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I Stopped Talking To All Of My Friends For My Girlfriend . Now I Want Them Back

Is it right for me to tell my girlfriend to stop talking to other guys?

Going anonymous on this one for obvious reasons.Back when my wife and I were first dating, she cheated on me. It was rough, we broke up, didn’t get back together for years.When we started fresh, I had one condition for the relationship - that she not have any communication with the guy she had slept with. If she wanted to be friends with him, she could not date me. She had apparently long since having stopped talking to this person, they never spoke since, we got back together, and we’re married now.I don’t do anything to enforce that rule - she hangs out with whoever she wants to hang out with, I’m not keeping tabs on her, I don’t invade her privacy, go through her phone, etc. I never attempted to dictate my wife’s actions, I only expressed my position that if he came back into the picture that I would not stay. I leave her to make her own decisions.Does my situation justify what you want to do? I have no idea.Now, here’s the deal… I think it’s fair to have circumstances that you can and can’t accept in relationships. That’s setting boundaries. But you can’t try to control another person. In situations like these, a slippery slope between setting your boundary and trying to exert control on another person. You can draw a line and say “if you do XYZ, I won’t date you”, but you can’t say “don’t do XYZ”.And yes, we are married now. What worked for me was trusting my partner.Trust is earned, but it is also reciprocated. If you treat a person like you don’t fully trust and accept them, you create incentives for them to be dishonest with you. On the flip side, if you treat a person with trust, you create incentives for them to be open with you and to honor that trust.I can’t tell you what’s right for your case with the context given. There are people here that will tell you you’re wrong or being controlling for feeling the way you do. There are people who will tell you to just end things. I was in a similar situation with my girlfriend years ago and we’re married now. It’s all in how you approach it.

Should I stop talking to my ex girlfriend (friends with ex)?

We broke up like a yr and a half ago and even to this day I still have feelings for her. She want's to be friends so I'm playing along with it. I thought it was great at first because we were talking again. It gave me a sense of hope and that big "What If" thought started to appear between us. But she is with the guy she met still, after she was done with me. She now has a baby and is loving her life....I guess. We have talked about why thing's didn't work out and we talked about how we both still care for one another, but then she comes out with me being her friend. I told her it is impossible to be "Just your friend" Cause when I look at her, I see the love of my life. The one I wanted to spend my world with. She understood too

So yea, it is extreamly hard to focus on myself when she is around, cause when she txt's me, I get confused, when we hung out for the 4th, I got all mushy with feelings. Secretly, I still think she does too, or else why would she put her time and effort to contact me anyways?? When she is around, all I want to say to her is: "Baby I missed you, I love you with all my heart and I want to be there for you" When she is away I focus on my life and I feel at ease. Obviously I'm not over my ex either, the feelings I thought I have under control seem to pop back up when she is around, and all these memories come rushing back....:(

Any advice on what I should do? Much appreciated

My girlfriend is still friends with her ex. We’ve talked about it and she refuses to stop talking to him. She will not change their relationship of being close friends. What do I tell her or what do I do?

When my now-husband was courting me, I was in a very bad place. I was suffering through the aftermath of the breakup in my first real relationship since my husband and I split. I was all over the place emotionally, sad, sometimes feeling depressed. One of the ways I was dealing was by having an occasional lunch with this ex-boyfriend. And it actually worked. The last lunch we had, he was describing his fraught relationship with the current woman he was dating, and I asked myself if this was what I really wanted. This up and down, roller-coaster kind of drama. I suddenly realized that, no, that’s not what I wanted. I never saw him again, and the next week I proposed to the man who’s been my beloved husband for more than 20 years.Now, it seems that my situation was far more complicated than your girlfriend’s is. My then-boyfriend had a lot more to worry about. He knew that I still had a tenuous emotional connection with my ex. But you know what? He showed no discomfort. He would just say “Have a good lunch!”and I’d never hear another word about it. And I still haven’t, ever, in the 20+ years since then.He’s the best. He decided that I had a right to do whatever I chose to do, and he didn’t question me. And I’m sure that, had I decided to go back to my old boyfriend, he would have let me go with grace. And now I know that he has my back, and will support my decisions. We are both monogamous, so not having sex with other people has always been part of the plan, but even if I met the most charming, sexy man alive, I’d have no problem being flattered and then going home with own guy. He trusts me, and I trust him; I know that I can. He’s already shown me.

My best friend stopped talking to me after my girl friend had an quarrel with her. How can i make her talk to me?

I am sorry, but your writing is downright painful to read and I thus could not follow your entire story.But let me give you some high level advice.  Look at your best friend and say:"Look, I'm sorry you and Suzy (or whoever) aren't getting along, but thats between you two. I can't and shouldn't get in the middle.  If you and I have a problem then thats between us and lets please talk about it."The  if she says something like "Suzy said I'm a slut and that Im trying to steal you from her."  You respond, "I am sorry she said that.  You know I don't believe that. "Key here is to express YOUR regret at the incident but DON'T be trying to fix it or apologize for your gf.  You can't and shouldn't do that.  If there are going to be apologies they need to make them to each other.

My friend suddenly stopped talking to me. I've tried talking to her, but she ignores me and talks with my other friends instead. What should I do?

