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I Smoke Marijuana. Does That Make Me A Shaman

Does smoking marijuana make you fat? Why or why not?

It can because it stimulates your appetite..Currently weed is legal in several states. Dispensaries carry a wide variety of weed each with different desired effects. It is likely that you will be able to find weed that is engineered to calm the muchies..Homegrown weed is also changing but you can't always be sure of what you get..The worst thing in the world is eating a ketchup sandwich.. but the strains of weed are getting specific everywhere..

Does smoking marijuana make you have more bowel movements?

You have to understand that marijuana has hundreds of different active chemicals in it and people can respond differently to these. There even different species, let alone strains of marijuana that can contain different chemicals in different amounts. That means no two people should be expected to experience the same side affects while smoking weed.

I have heard of people experiencing this before, though I would say, in my opinion based on my many years of study and experience with marijuana, that it is an uncommon side affect. Still though, it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. And having at least one good bowel movement a day is good for you.

Marijuana substitutes...?

there are plenty of legal smoking herbs available on the market that will help alleviate your friend's urge to smoke marijuana. in particular, i recommend the chill herbal smoking blend from the company sweet smoke herbs -- -- they also have a number of other blends you can try to find the right one.

another company, i am shaman (who I love and buy from weekly) -- -- sells herbal buds, such as a'hia, io dro, blueberry, stuff like that. they also sell chill (that's where i found out about it). all this stuff is totally legal and while they won't produce the same effects as marijuana, they provide a very pleasant smoking experience.

i hope this helps you out!!!

What does marijuana do to a schizophrenic?

So many doctors are nervous recommending medical marijuana for those suffering from schizophrenia, however new studies are coming out with its benefits for example (Cannabis and Schizophrenia: Trigger or Treatment?) I really recommend speaking to a doctor about this as a treatment option, we have one doctor on the platform that i work on that is comfortable discussing (Dr. Sugarman) check him out at Heally Marijuana Recommendation Cards — (i think that it depends on the other medication your taking also and its interactions)

Can marijuana help me lucid dream more often?

Not usually, it depends on the persons psyches and many more factors. Opium is far more likely to induce lucid dreams. There is a medication for both sleep and depression called Trazodone. It has remarkable success in the chemistry needed for lucid dreaming.

Can Marijuana make you closer to God?

As a Pagan, I've experienced easier access to higher dimensions when under the influence of natural consiousness- altering substances such as cannabis , Peyote, Salvia Divinorum, etc....seems that they help to remove conditioned inhibitions regarding society's belief systems, and therefore the users are more receptive to new or different feelings and ideas, and more easily perceive the unseen energies that constantly surround us. Ideally, this can be attained through meditation and other spiritual practices, but many people don't have the self-discipline, or the knowledge of these, therefore they require a little "chemical" assistance. For example, Native American shamans have been doing this for !000's of years.

Have you ever heard of an atheist smoking so much Marijuana he/she started believing in God again until they sobered up for a while?

Thanks for the A2A.   Since you're mainly going to get answers from people who have heard of what you're asking about, thereby giving you a biased answer, I just wanted to say for the record that I have not heard of that happening, no.That said, drug use has long been an important part of religion.  Places like Peru make quite a lot of money out of travellers going there to learn from Shamans, often involving all sorts of hallucinogens.  In India, marijuana is banned, but is allowed, and sold in government licensed shops, in certain holy cities, because of its history in Hindu rituals.We even have remnants of this in Christianity, not so much with the incense, but more with the ritual use of alcohol in the communion (alcohol is a drug).There are cargo cults in the South Pacific which started after people consumed lots of kava and supposedly had visions.   If you've seen the TV series "John Safran vs God" (I think some of it is on youtube) there's an episode there where he visits one of those churches that centres around payote use.This makes sense, because drugs induce in people a sense of spirituality, of connectedness to other people and to the universe as a whole.  Of course this doesn't mean anything is "real" beyond the phenomenon itself.  There have been experiments to stimulate the spiritual part of people's brains using electrodes, and my understanding is that how people interpreted this depended on their world-view.  Christians or Muslims felt a sense of communion with God, atheists felt a sense of connectedness with other people and wonder at the marvels of nature.  This is similar to near death experiences where Christians may see God or angels but non-religious people might just see a bright light.

How did humans find out that cannabis can be smoked to get high?

Once upon a time there was a band of cave dudes and dudettes just wandering around looking for stuff to eat (this was before convenience stores were invented). They decided to stop for the night beside a nice river because there were some tasty crawdads in the shallow water, easy to catch, you know.Well, after they ate their fill of the little crustaceans they settled down to rest. One of the cave dudes had eaten a bunch of habanero peppers that morning for breakfast and had a bit of an upset stomach. He got up and tiptoed away from the group (up wind - he was a bit of an ass and wanted to share with the rest) pulled down his loin cloth and deposited what was left of the peppers into a patch of some very nice plants with long, sticky buds hanging all around.Well, it turns out that the pepper poop wasn’t finished working. It laid there generating more and more heat until the patch of plants burst into flames. The slight breeze propelled the smoke toward and through the campsite and, before they could get good and awake, all the cave folks got a potent dose of the smoke. Instead of running away, screaming like little girls, which is usually what they did when they saw fire, they just sat there breathing deeply and smiling.One of the smarter cave dudes put 1 and 1 together and got 3 (arithmetic is hard when you’re stoned!). But he realized the value of what they had discovered so he invented rolling papers and plastic sandwich bags and got filthy rich selling the pot (that’s what they ended up calling it because that’s what Mr. Pepper Butt should have been sitting on instead of crapping in the weed (pun intended)). They already had on smelly clothes and their hair was long so this was the first generation of hippies.Now you know the rest of the story!