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I Need To Remember An Old School Gag Show About Children Can You Help Me Remember It

Anyone else's child afraid of bandaids and taking medicine?

My 3 year old does okay with medicine, but up until about a month ago, she too was TERRIFIED of band-aids. She would rather walk around with her skinned knee bleeding than let me put a bandaid on it. Finally, I found the NexCare brand waterproof bandaids that have princesses on them and I gave them to her and told her they were stickers. I let her play with a whole box of them and we put them all over her (mostly on her shirt :). The last time she got a boo boo, I told her that I was putting "magic princess lotion" on her "sticker" and that it would make her boo boo go away and she totally believed me. She was so excited to get to wear a "sticker" on her scrape and she was totally convinced that her boo boo was gone the instant I put the neosporin on.

Kids are so funny :) Have you tried all of the other flavors of liquid medicine? I know Tylenol comes in both cherry and grape. You could also try mixing it in to her favorite drink, or a small cup of applesauce.

Good luck!!

Were you ever marched into the bathroom or bedroom to be spanked or have soap put into your mouth?

Spanked, YES

Mouth washed out, NO

Alrighty i need to know the rest of this little kid rhyme thingy?

down by the riverside a hanky panky where the bullfrogs jump from bank to bank saying a-e-i-o-u bamboo!

johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on you. ma told pa, pa told ma, johnny got a whippin so ha, ha, ha!

it hurt so bad, he reached the sky and it didn't come back until the fourth of july. saying a-e-i-o-u bamboo!

Do you say "excuse me" or "bless me" when you sneeze?

I expect people to say "Bless You," and if nobody does, I look around and glare and say "Bless Me,"

BQ- I have NEVER in the 2 years of my daughter's life noticed her sneezing. She does know to cover her mouth when she coughs though!

Help With 5 Year Old Throwing Up For Attention?

I have a five (almost six) year old who is throwing up for what I now believe is attention. Granted, she has been going through a hard time. She had to deal with parental seperation about a year ago and that is still an issue. She also has a lot of food allergies and before we figured out what they were, she was vomitting constantly. Now, she is eating a diet that she has been eating for quite some time and which is perfectly fine for her so there is no need to throw up. She is going through a HIGHLY manipulative stage which is very difficult to deal with and seems to be throwing up around the times (not on cue) but near the times when she is told to do something that she doesn't want to do or when she doesn't want a parent to leave, etc. I have seen her gag but am a little torn on how to handle this because if there is some chance that it is not on purpose I don't want to treat her badly for being sick but I think there is very little chances of anything else. Last night she threw up when I told her it was bedtime. She wasn't sick before or after but seemed to want me to let her stay up because she was sick. I told her that I wasn't born yesterday and that I know what she is doing and if she continues to do it her teeth will get holes. I think she was a little scared by that but I am feeling like I really did the wrong thing. Is this common in kids and how do you deal with it properly?

How do I stay strong for my child who has cancer?

My heart goes out to both you and Alexis... I don't know what hospital she's getting treated at but most large centers have Child Life specialists who can help both parents, her and her sister deal with this.

I don't have children but I've dealt with a lot of people with cancer and i think its ok to let her see you cry because then it tells her that its ok for her to cry. Tell her its because seeing her sad and sick makes you sad and that its ok for her to feel hurt or sad.
And don't forget to celebrate each may become hard for you when you see her suffer with chemo but celebrate the small things and make everything an occasion

I'm attaching some helpful websites that may offer you support groups

My prayers are with you and Alexis

My 15-year-old daughter still sleeps with stuffed animals. Is this normal?

When I was roughly 13-14 years old, my school had a lock in. It was basically a sleepover with my middle school class sleeping in the school chapel. I set up my mat next to my friend and proceeded to set up my few possesions: a water bottle, book, and my stuffed purple cow. I'd had that purple cow as long as I could remember, and had assigned it the male gender and the name “Moo” (very original, I know). A part of me was worried that bringing him would seem weird, but I needed the moral support (although it didn't help and I ended up having my parents pick me up and cried all the way home. All those kids in a small space was very overwhelming). A few people commented on it, mostly surprised, and perhaps a bit judgy, but I barely remember that. What I do remember is the friend who'd set up next to me was very pleased I'd brought Moo along because she had brought along her stuffed dolphin (she was 15 at the time). She'd had similar reservations, but had also decided to bring the toy along. Maybe it was weird, but since we’d both done it we felt reassured about our decision. I think we probably pre-planned the decision with each other so we wouldn't feel as weird.Now, at age 17, the only reason I don't sleep with a stuffed toy is because I keep knocking them off the bed in my sleep, and they don't deserve that, plus they get covered in dust and I have to clean them off. They're still close by on my shelf though.I also remember my highschool Public Speaking teacher telling us that we should practice in front of our stuffed toys to help us get more comfortable giving our speech to a crowd. I found it interesting that she assumed a bunch of highschoolers would have stuffed toys and that the toys would feel sentient enough in their minds that it would feel like talking to a familiar crowd. A couple kids said it sounded like an ok idea, so it appears she wasn't wrong.Moral of the story: a 15-year-old sleeping with a stuffed toy is not exactly common, but not weird either. If it makes her happy, let her be.

My 10 yr old won't eat dinner? Any advice?

You need to stop giving into her demands. She should not be dictating what is served for breakfast lunch or dinner. You need to put your foot down and stop letting her get away with this unacceptable behavior.

The first step is to offer her what you want her to eat for breakfast(no more, only the one cereal she will eat). Put her breakfast on the table, if she chooses not to eat then throw it out and that is it until a snack(small and healthy snack of your choosing), same thing for lunch and dinner. If she chooses not to eat what you provide then she can wait until the next meal. You need to remember that you are not keeping her from eating, she is choosing to not eat by refusing the food.

You need to ignore the gagging and crying. If she begins crying and gagging(which sounds as if it is used to make you feel bad and give in), simply tell her that her action are telling you that she is done and then throw the food away, again she waits until the next meal. This may be hard for you, but it is her choice not to eat and I am going to bet that the first day she will refuse and wait for you to give in to her demanding. It is up to you to show her that you are not going to be manipulated by her behavior anymore and you are sticking to your guns. I guarantee you by the second day she will eat what is given to her, she may not enjoy it like she does fast food or pizza, but she will eat it. She may choose to cry, etc but as soon as that happens her meal is over and she should leave the table(it is her choice to cry and have a tantrum, not yours). Making her leave will show her that crying will not get her different food and only cause her to leave the table.

You need to be consistent and not give in. Even giving in once will show her that if she cries, gags and demands long enough she will get what she wants. Also remember that you are not the one stopping her from eating, she is making a choice to not eat.