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I Still Dream Of A Man Who Left Me Crying For Months

I had a dream about my crush crying?

I had a crush on this boy for 4 months now. The dream was me in the hallway and I accidentally dropped papers and he came to pick them up for me and while we both was on the floor picking them up, he started crying. And I hugged him and had a couple of tears run down my face too. What does this mean?!
In the dream it was me, him, and my best friend. She is always helping me and giving me suggestions because she knows I like this kid a lot. I looked up some meanings and it said
"To see someone else crying in your dream, may be a projection of your own feelings onto someone else." So the feelings that I have are given upon to him? Is he feeling the same way that Im feeling about him?

I have dreams about my ex-boyfriend crying, what does it mean?

Dreaming of ex relationship could mean three things.

1. You are still missing him. However I don't think this is the case since you are into current relationship

2. You may be not content with your current relationship. Subconsciously you want to go back to your previous relationship, especially the happy moment. You projected your ex in your dream because you know happiness was there.

3. Revenge and show off. Either you want to have revenge about your current relationship. This happens only if you have some sort of argument with your current relationship. Otherwise, you may just want to show off subconsciously how popular and wanted you are. Dreaming of ex relationship in this case translate to be desire of recognition.

It has to be one of them, take your pick!

It has been six months and I still cry about my ex who dumped me for another man. Am I normal?

Yup totally fine & dandy.It may be 6 years and you'll still feel the sadness.Once a psychologist told me a really nice theory about relationships.We humans keep a circle of relationship where all of our relations exist. But one Sunny day a person breaks the circle and enters inside it. Now this is a special person very special person. This person makes you happy, sad, cry,laugh. You feel overwhelmed with all the joys of life. Suddenly your life feels complete with a purpose.Now comes the bitter part, this person decides to exit the circle. That is where all the problems start. Since the person is gone there is a hole left by the space they occupied.You feel all kinds of emotion again, but with a frown this time.So what do you do?You allow someone else to enter and take the place so beautiful to you, that at first you do not trust this person. You feels that this person will never be able to fill the gap. But slowly and steadily they grow on you, they not only fill the gap but now they have taken more space. This is where you get protective of this person.When the person leaves again you follow the same process. You keep doing it untill you are able to find the person who stays.Or sometimes you simply die with the hole.So move ahead and find yourself another person.Peace.

Why am I having dreams about my ex girlfriend?

I'm 19, my ex is 20. We dated for 6 months and she left me for another guy about 2 months ago. Anyway, I was doing pretty well getting over her. Then a week ago, she texted me and invited me to dinner to "catch up." I didn't go cuz I had plans, but we agreed to meet up when we both had time. She's still with her new boyfriend. Long story short, ever since she texted me, I've been having dreams about her, every single night. Some of them are memories, some of them seem like they're in the future (for example, her being my date to my cousin's wedding in a few months), sometimes it's us at dinner, but most of the time it's us having sex (one was an actual wet dream). Why am I having these dreams? Could the future ones actually indicate us being together in the future? What do you think?