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I Scare Myself What Is Wrong With Me

Please, please, please help: I'm so scared of myself?

Alright, this has started fairly recently, and is getting worse. I am scared of myself. I don't trust myself and feel scared of losing control of my own body. I feel like there is something inside of me in my mind which wants to hurt/scare me, and it is me, but it's a part of me I don't have access to.

A few months ago, or longer I guess, I started getting scared of my reflection a bit. Like when I looked in the mirror I would stare and by scared of what my reflection would do. I would pull scary faces for some reason and get a bit freaked out and have to control myself. Then one time, I was looking in the mirror, not wanting to do a scary face, and then I just did one for no reason. It made me scream and was really terrifying for some reason. I can't look at my reflection at night time. I'm always terrified I am going to as there is a part of me that really wants to and I have to try really hard to resist.

I'm scared of my own body. It's horrible I feel so trapped. I feel like I have to try really hard to resist and keep control of my hands otherwise I will strangle myself or cut myself with my fingernails or something. Often if I'm resting a hand on my arm it feels foreign and frightening. I have to make a huge effort to control all my body. Sometimes I will start to pinch myself then get terrified and have to stop myself. I hate being around knives.

Ever since I was little I've had trouble controlling my thoughts at times. I'm 15 now. It was nothing bad but I remember I used to get an image of two rubber gloves tied together and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't mentally make it happen- they kept snapping back together. It was my own thought though, I should've been in control.

I often get a horrible feeling where I can't help but think about someone invading and hurting my vagina in an abusive way, and I can practically feel it, and even though it is my thought I can't make it go away.

I'm really scared please help me. I don't feel like a danger to anyone else just myself.

Could i scare myself into thinking i'm pregnant?

I've been having sore breasts and cramps sometimes but not too bad like i get while on my period. I realize that i never would have thought about the possibility of being pregnant until i thought of this time my boyfriend and i goofed around but did not ejaculate in me or around me.

The symptoms i havr do havr explanation, or so it seems, but whrn i look fot reasons for them i only see pregnancy symptoms which freaks me out even more.

1. Ive had these cramps before they start righy below my ribcage and then go down to my lower abdomen and stay there for about three minutes then go away. I have gasritis and i take pills that often result in these pains going away. Also, the pain is relieved when i go number 2

2. I've been drinking a lot more water than i ever did before, so i urinate more often than before.

3. My boyfriend went pretty rough on my breasts and nips last sunday i mean rough, and i figured that's why maybe they hurt. They don't hurt to touch or sleep on my stomach i just feel slight discomfort sometimes, mostly on the side near armpit.

4. I have irregular periods, as in i dony have them on the same day but usually if thr last one happened during the end of the month i expect one around the last week of this onr but nothing has happened. I've been stressing out a lot for this month

we might lose our house and have nowhere to live.
money for college and if i can afford to go to my dream school.
trying to keep my college alg/trig grade up to keep my parents happy.
tryig to get. job
and now worrying about if i could be with child,
I would want one evebtually in ife but not now!

Could i br scaring myself?!?!

What's wrong with me?!!!i touch myself too much?

For the past year i notice i scratch myself in my sleep it scare me because my hands always clean i do school work play with the dog, touch everything and do this stupid habit, can i catch anything? Am i putting myself in danger with the dog part i was scratching her head and body at that she took a shower a few days ago she's a house dog and how can i stop, i don't want to catch anything nothing:'( should i always shower right when it happens?

I'm scaring myself, please help?

Well I kinda feel physic because I like see things and it will eventually happen that day. But it's not like a frequent thing just every so often. I also see alot of black shadows and orbits. Last week I woke up to something touching my face and it was a women voice telling me to wake up all nice. But anyways reguarding my question I get this feeling I'm going to die soon, because somthing is telling me somthing is wrong with me, it's freaking me out. I scare myself and no one believes me, this all just started happening to me starting off from OCD when I was in 8th grade if I didn't do these routines I had then a voice in my head would say someone would die, well taking advice from others I quit the routines and a week later my uncle commited suicide. I feel it's my fault... I don't know what to do; no one believes me, I'm scaring myself! All these things sound crazy but I swear to god it all happened. What is wrong with me? :(

Thoughts of murder? I'm scaring myself?

I think there is something wrong with me.
I have periodic thoughts of murder. I'll begin to think about someone who annoys me, or makes me angry & I have vivid thoughts of killing them. I'll catch myself in the middle of these thoughts, & I'll get very scared & nervous, sometimes I'll feel like I'm about to throw up.. I have gotten professional help but he keeps telling me it's just pent up anger that I need to release. But he doesn't understand. The way he talks to me, drives me insane. Like I'm stupid or crazy. I'll tell him about my thoughts of suicide (which usually occur after the thoughts of killing people) & he just tells me I'm having these feelings from my recent tragedies. I'm beginning to think he isn't so 'professional' because he isn't helping me at all. He's making it worse.I have the thoughts of murdering towards my father the most. Because he makes me angry. Because he left. He's dead. over dosed on drugs, that bloody bastard. I think he's the reason for my problems. Along with all the other people who hurt me. I have thoughts of killing them all...
I'm really scared of myself. I don't know what to do. My mum won't help & Mr. Dean won't either. Please help me fight this.. what do I do?

