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I Think My Friends Uncle Likes Me.

Is is ok to date your friends uncle?

Ok me n my friend been friends for like 16yrs growing up I used to go to her family events party's &new all her uncles Grama n stuff , Recently she invited me to go over to her uncles house we went out her and her husband I'm single ,we were dancing n her uncle asked to dance I asked her 1st she said ,go for it so that night he gave me his number n I got his he text me saying he likes me and we should hang out soon (as a friend and knowing her family would it be ok If I would to date this guy who's like 11yrs older then me n no I'm 27

I think my friends uncle likes me.?

First off he's really a close family friend but they call him an uncle. We went to an amusement park today with my friends family as well as him and another "uncle". He was drunk the majority of the time, and kept asking me to put my hair up in a bun and when I did he would grab it and pull on it and, for lack of a better term, grope it. On the car ride home he was totally hammered, he sat next to me and was again "groping" my bun. He also looked me up on Facebook and had me add him as a friend, he kept looking at my cheer pictures saying he liked the ones where my body was like this or that.anout ten minutes before I was dropped off he put his hand In between us, and he hand was touching my thigh. I felt uncomfortable but I didn't want to be rude. I know he's married with atleast one kid. I'm 15 and he's around 30-40. Maybe I'm overreacting but it kinda bugged me when I got home. Thoughts?

I think my uncle likes me please help me!?

so im a 16 year old girl and ive noticed that my uncle does and says weird things that catch my attention also hes not really my uncle hes my dads cousin which doesnt make a difference its still DISGUSTING!!
also he is not married
hes 39 or 40 i think
hes actually one of the nicest and funniest guys ive ever met
here are some examples of what hes said and done:
1. he calls me honey and hun however he does call other people that too
2. one time when he had been drinking he held my hand
3. another time he was doing something at a family party and asked me to come here so i did and he gently grabbed my hand and held on to it for a few seconds
4. he always touches me in places such as: my head, my back, my shoulders, my hand, or my neck
5. he has told me im his favorite person in the world
6. he tells me things he would usually not say to other people like about his feelings
7. my dad has told me my uncle always talks about me
8. my uncle also tells me he loves me and ive never heard him say that to any of my other cousins
8. he always hugs me and ive only seen him hug one of my other cousins once or twice
9. he usually kisses me on the cheek or the head whenever i see him and hes never kissed any of my other cousins
10. he brought up a really weird conversation with me one day asking me things like "do you have a boyfriend?" and "how many guys have you kissed?" it was very weird and uncomfortable!
11. one time he spent the night after a party and me and my aunt went to get some coffee before anyone woke up and when we got back he was up watching tv and my aunt went into a different room to check her email or something and at the party he had a little too much to drink so when my aunt went into the other room he said "what did i do last night?" and i was like "nothing really just talked to the family and stuff as usual" and he said "was i with you any part of the night?" and i said "yea we talked for like 2 hours" and he said "yea somehow i always find my way to you" it was so weird i didnt even know what to say to that lol
-thanks for helping! im very uncomfortable around him now and i think i should tell my dad but i was first wondering if im NOT overreacting and he really does feel more than he should for me or if i AM overreacting and hes being harmless

My uncle is really creepy i think he likes me what should i do?

im 14 and hes like 40 something and i look like im about 25 and i have a big chest but hes well aware of my age his daughter (my cousin) she is 15....everytime we have family gatherings he always sits by me and acts as if theres a connection with me (you know like when you like someone so you go stand by them and it makes you feel like you have an intament connection with them) well its like that and hes really creepy and one time we were all sitting at the table playing spoons and the table was leaning toward me and he was like hey get those big boobs off the table your making it lean and my first thought was why are you looking at my boobs in the first place? and its rude to say that to someone and hes married..we're not blood related hes my dads sisters husband so what should i do? hes really creeping me out and my dad was like "hes nasty he made a comment about your boobs" so im not the only one who noticed what should i do to keep him away from me? and no i dont like him

HELP! My best friend's uncle has a crush on me and wants to have sex with me! What should I do?

Ok so I am 19 years old and my best friend's uncle is 30 and he told my best friend that likes me and thinks I'm hot and that I'm exactly his type and that if I wasn't her best friend then he would wanna have sex with me. When she told me this I pretended to be grossed out because she was grossed out too, but I secretly am attracted to her uncle. I don't know what to do!

The pros is that I think he's hot, he's nice, he's single, and he's funny.
The cons is that he is way older, has a 6 year old kid, used to be a drug addict, and he's been to jail before.

