any information or details... your grandfather is the one who is going to have to call the phone company and inquire about this...

how do you know that there is a phone that is in his name using his social security number? something does not sound right here...

I need a new cell phone!?

ok my mom and dad bought me a cell phone 4 years ago(im 14 now) that i still have. i was really thankful and all, but it is one of those crappy kinds where you have to load a prepaid card and then you get a certain amount of minutes. anyway it isnt a razor, and thers a short antenna sticking out from the top. i cant even text! all my friends have upgraded to those newer cooler slimmer camera phones and such. i get good grades in school, im a good kid, and i never get in trouble! i dotn want to hurt my parants feelings and say "THE PHONE YOU BOUGHT ME SUCKS! GET ME A NEW ONE!" so what should i do?

I need the telephone number for the yahoo to help me with my email.?

contact yahoo

The email address for Yahoo! Customer Care is:

Yahoo! US contact information is:
Customer Support:
(408) 349-3300
(866) 562-7219

send email to customer care
choose Original Yahoo! Mail
then this option is near the bottom of page of that page

Short answer: Yes.The telephone number is a resource that is stored in an Inventory. This will be a part of OSS - Operational Support System.Your line is provisioned with a Telephone Number (TN) and an Equipment Number (EN). The Telephone Number is used to help others to connect to you. They will dial your number. The Equipment Number is a software termination at the Telephone Exchange. In software you will have a mapping of DN to EN.Without a define Telephone Number that is configured for your line you will not be able to make or to receive calls.

Need Yahoo phone number?

Yahoo! Customer Service
in the usa
call yahoo
1 877 469 7847
1 866-562-7219
Direct Number: 1-408-349-1572
Fax # should be (408) 349-3301
The E-Mail address for Yahoo! customer care is com
yahoo philippines contact info
UK Customer Care

I need to bury a phone wire it needs to be 1000ft long so my question is. What kind of wire 2 use?

okay, high voltage lines are 36 to 48" deep depending on water line (usually close between 32 and 36) low voltage data like phone lines are normally 18 to 24" deep below grade. Important thing is that you are at least 12 inches away from any other sources of electricity in the ground.
You need a direct burial phone line (2 or 4 conductor depending on if you need 1 or 2 phone lines)

Because of the distance, you will want a heavier gauge wire to reduce the resistance on the line or voltage drop will make the wire useless.

You need to use shielded, twisted pair, direct burial phone wire. 18 gauge is typical, but if I were you I would go for bigger, like 16 or 14 gauge since it's so far from the pole. It might be in your best interests to contact the phone company and ask for technical support to inform you of the best cable and size to use for the run and where you can purchase it from.

The point is, you can get away with using nearly any form of wire, especially if you put it in conduit (gray PVC 1") but you really need that twisting and shielding to keep interference out. You might think the property is isolated but interference comes from radio waves that are in the sky and hit the ground everywhere. Even at 4 feet deep, you're still susceptible to interference on the line and the phone company won't be held responsible, nor be able to resolve it.

Why don't you just repair the damaged line? How badly is it chewed up? There are plenty of direct burial splice kits for low voltage lines. If it came down to it, you could splice a piece in, to replace a bad section.
At any rate it should be less work and cost. You can just identify the wire and use it as a reference for what to buy. It should be imprinted with the type and size.

Make sure that if you use a splice kit, that it contains anti-oxidant gel in the splices, if not, purchase some NoAlox and coat the copper conductors good before inserting into the splice blocks (or fill the block)

Most splice kits use silicone to seal up the connection from moisture, but you still want to ensure good solid conduction through the splice and that anti-oxidant gel helps achieve that.

I need a new good texting phone

i have the walkman slider phone, and i've had it for like about 5 or 6 months, but the buttons are cracked.

the numbers 1 2 3 6 7 and 9 are cracked because of my texting. i have AT&T, and i need a new phone thats good for texting alot. what are some phones from AT&T that are under $200 and that are good for texting?

Ellen Degeneres ShowMedia Contacts List ✔️(818) 954-5000 or (818) 954–6000Though they say writing is the best way to actually be listened to.

+1 before phone numbers?

Does a person add +1 to the number when the number is OUT of the USA and the person dialing is IN the USA.
Or does a person add +1 to the number when the person DIALING is OUT of the USA and the number they are trying to reach is IN the USA?

If the answer is the first one, then what would I dial if I were calling the US from another country?

I've read all the wikipedia stuff. Just need the answer to above, no additional details on area-codes, access codes, etc.