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I Really Wanna Be In My Right Grade

How can i get to my right grade?

Hey i want to get back to my right grade. i failed 3rd grade in 2009 i was 9 years old i am now 14 going to 8th grade when i am really supposed to be going to 9th i really want to get back in my correct grade ill be 15 in 8th grade in 4 months ): i live in Virginia beach,Va help me please!? ): i can't suffer any loner ....

How do I get put in my right grade ?

I've been held back 2 times , I failed the third grade because my teachers didn't let me know I had summer school & I didn't go . & I failed 6th grade . but this year , im 16 & im going to the 9th grade . I supposed to be going to the 11th grade now . I want to be in my right grade & I don't wanna graduate when I'm 19 ? .

My grade in % if i got 46 out of 55 questions right?


Im in grade 8 and i weight almost 250 pounds and i REALLY want to lose weight before grad. please help!?

OMG! I almost have the same issue as you. i just recently turned 13 and i am in th 8th grade. OCTOBER BABY! i, myself need to lose weight, about 20-30 pounds. i weigh about 100 pounds, but i am short. that's why i need to be at least 70 pounds. so people have told me because i have asked a question just like yours on here so here's are some good answers:
I know how you feel. And here are my tips. Being 13 I know what helps, cause different things help for different ages.
Since you havent hit puberty yet, your motabolism should still be pretty fast. Which means NO DIETS!!! And theres a difference between eating healthy and dieting. When dieting you usualy lower your calories. In this case dont. You should be having somewhere around 2500 calories a day.
RUNNING HELPS SOOO MUCH! Just get on a tredmil for 30 minutes a day. Drink lots and lots and lots of water, and awkwardly yes you should pee about every 1-2 hours cause that helps loose water weight. eating slower also helps too. Not alot of starches like potatos and noodles and stuff. THat goes straight into thighs and stomach.
Also crunches help alot, so do sissors, tummy tucks, jumping jacks and riding bikes, and so does swimming.
^ DO these. And i will say as you do this, your weight may go up but your size will go down. THis is because these exersises not only help loose the weight but they also tone you up alittle, and muscle ways 5-10x more than fat so dont freak out if you see the weight go up alittle lol
hope this helped!

How Can I Get Back To My Right School Class Grade?

Go to your Guidance Counselor and ask if there are any available opportunities to take high school coursework online. Once you get into high school, consider taking more online courses, especially in the summer, after school and even during school hours. It will be difficult, but if you are determined, you can be in college in two to three years. But remember, once you are in high school you can socialize with your peers and take much of your course work with them, even if technically you are not in their grade.

I want to have sex with her (Grade 9)?

I'm new to this whole dating thing and I need some advice. Okay, so there's this really cute girl I really like in my math class and I want to be her boyfriend, but there are these really cool guys in grade 9 and they have sex about five times a day, they say that girls love it when boys show them their penis.

So today, in my math class, I stole a seat next to her and literally stared at her boobs for five minutes straight. I became erect and pulled my penis out through the zipper of my pants. Right as I was about to tap her on the shoulder with my penis, so she could see my it, this other girl that is ugly screamed "oh my god!", screaming and pointing at my penis.

I stood up to tell her to shut up and go away, but my penis was still pointing out of my pants. All the class noticed and was staring at it. I didn't want them to see my penis because it meant I would have to have sex with everybody in the room. I did not want to be forced to have sex with them. I tried to make things right by swooping over to the girl that I like and bringing my penis up to her face. Doing so made it clear that I wanted her to see my penis. I did not want the class to see it!

As she was doing her work with her ear-buds on, my penis got too close to her face because my shaft touched the size of her cheek. Obviously, she screamed and tried to stab me with her pen. Luckily she missed me and the pen slipped out her hands and hit my stupid teacher in the face! It felt really good. At that moment, some weird, clear, white goo shot out from my penis and it got all over her sweater. She screamed and ran out of the room crying. My stupid teacher was jealous because I was showing my crush my penis and not her so, I got sent to the office.

My zipper broke during all of this and I couldn't zip my zipper back up. I had to leave my penis hanging out there for a while longer, but then class ended and everybody left through the hallway. Everybody saw my penis while it was erect, and now I have to have sex with the entire school. Everyone laughed when the teacher covered up my penis with her two hands and I liked it. A really cool kid in grade 9 yelled "BALLZ TO YOU!" I was happy.

Here are my questions: why are ugly girls so nosy? Why did the girl I like run away? Is my penis too small? Is my teacher a pedophile?

I want to skip 9th grade please help me?

i want to skip a grade i really feel that i could handle it i am really smart and don't feel that challenged right now and i don't mean skip the grade i am in right now i mean skip 9th grade for this up coming year and go straight into 10th. ok so my grades are 91-language arts,95-social studies,96-pre-algbera,98-science also i did stay back a grade in first because i had problems reading it had to do with NOTHING else besides the fact i could not read back then but now i can i can read college level books now and love to read. even if i did skip a grade i would be skipping to the grade i am supposed to be in. ok so i live in Connecticut what steps would i have to take in order to skip a grade would i have to take tests? would my mother just have to request it? what would have to happen?