Also what happens if I do sleep with him and start to get stronger feelings and actually like him alot? That would be too weird for my best friend and I would be my best friend's aunt!

When I asked one of my other friend's what to do she said I should have sex with him but secretly and not tell my best friend.

So what should I do??
p.s I have had sex many times before so this isnt a situation where I would lose my virginity to him.

Im sleeping with my best friends uncle, am i wrong?

Ok so I have known my friend and her uncle who is close to my age for 5 yrs now. Her uncle and i have become best friends. I am falling for him. We have been sleeping together for 6 monthes now. I adore him and i know he likes me. He treats me nicely and we live well together cuz i live with her and her family... she said she would kill me if i ever got with him. i am moving out soon and i am wondering wut i should do. i know im gonna keep seeing him, but should we tell her and the family? should i keep this a secret. it kills me to think im lieing to her but i am starting to fall so hard for him. I see a future with him and i think he sees one with me. I am lost on what i should do... i dont wanna loose her as a friend and i dont wanna loose him. They are my closest friends and i jus dont know wut to do. I feel like no matter wut i loose someone. should she not be mad at me and support me or should i deny wut could b for her even if it means losing a shot at love with him?

Why does my girlfriend's uncle flirt with her ?

Hi am really worried because my girlfriend's uncle flirts with her, she doesn't know but I know exactly what he tries to do. So he's 23 and she's 18 and many of her friends said that they both really make a good couple until they knew he was her uncle then they stopped saying that. He doesn't want me to be in a relationship with her be, and I don't know the reason why but am anticipating the reason. Once she was in college and he went to her college and suddenly he puts his hands on her waists and pulls her close (now she's telling me all this I wasn't there) and she asks him what u doing ? But he didn't really pay close attention to what she said. While leaving he holds her face and kisses her on her head and goes. Now when she was telling me all this I was really upset because i know he's a jerk and she doesn't. He still touches her here and there, I asked my girlfriend why don't you say anything to him when he touches you and she said he treats me like his daughter and I treat him like a dad. Whenever were talking she's always like " oh these girls from the mall were looking at uncle and they were trying to seek his attention", and the main thing is he asks her that don't you feel jealous when other girls look at me. Now when I ask my girlfriend "why does he say that" she has no answer at all. I just don't know what am supposed to do, I really love my girlfriend and at the moment am really far from her, so basically it's a long distance relationship. I always have trusted her and she tells me everything what she did through out the day. I don't want to lose her for anything I really love her :( and I have got this little thing in the back of my mind that she likes her uncle, I don't know why but I just do.

I like my uncle ex girlfriend and she likes me..problem/help?

Well this is weird shlt but my uncle is 36 and his ex is 32.Im 19.My uncle broke up withher 6 or 7 months ago.She is always alone and has no friends.I use to go to her house when her and my uncle were together because he is my favorite uncle.We use to go fishing,hunting,and jugging together.Now that they are broke up my uncle ex writes me on fbook almost everyday just to talk about nothing.I though it was weird at first because we havent seen eachother sense 7 months.When I don't write her back she message things like this
''Hey! Why havent you wrote back..write back hahahahaha'' that was the actuall text.
I think she wants me.I actually think I want her.She isn't ugly at all.she is half white and asian I think.
She wants me to come see her some time is what she says but I fear I would end up having sex with her and feel really bad.I wan't to but I also know it's wrong to **** my uncles ex girlfriend.
What should I do about this.Im confussed.
Excuse my bad grammer lol.I try but im A high school drop out :/
I have A job and money though lol XD I just speak the truth.

Help! I think I love my step uncle?

im 15 and hes 21. He is at my house all the time. We text and talk on fb all the time. when he was drunk he told me that all of his ex's were b*****s and that it was too bad that we are related. the other day he was over and we were on the couch and it was late.we were cuddling because he stole my blanket and i fell asleep on his shoulder. he takes me to do things all the time and he said he wouldnt go on vacation with just mny parents, i had to be there, My friends think hes hot to. I really like him. Yesterday he got an erection from me in my short shorts and it was extremely noticeable. I know mist of you think this is wrong, but I need good advice, oh and my mom is EXTREMELY strict so she wont understand.

If my friend and I share the same uncle and aunt through marriage, are we related? How?

I’m pretty sure the answer may differ across cultures, based on how much weight they give to relations via marriage.When you have an aunt by blood, her husband is your uncle and you are his niece or nephew. Not niece-in-law, just niece. At least that is how it is here in Czech Republic.The same applies to the other side.What you are is not quite cousins, I think, but I’d say, if you want to call yourselves cousins, nobody can stop you. :)