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I Need To Ask A Big Question Topic How Do I Do That

I Need to ask questions about clubpenguin?

please can you help here are some questions i need help with:

1]how many sled racing tracks are there?

2]What is the name of the big fish in Ice Fishing?

3]How do you get a Pin?
[do you go on top of it or click on it wat]

4]What day does the newspaper come out?

5]How does the Pink puffle play?

6]Which Game has a shark in it?

7]Which rooms dosent have a game in it?

8]What item is thrown out of the truck in level 4 of Bean Counters?

‘How many oranges are there?’a short (and insufficient) list of relevant topics requiring address in an adequate answer includes:Ontology - relationship of image to true formGroup theory - Holism vs ReductionismNumber theory - required for groupingInformation theory - required for validation of number theoryTaxonomy - required for linguistic definitions of OrangesBiology, Chemistry and Physics - required for description of components of OrangesVisual physiology - required to describe photoreception of imageNeuroscience - required to describe neurological processing of optical stimuliPerceptual psychology - required to describe mental processing of visual stimuliNeuropsychology - required to describe relationship of neurological processes to psychological processesTheory of Mind - required to animate neuropsychological modelsAesthetics - required to appreciate components of image in existential contextMagic - required to explain the ease with which a human mind separates the concepts of two unique specimens of a fruit represented by multiple species from an infinite number of hues forming the background of flat image and yet naturally associates two of those entities despite literally everything in the frame being accurately described by the term ‘Orange’.Self-reflection - required to understand the reason why some people are able to move on from questions like this one after the utterance of a one-word answer while others will instantly lose the capacity for restorative sleep.

You ask in bold letters.Jokes aside, these “big questions” are like any other question. They are a means to expand our curiosity, and we are all curious of different things.For some of us our big questions are where did the universe come from? or how does something come from nothing?For others it could be how will I afford food and rent this month? or what does my partner think of me?They are all valid questions, even if they seem to vary in degree or conceptual size. Clearly the universe is bigger than your partner, but it may not have the same impact or importance to you.I believe our biggest questions are those that poke the back of our brains, keep us up at night, and always remain unsatisfactory even after we believe we found an answer.Personally, I visualize all my interrelated questions as a series- a ladder, a chain etc., all sorted into different categories. And the category that usually overshadows the rest are questions about my existential nature.For example, I might ask myself:Who am I?Then I’ll follow it with more questions until it eventually narrows itself into a fitting conclusion:Am I a who are a what?A who is an identity; a what is an identification.My identity is a series of thoughts, images, and memories.Who is the one asking the questions? Where is it located?Is it the mind?No, the mind is something I’m aware of.Is it the body?No, the body is something I’m aware of.So, where is this awareness, and who/what’s aware?And this will keep going, and going.I will now leave you with my biggest questions- the ones that always rattle around in my head:Who am I?How do I stay virtuous?What is truth?Do I have a purpose? If so, what?I am going to die. What should I do before then?Is everything only a subjective experience? If so, how can I know (for certain) anyone else is outside me?What steps should I take to become a modern sage, if possible?Am I happy?Is everything I know to be true a manufactured belief system?What’s the point to living if we end up dying?What is our true essence? Is it even truth?What does it mean to be a man/human?And those are some of my favorite questions. I have my own answers for them, and if any of you would like to know what they are feel free to message me and we can discuss some philosophy.Until then….Peace.

Where is God?What happens after we die?Are there other planets like earth?Where is heaven? How do we enjoy there without a body?Where it all really started?Is time travel backwards possible?

What kind of questions do i need to ask when buying a home?

Sounds like you are getting some great advice on the quality of the home, neighborhood and school system. I would also urge you to take a drive by the neighborhood at different times a day and just observe.
In addition I would pay close attention to the type of home loan that you are getting. There is a lot of creative financing going on right now due to the high cost of housing (although I am not sure where you are located). Many of these risky loans are designed to get you in to the home, and are not necessarily in your best interest. Many are adjustable, or interest only, which will at some point cause your mortgage to rise substantially. Sometimes this rise will then make your mortgage no longer affordable. There are also loans were you choose the payment, most people go for the minimum of course each month, and not electing to pay more actually adds the difference to the principal of your loan causing you to loose equity, in some cases then the home is mortgaged for more than it is worth. Please pay close attention to this, and utilize your local agencies (HUD) for information regarding types of loans(again I don't know where you are located). Good Luck!

Not necessarily. For example one obvious question you can ask concerning the topic, even with null knowledge of that topic is, "what's (name of topic) about? or what do I need to know about (name of topic)?" But hey if you want to do deep questioning about the topic...I mean the kind of questions whose solution broadens the topic or the kind that commands heavy thinking...then be ready to do deep learning and research into the topic. If you know "nothing" about the topic, then the questions you'll raise about the topic will be somewhat trivial, irrelevant and too elementary.Qualities of intelligent questions are:Ability to broaden/enrich the specific field of study or add to general knowledge.Ability to excite with wonder and awe.Ability to clarify and incisively cut through matters.Ability to force serious reasoning and thinking.Ability to enlighten.Ability to show a profound grasp of a topic.Ability to excite interest in many.

Consider a sequence of concentric circles.If the important issue is about yourself {you as a person, with a body mind and heart] and it is an issue of health, or understanding or relationships, then it is the innermost circle, the central bull’s eye, as it were.Now we come to the second circle around that : and that is the human beings you ACTUALLY interact with: your family, your class fellows, colleagues, neighbours, shopkeepers, bank tellers…etc: those human beings who are in your network, whose actions can actually benefit (or harm) you.The third circle is around that: those human beings who are on the planet: all humanity, those whose actions do NOT impinge on you but could: government agencies, for example, or the media people, the TV newsbroadcasters, Governments of various countries who by their decisions could have an impact on your travel plans for example,…and so on.Around that draw another circle: which represents all living things, creatures, animals, birds, trees grasses…every possible form of life on the planet. Actions by human beings can help (or hurt!) all sorts of creatures seen and unseen.And lastly draw another circle: this is the planet itself, Earth, Mother Earth, the soil air and water, the breeze, the volcanoes, the tsunamis the earthquakes, mountains and rivers…am just bringing to mind all Nature and its immense and rich diversity and beauty.Now: think of your problem, or issue: and ask yourself: how does it cut through all FIVE circles?You now have a way of connecting the important issue to the BIG PICTURE.Hope this helps!