I love my girlfriend so much, I scare myself?

Ok, I find it amazing how you're completely in love with your girlfriend. I wish all guys were like that. I know you're head-over-heels in love with your girlfriend and that you can't imagine life without her but remember that you also need to give her some space so she can have a life of her own as well. I'm sure she loves you just as much as you love her. Maybe because you want to spend every waking minute with her, that kinda freaks her out. Try giving her a little space like sacifice a weekend or something. Then when she realises that you're giving her space, she'll come to you. Never be too clingy. Girls hate that. In order to make a relationship work, things need to be even. If you feel like you're putting more effort into the relationship than she is, then that's not good. She needs to make an effort just as much. Also, don't be jealous when she talks to other guys. Show you trust her. If you can't trust her, that's not a good sign. Know in your heart that she loves you and only you. Also, be honest with your girlfriend. If you feel like she is doubting her feelings for you and you wish she could open up to you more, just tell her. There are some girls out there who have trouble expressing their emotions. Just reasurre her that she can tell you anything. Remember: trust, equality, and honesty are the three main elements in making a relationship work.

What’s wrong with me? I twitch and hurt myself when I get mad or upset. It kind of scares me at times.

You’re not alone doing this.The best thing you can learn to do is to recognize when you start getting mad or upset - and before you get there, you sit back and focus on something completely unrelated - this will help your brain to take a break from the maddening/saddening thoughts that would bring you to hurt yourself.I sometimes focus on a simple sound, or when I am walking, I think in my head like marching soldiers (left, left, left-right-left). Even a few seconds of this can help you not get too upset.Some other people also create mantras for themselves - take a card that you can put in your pocket, write a good quote, a poem, or some favorite bible quote (to each their own, eh), on it - and when you discover that you are on the way of getting upset, take that card and read it to yourself. Read it several times. Focus on it fully.That is also very similar to how Buddhist monks meditate - and they are emotionally disciplined because of it :) Even good ol science backs it up.Many people will become violent and aggressive when pushed to this state - in this case it is important to not get pushed into this state. Or even if you do, and you recognize yourself in it, remember your mantra, prayer, meditation, focus, or whichever you choose for yourself to anchor yourself into the calm :)

What is wrong with me, I'm so sad, scared, depressed, and hopeless?

Why are you sad, depressed or hopeless?Are you like this ?or may be like this?if “ NO” then you are the most happiest person.“ Are you able to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner”if “YES” then you are the most happiest and luckiest person on this entire earth.Don’t get sad by those small problems in your life like……my girlfriend left me what should i doi have no job i am hopelessi am not able to clear any exam etc etc etcthese things are parts and parcel of life . they will come and go.generally humans are sad when they do not not get what they there is nothing wrong with you friend. You are a the thing is how to make yourself happythings you should do are……………..WAKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING(before the Sun rises) and thank God for this new morning.2. Drink lots of water empty stomach and do some exercise3. Wish your parents and take their blessings.4 Make plans for the day5. And start working towards your goalAND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST DO “MEDITATION”it will give you positive energy and will increase your thinking power…..i also suggest you to watch a movie that is “pursuit of happyness” …after watching that movie you will not complain about your problems…i think i am able to answer..So be happy and always SMILE :)

I'm scared of everything!?!?

im afraid to go to sleep at night because im afraid of someone breaking in.
im afraid to walk anywhere outside by myself because of murderers
sometimes when im in the car, im afraid of someone shooting a gun through our window!
im afraid of watching the news because im scared of finding something else to be afraid of!
i freak out when my dad works a little bit later than usual because i think something happened to him. i only feel safe when im with my mom or dad because i know they love me like crazy and they would do anything to save or help me. i wouldnt be able to do anything if i didnt have them. which makes me cry because i know one day i wont have them. omg im starting to cry right now just thinking that i wont have them eventually.
i dont want to die, and i feel like everything that i do, there is a possible way to die
how do i get over this? im embarrassed to talk to ANYONE about this and it even took me courage to ask you guys in Y!A
i kind of want to get counseling or something but im too ashamed to tell anyone
what could be the problem? i know the problem is that im seriously afraid death and losing anyone close to me
is there a name for this?
is this a serious problem? (i dont really stand out at school or anything, but when im home all these crazy thoughts of me being killed somehow comes too me.)
what can i do about this!?
thanks for the help!