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I Thought I Could Trust Him Help

Someone who I thought i could trust blabs my secrets?

so i used to like this guy. past tense. and i'm really secretive about who i like and stuff so all my friends try to pry it out of me. i told one of my friends about this. i thought my secret was safe with her. then i found out that another one of my friends noes and i didn't even tell her. i told the friend that i did tell if she knew anything about it, and she asked me who else i told. i remembered that i had told one other friend. she told me that this friend probably told my other friend. i was mad for a whole day at that friend and finally confronted her. she promised that she hadn't told anyone. then i asked the friend who mysteriously knew who i liked who told her who it was. guess what i found out. it was the same grl that told me another one of my friends told her. now she's denying it but i totally no it was her. wut should i do???

How can you love someone without trusting them?

You can’t. You truly, truly cannot.Trust is the basis of love. If you can’t trust that that person will be there for you, that he has your best interests at heart or that he will be faithful to you and honest to you always, that person has demonstrated that he cares more about himself than he does you or his relationship with you.You can’t feel safe with that person. You can’t feel free to be fully yourself to that person. You will feel betrayed and become self-protective. Always guarded. Your relationship will become a game - a manipulation game of strategizing and maneuvering. You will never “win” this game.Never.You will always be wondering what he is up to. You wonder what shoe will drop next and when. You will pull away and distance yourself. You stop caring. At least you tell yourself that you don’t care. But deep down, you do. And it hurts. It won’t stop hurting.This isn’t love. This isn’t a place you want to be. If you do not fully and completely trust your partner, do not continue in a relationship with them. It’s a difficult decision to make, but the earlier you do it the better. You do not love them. And, despite what they say, they do not love you either. You want to love them. You want to love who they could potentially be, but not who they actually are. If you get married, you will be married to the here-and-now version of this person (or, more likely, a much-much worse version) not the potential ideal of that person.If you don’t trust them now, it is very unlikely you ever will. And without trust, there is no love.Listen to your inner voice. That is something you can trust.Best of luck to you.

Can I trust my brother?

You confided in your brother and he broke that trust. Trust is not something to take lightly, trust takes time to build up, whether its a family member or a friend. Building up that trust again won't be easy and will take time. You're questioning whether you should give him another chance.
Others can give you advice, but only you can decide whether to give him that chance.
That said, what I've done in the past is when someone breaks my trust, I rely on my judgment whether to give them another chance. I base it not only on how trustworthy they are to me, but how trustworthy are they to others. Before giving them another opportunity, I sit down with them and let them know they've betrayed my trust. I let them know that I am willing to give them another opportunity as long as they understand those chances are not unlimited. Breaking trust again may spell the end of the relationship and they need to understand that too.
If you are willing to give your brother another chance, start out with small secrets, perhaps one where if it is spilled won't upset you near as much. Save the most intimate secrets for those you can trust unconditionally.
It is okay to be skeptical now, but if you are able to build up that trust, the skepticism will go away over time. People say "forgive and forget". I would tell you if you are willing to forgive, you should do so. But never forget as this helps you and your brother to grow character.
Good luck with your brother, I hope all goes well, whatever you decide.

Do u think u can trust a guy after having sex with him?

This young girl who went out with this guy for a week, and then after 15 days they had sex, then they do it a second time without protection, because she thought she could trust him after the first one, well after that she found out that the boy has HIV.

I'm so lonely I cry every night?

That story about your life is absolutely terrible very tragic in fact i feel really bad for you and i never have felt bad for anyone on yahoo answers before.
I didn't have a very good life either a very bad start in fact i was homeless too at 16 and i have a son he is 17 now but my ex was a real abusive bastard to me and i could go and on but this is about you the only thing i can think of is why don't you join a single moms group on line in your area to try and meet new friends or go to the single parents meeting up groups in your area.
You might meet people that would organise nights out and maybe you could find a decent man as i did and with him 5 years now.

I met him just after Christmas and the two of us had spent Christmas alone his marriage had broke up and his friend didn't even invite him or see him on Christmas day and as for me i spent it with my son and i didn't like it but i had to put up with a lonely Christmas day and it sucked.

If your thinking about praying why don't you pray a novena to Our Lady

It is a prayer that is said for nine consecutive days. A Novena may be a private or public spiritual devotion for the purpose of obtaining a special favour from heaven, be it a special grace, imploring a favour or to make a special petition.

Here is a novena for hope see link below

I hope your life gets better for i think you deserve it and there is a saying that the people that get a really hard life are the ones that are the most holy.
Take care and good luck