Give the friendship a break for a while. People who value your friendship will take the time to make contact with you - you have shown you value her friendship because you have tried to make contact with her. Now it's time to step back and see if she can show the same appreciation. Use this opportunity to explore new friendships and activities, so you are enjoying yourself rather than sitting around feeling ignored. Avoid giving her opportunities to ignore you, and try to avoid talking about the situation with your mutual friends, in case things get repeated and misinterpreted. If you don't hear from your best friend after a month or so, and you still feel upset and puzzled by this, maybe send her a friendly email saying that you miss chatting to her and you hope that everything is okay. Don't worry too much about why she isn't talking to you. Again if she valued the friendship, she would tell you if you had done something to upset her, so that the two of you could resolve the issue. Maybe she needs some time before she can tell you what's wrong. Maybe she's getting a kick out of ignoring you and playing favorites with your other friends. You don't need to put up with being treated like the runner up in a popularity competition.

My friend suddenly stopped talking to me. What should I do?

It happens all the time with everyone at some point or the other. I have had friends, female friends, girlfriends do that to me in the past. All you can do is try to get in touch with them a few times and if they don’t respond after a few attempts ( Let’s say 6), you need to let them go and live your life. If they are not replying after repeated attempts you made to talk to them, that means, they are ignoring you for dead sure.!In these cases, you don’t have to feel bad, but good that YOU tried your best to get in touch with the person. You were the BIGGER man/woman who swallowed the insults and non-acknowledgement and still made an effort. If the friendship broke, it is not your fault anymore because you were the one who tried to stay in touch and tried to communicate. It is on the person who is ignoring to talk to you now, you did your best. Forget this person and move on. Keep your doors open for them to walk back in your life, remember, there is a difference between you and this ignoring person, let the difference remain, Stay CLASSY, but remind them of their behavior when they come back in your life.There are many, many people out there of all kinds of age, sex, race, nationalities and background that you can befriend . All you have to do is be a good, honest person with pure intentions, you be humble and the world will salute you!Good luck.

I have a friend, and we got into a fight and we stopped talking. I miss her very much, but I don't know if she wants to talk with me again. What should I do?

Same thing happened to me. I made a joke and she just stopped talking to me. May be she felt bad. So i thought i should apologise to her. So i called her, but she being too stubborn didnt pick up my calls. Told me that she is going to sleep and i should text her.I replied that I only need 2 minutes, she still replied to text her, she told me that "Cooler chal raha hain, awaz nahi aayegi" (which according to everyone is just bullshit...what type of cooler would make such a noise that you cant even talk on phone) Still i texted her... And she was online the whole time but didn't even read the texts and then finally I told her "Text karne to bolti hain, reply to deti nahi hain.."She was still online, didnt read the texs and then the next day just gave a reply that she slept...nthg else.. I mean we were so good friends, who would behave in such a way with a friend..Now when we see each other in office, we just ignore each other...act like we dont exist for each other... I really miss the talks I had with her, we were a great team, helping and motivating each other in time of need.All my friends now tell me to let her go as she doesnt need me, she is happy without me...but i dont know the truth..I cant lose a friend like her...Now i dont know what should i do..i have this big interview and her motivating words will definetly make my day...but I dont think she will ever talk to me. :(What u should know is she really worth all the trouble..? Does she always care about you when you need it? Or she only comes to you in need? People will always tell you that ego will ruin a friendship, but what u should know is never ruin your self respect for someone who isn't worth it...if she is worth it...then go and talk to her...she will talk to u..apologise to her..

Is it wrong to ask my boyfriend to stop talking to a female friend of his?

Yes, it is wrong.You find it wrong when she used to give massages to him in the office, or she used to hug him, Right? You may be right, they must not get that physical in front of you. But tell me does the guy love you? Really? How do you know? How can you judge him? Just because he said so? People these days don’t know the meaning of LOVE.Listen dear, this may sound rude and make you feel bad.. But just put 1 small, minute thing into your brain. When a guy says he loves you from the core of his heart, or he wants to spend the entire life with you or any of that mushy talk, you might feel that he loves you. But in reality a guy would show his love not by his words, but by his actions.If he would have loved you and cared for your feelings, he would never ever have let that girl behave like what she does in your presence or absence. If he pushes a girl away who makes such a move in your absence that is love.If you think they must not talk just because you are together now, so let me make it clear to you. You don’t own the person, nor would you ever. You can make a person yours just when he wants to be yours.If you find something inappropriate in a relation between your boyfriend and his female-friend, just make it clear to your boyfriend. If he actually loves you, he would take care of that girl, or any girl in that matter.You must not take matters into your hands by talking to that female-friend. You are simply destroying your relationship with her and breaking her heart by your cheap talks.**P.S.: I don’t want to be rude or arrogant, but I have been into the place of that female-friend and I know how it feels when we were not wrong but still some one teaches you how to behave with one of your best-friend, and how that silence of the guy breaks my heart till date. How my relation with of them is still in tatters. All three of us regret our words after about 3 years of that incident but there is no turning back now.**

My friend touched my girlfriend...what should i do?

My friend said he just put his arm around my girlfriends waist back to get her pass security.
I was paying the 5 dollar entrance fee at this time. I turn around I see his arm around her lower back hip area, I Get MAD.
My girlfriends story was this... all i remember was this I walk pass security he didnt hold me. But after I pass security your friend grab my lower back waist for 2 seconds into the entrance. Her thoughts at the moment " my bf has a bad friend"

His arguement to say he hold her to get her pass security is false since.. they already pass security.. yet he still touhc her again...that moment she felt weird going this is not right.

My main issue is i want to know was he right to do that? was i right to get mad? what should of my gf did?

How am i gonna decide the fate of my friendship wiht my drunk friend on my girlfriend?

DROP my friend or Remain friend but limit the amount i hang out with him or... other options..