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I Shook Hands With Adolf Hitler And Joe Stalin Does That Make Me A Bad Person

The battle of stalingrad?

Try for all the information on who fought at Stanlingrad.

What does Stalin's daughter claim happened right before Stalin died?

According to Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin's daughter, "Father's death was slow and difficult.... His face became dark and different... his features were becoming unrecognizable…. The death agony was terrible. It choked him slowly as we watched… At the last moment he suddenly opened his eyes. It was a horrible look — either mad, or angry and full of fear of death.... Suddenly he raised his left hand and sort of either pointed up somewhere, or shook his finger at us all... The next moment his soul, after one last effort, broke away from his body."

Svetlana also wrote, "Beria was the first to run out into the corridor, and in the silence of the hall, where everybody was standing around quietly, came his loud voice ringing with open triumph: 'Khrustalev, the car!"