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I Put An Apartment In My Name Now The Person Left Town Without Paying

Can a landlord move my things without my consent?

Not while you are living there and paying rent, but if you are not paying rent and are in default, then per your lease or laws and ways or your local jurisdiction, at some point the place is back in the Landlord’s possession. If your stuff is still there it will either be moved and stored for a while, thrown out, or become the Landlord’s property.You might not be actively consenting to this at the time, but in fact you did consent to this when you signed the lease in this town and then chose not to pay rent or remove your belongings.(And if the first part of the first sentence above applies to you then the rest of this is not actually for you, just for tenants in general.)

Utility bill in deceased persons name who's responsible for payment?

my sister and I are deceased persons relative and house was in our name since 2001 but i did tell them aunt was dead and because of balance they wouldn't switch account. but they left it on until bill was $8,000.00. now they want us to pay balance.we didnt purposely try to defraud we are just poor and need utility for kids

How long does it take to get evicted after not paying rent for an apartment?

There was a recent question where a tenant had not paid rent for two years, another where rent went unpaid for four months - and that is just until the landlord woke up to get the eviction started. Some landlords are more proactive and aggressive to evict, starting the steps toward eviction as soon as the rent is considered late.Here are some example of landlords delaying.Steve Babiak's answer to How do I do an eviction now that it has been over two years since I’ve seen the tenant or payment in Atlanta, GA?Steve Babiak's answer to Tenant called me jerk when I asked her to pay rent. She did not pay for 4 months now. I do not want her to be upset enough to damage my house, so what should I do?Steve Babiak's answer to Tenant lost his job and got no assests. How will I recover unpaid 3 month rent and legal fees?So, we can't give an accurate answer simply due to any delay by the landlord.Then there is the matter of the law in that jurisdiction. There are certain preliminary steps that are required by law, such as furnishing a "notice to quit", and those have some built in (by law or the lease) time periods before the eviction action can be filed with the courts. And then the court has to schedule the matter. And even if the landlord wins a judgment for possession, the tenant might still have an opportunity to appeal that decision and just might do so.Of course, there is a minimum timeline that you can calculate by looking at all of the timings involved and using the smallest - but even that can vary by jurisdiction. For example, an eviction in a big city could take weeks or even months to get on the court schedule, whereas in a smaller town it could happen in short order.

My tenants destroyed my house and left the country, now I have no way of contacting them, am I basically screwed?

Well, the short and plain answer is yes, you probably are. Even if they did not flee the country it would still be a struggle to recoup your losses from them. Yes, you can go to court and get a default judgement against them. However, all that does is grant you legal recourse to collect via garnishments, but it does not mean that you will ever collect. A judgement also means that if the former tenant attempts to buy a house then your judgment must be satisfied before they can obtain a loan, but that is not common. There are services which allow you to report their damages to all three credit bureaus, making it difficult for them to obtain housing in the future until the damages are paid off. But again, that does not mean they will ever pay you. Hiring a detective or sleuthing them on social media, as others have suggested, would be both a waste of money and time. Even if you do connect with them, they still ain’t going to pay you.I wish I could give you better news. I was in the property management business for 10 years and trust me I’ve seen it all. Lowlife tenants who destroy properties and then walk away knowing they cannot be touched because, usually, they can’t. It’s a civil matter, not criminal. If they can’t pay, if they are unemployed, if they won’t pay, unfortunately the law provides few options for you as the owner to be made whole. Further, attempts to collect within the law always cost money, usually it’s just throwing good money after bad. All I can suggest is you let this go, take the loss, learn the lesson, then take steps to prevent it from happening again. Accept only highly qualified tenants and conduct periodic inspections of the property, you have ever right to do that with ample notice.Long and short of it is renting property is always a gamble, it’s part of being an investor. It’s very sad that there are those who have no conscious, no responsibility, and no problem screwing someone out of thousands. And I don’t want this answer to sound entirely cynical, certainly most people have a code of decency and will do the right thing. But ultimately, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to these situations, when you encounter those who do not. But from my experience, I don’t think it likely you’ll get them to pay. I can only hope it never happens again to you. Best of luck going forward. .

How is certified mail delivered to an apartment?

I live in a secured apartment. The mailman buzzes the door and if no one answers, he leaves a notice in the mailbox which gives me the standard options of picking it up at the PO or requesting re-delivery. Over the next few days, he will usually attempt delivery once or twice more (and leave new notices) if it remains unclaimed.

If the mailman is doing his job, the notice he leaves should have the sender's (your) name listed on it. If the recipient does not want your mail, he/she has no legal obligation that I am aware of (even if the mailman is standing at the person's door looking right at them) to accept it. You will eventually receive it back if they don't claim it.

If you look up the tracking information on the USPS web site, I am pretty sure it will note that delivery was attempted. Depending on what you're trying to send, that may be all the proof you need. If you're suing someone, you may have to take the next step and pay the court to have a sheriff formally deliver the notice (he won't give up so easily).

Good luck.

Since left TCS after two months there as a fresher, and I received a bill regarding final settlement charging me for the bond amount of 48,000, so should I pay it?

You don't need to pay anything.Just because an agreement is notarized with a stamp paper attached, doesn't mean that it is defensible in court. In layman's terms, the stamp paper merely says that an agreement did take place. But if TCS were to take you to court for breaking it, the court will rule that this agreement is unconstitutional because it is in violation of your rights. Courts have already made this ruling before in the past, so a legal precedent is already set. The case would not last long.This is similar to how a law can be passed in the parliament but later if a petitioner challenges it in court, and the law is found to be in violation or in contradiction of other legal tenets, then the court can strike it down.TCS knows well that these agreements cannot be defended in the court. They are never going to take you to court, because they already know they'll lose. But making an agreement is not illegal, so they do it anyway. Simply because it scares and discourages less-informed employees from leaving before 2 years.What the government needs to do it make this agreement bullshit illegal and make people more aware about this widespread scam.I left my first company without paying my bond. In fact, I challenged them to sue me. Ofc, they didn't. At my next job when they wanted me to sign a bond, I told them, "You know as well as me, that these bonds don't hold in court". You should've seen the look on that HR person's face. But that wasn't a win for me... They reduced my monthly salary and told me that I would be paid 2 lacs together after 1 year, thus ensuring that I would have to stay for a year if I want my money. In fact, this is what most companies do now. TCS can't because they don't want to pay so much in the first place, which is why they resort to these empty legal threats.