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I Put Redbull In My Coffee This Morning

How much worse is drinking Red Bull than drinking coffee?

Both coffee and Red Bull contain caffeine. It gives you a short-term boost, which typically is followed by a crash. Red Bull also contains sugar, which will give you more of a short-term boost but also more of a crash later, at which point the makers of Red Bull would like you to self-medicate with another.  Of course, you can add sugar to coffee or imbibe coffee drinks which have the same effect. Red Bull also contains the amino acid taurine, which has a longer action than either caffeine or sugar, and a more specific action on the heart. You'll have a stronger heartbeat (not necessarily faster) and higher blood pressure for up to 24 hours after drinking a single Red Bull. If you have high blood pressure, that's not a good thing.

Can I drink red bull in the morning?

I'm writing this assuming you are in high school: Yes, absolutely. I drink sugar-free Red Bull or take a 5 hr energy instead of coffee in the morning. Works almost exactly the same way, 5 hr actually is better than both because it really doesn't make you crash about two hours later. Honestly, school is really important, being awake and alert enough to learn is more important than whatever bull they try to feed you about caffeine being bad for your body. As long as you are not drinking copious amounts of it, you will be fine. However, you should stop drinking coffee on the way home, it may be interfering with your ability to go to sleep which may also be why you are so tired in the morning.

If you are not in high school: Stop drinking caffeine, the more you drink it, the more your tolerance will grow. You want to save it up for HS, College and beyond when you REALLY need that extra help.

I put redbull in my coffee and im seeing sounds!!?

No you aren't. Quit making things up for attention -- caffeine will not make you hallucinate. It will, however, make you sick. Take some psychedelics if you genuinely want to experience synesthesia.

michaelm -- why are you just "guessing" that Red Bull contains alcohol? Know what you're talking about or say nothing at all. It has no alcohol and even if it did, it would not cause synesthesia.

Is having sugar-free redbull every morning bad?

While Sugar-free red bull contains seemingly innocuous ingredients, the health issues arise in four key waysMetabolic dysfunction: Some studies indicate (the fact that they exist should make one cautious) that artificial sweeteners like Aspartame cause metabolic dysfunction (your body stores more fat in this case). This occurs as the bacterial populations in your gut change so that the bacteria that help you store fat grow out of proportion.Conditioning and Weakening of Free-Will: You are training your mind and body to become dependent on Red-Bull for energy. The intense sweetness of Artificial Sweeteners retrains your taste buds to need sweeter foods and not enjoy natural fruits and vegetables as much. This makes it harder for one to CHOOSE healthier choices. By quitting red bull, you empower yourself to make other healthier eating choices. I have seen many working men place much faith in energy drinks as opposed to eating healthy, exercising, or meditating.Cognitive decline: Aside from many anecdotal reports, Aspartame has been linked to chronic inflammation, neurological inflammation, and the induction of mental disorders (mood swings, manic episodes, etc)Modulation of intestinal flora: Intestinal flora refers to the trillions of bacteria and fungi that populate what is referred to as our microbiome. Most if not all artificial sweeteners have a negative impact on the ratios of bacteria living in our intestines. In many cases, this leads to improper metabolization of key nutrients that normally are produced and absorbed by these bacteria when they exist in the proper proportions.Although studies on Acesulfame K (the second artificial sweetener in sugar-free redbull) in humans are limited, there is certainly enough data to suggest toxicity in humans to the point where avoiding it would be wise. If you want more energy, eat healthier at all costs. Satan is always on the prowl to keep us addicted to this garbage we’re surrounded by every single day. It’s 2018 and eating or purchasing anything without having a modicum of knowledge about the ingredients is foolhardy. I use the term foolhardy because people obstinately (myself included) indulge in toxic foods even after the knowledge of its toxicity comes to them. Pray, meditate, do a random act of kindness. It’ll pay off.

Why does Redbull put me in a good mood?

I don't usually drink caffeine. I hate coffee so I don't live at starbocks like many of my peers do BUT I will have redbull when I'm cramming or something. I hate the taste but one can will put me in a pretty good mood. Why is that?

Whats better Coffee or Red Bull ?

Coffee seems to be better for you. Coffee being "natural" is meaningless (cyanide is natural too) but coffee does have a long history of use as a beverage without seriously harming its drinkers. Coffee has no sugar, no added taurine, and none of the other ingredients that make Red Bull dangerous by exacerbating its effects on the bloodstream. I find it quite effective as an energy drink, generally too effective (it's easy to miss "energized" and proceed to "jittery").

The only downsides to coffee are that it tastes good and is easily turned into a sweet, high-calorie drink. Both encourage drinking too much (doctors recommend under 3 cups a day). I have never been tempted to drink too much Red Bull; in fact the can I bought ended up half full in a trash can.

Does coffee or Red Bull really help keep you awake?

Yes, they do. I do not want to speak for anyone else, but they both work for me.

What happens if you take nicotine (Cigarette) and caffeine (coke, red bull) simultaneously?

I was born into a house filled with second hand smoke. My mother smoked when she was pregnant and drank coffee. Both my parents were chain smokers. They didn't stop even for meals. I can still remember seeing cigarette butts floating in the dishwater.I grew up also drinking coffee. By 10 years old I was drinking black coffee. By twelve , my breakfast was black coffee and a cigarette that I smoked in my bedroom. This was not a great start to life. As a child I used to pass out and couldn't get my breath. I went to the doctor. As he blew smoke into my face he told my parents not to worry because I eventually become conscious without having a seizure. This was great news.How did this affect me? I've been clinically depressed since I was 17. I was constantly neurotic and jittery as a child into my 20s. I haven't smoked for 40 years but I still crave nicotine. It totally messed up my brain and body. X-rays show I have holes in my lungs. PLEASE DON'T SMOKE!

I feel sleepy after drinking Red Bull. What is wrong with me?

It's Red Bull, not methamphetamine.  Red Bull contains around 80mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of a cup of coffee.  If you're the kind of person who drinks coffee during the day then you probably already have some caffeine tolerance(caffeine tolerance develops very quickly) thus one can of Red Bull or One cup of coffee might not be enough to keep you awake if you're already tired.  They advertise it as if it's a strong drink that  make you focus and gives you wings because saying "Pay $5 for the same amount of caffeine you'd get in a homemade coffee" wouldn't really help selling their product.Source: I really like coffee, as a drink, so I drink it regularly and have developed a tolerance, because of that I can even drink a cup of coffee a few minutes before going to bed without a problem.