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I Need To Buy A New Laptop Which One

Should I buy a new laptop or repair the old one?

A new computer is the better option, take the hard drive from the old one and transfer the data over and it will be identical, the only issue with it is that you likely have windows 7 and they will likely put windows 8.1 on the computer this is not an issue as in a few months if you have windows 7 you can get a free upgrade to windows 10The reason i say you should get a new computer instead of repair, is that  if your motherboard has had issues it likely caused issues with other components in your computer, an example of this is the capacitors on your motherboard stop delivering the right amount of power to your component and end up delivering to much power to ... the a component, this can lower the lifespan of components so they might not be long for this world anyway.It's like when you buy a car and the repair costs out weigh the cost of buying a new one so you scrap it. Same principals as i can almost promise their will be other flaws with the laptop once you get a motherboard refitted, especially if it's 4 years old, now it might take a year to come happen but it will.So your best bet is to just buy a new one, when a motherboard goes wrong unless it's 100% clear exactly what the fault is to the motherboard and it's not related to delivering power to main components.  You should just replace the entire thing the expense isn't worth it in the long run.

Should I fix my laptop or just buy a new one?

I bought my hp envy 3 years ago for about $700, maybe a little less because it was black friday. At one point the bottom casing of the laptop lost a screw on the top left side which made the bottom case separate from the keyboard portion of the laptop. With this it also led to the hinges of the laptop being broken or falling out which made the screen either flop all the way back or close all the way down. The only way to keep it in a standing position is if you held it. Eventually the bottom right side of the screen cracked which made the touch screen unusable. Due to the separation of the bottom case the right side also began to separate and moved the charging port so much to the point where my charger couldn’t plug in. I had to take out the charging port from the case in order to have my laptop charge. Recently though i guess some wires snapped of from the charging port which prevented me from using it anymore. Before that the laptop was running fine and played all the games I had on it at max settings. I want to know if it’s worth fixing it or if I should just get a new laptop. I also want to know about how much the cost of fixing the old one would be so I can invest that into maybe a new laptop buy. And lastly it would be great if you can tell me how much it would cost to just get the laptop charging again so I can move everything from that laptop to a new one if I were to buy one.

Should I buy a new laptop?

You are the only one that can decide this.Buy a new one if you crave it and have plenty of money.Buy a new one if you really need it and can gather the money.Try to change the battery if that is the only barrier.Consider upgrading to a more powerful pre-owned one if it could increase the efficiency of your studies.Consider alternatives like building or buying a cheap desktop for when you are not on the road if you could put your needs mostly in one place.If none of these work, keep using your current setup. Possibly switch to a more lean operating system setup?

Should i repair my laptop or buy a new one?

My laptop's board is broken (that's what the guy told me) and he said it costs a lot to fix it but didn't say how much. Is it really thst expensive? So should i just fix it or it isn't worth it so i should just buy a new one?

Buying a new laptop today?

If I were you, I'd know exactly what I needed/wanted in a laptop before you go shopping! The salesperson will ask you what you need, and if you have no idea, they'll try to sell you the most expensive computer they can. Know what you'll be doing with the computer. What types of school courses will you be taking? Do you want this computer to last you for your high school years only, or do you expect to be able to use it in your college years? Buying brands or trying to decide between a Mac or PC should be decided before you head to the stores. You should have already been looking online to get an idea of what your needs will be. The newest Windows version, 10 will be out in September of this year, and you will be able to upgrade free from either Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 ( up to a year after 10 is released ). If you don't make the right choice and the computer you chose isn't what you need, you'll lose about 50% of the value if you sell it and buy a different computer. At your age, you should probably be looking for a computer to just get you through high school. That will give you plenty of time to choose the type of career you wish to follow in college. Depending on your career path, the choices of computers for college may vary greatly, from a Mac for videography to a high end PC for science or math. Maybe you should do some further studies before you make your decision. Good luck!

Should I buy a new laptop or upgrade the old one?

I buy refurbished notebook PCs on eBay for $200 to $300 from reputable sellers. A PC will last for many years if you keep it cool, clean the fan and vents, and don’t drop it or abuse it.Consider the cost versus benefits.Replacing a hard disk drive with an SSD is a big performance boost at a low price.Adding more RAM also helps if you are frequently near maximum memory use.A faster CPU doesn’t make much difference for most users other than bragging rights. Can be useful for heavy computing workloads.I recently bought a newer model refurbished notebook PC to upgrade from a 6-year old PC, USB 2.0 to 3.0 ports for faster backups, larger memory from 4 GB (maxed out) to 8 GB (expandable to 16 GB), faster CPU from 2.1 GHz Core 2 duo to 2.5 GHz turbo i5 4th generation, and newer operating system from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.I bought an HP ProBook 650 with 15.6″ display for $250, new price was $1,000. It was still under extended warranty and included MS Office Pro for free. It came with a 500 GB HDD that I will replace with Samsung 256 GB SSD.

Is buying a refurbished laptop better than buying a new one?

The repair technician was probably correct about your old laptop. He actually did you a favor by telling you not to put more money in a laptop that was not worth the cost. If the refurbished laptop is a brand you're familiar with and has a good guarantee/warranty ( one year ), then decide if the difference in price versus a "new" laptop will save you the money you want. Computers refurbished by a manufacturer usually have the original one year warranty like a new computer would have.

I want to buy a new laptop/computer?

Nowadays, there are wide range of good laptops available in the market. As for brands, I have similar feelings: they're all pretty good whether it is Dell, Hp, Lenovo or Samsung etc. Each Laptop brand has its own pros and cons.The Laptop you want to buy will also depend upon the usage you have. Many people use laptop just for web surfing, social media, email, games and simple task on MS-office. So, you can save your money by buying a laptop having relatively light specification.If you want to make comparison of prices then go to sites like compareraja or 91mobiles, on these website you will get a smart comparison of cost of several Laptops from particular companies. But the only problem nowadays is that the Laptop’s price have been hiked, that makes them difficult for a person to buy easily. A simple Laptop with normal configuration costs too high. Hence, it slips out of budget.Still you need not to worry, because last month i found a website that provides easy emi, named as bajajfinserv that allows a person to buy Laptop on EMI with no interest rate. Amazing na!I also bought a new laptop with the help of bajajfinserv.