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I Told Him To Stop Touching Me But He Still Does It

He wouldn't stop touching me?

I went on a date the other night with this boy. We've gone out a few times before and we worked together this summer. So the movie started and everything was fine. Then about twenty minutes in he started rubing my leg and moving his hand further up my leg. So needless to say after a while where sitting super close together and frenching and the whole bit. Then he started moving his hand between my legs and groping my vagina. The he started kissing my neck ( which later i got hickies) and my breast. Well next thing I know hes pulled out my nipple and is sucking and rubing it. Well this is where I told him to stop. Then I bit his neck and moved his hand. He stoped, then a few minutes later we left because he had to go pickup his brother. Well in the ramp of the movie theatre he kissed me and gentley started french kissing me again. The he wrapped my leg around his waist and started humping me. Then he took the other one and wrapped it around his waist and started going at. The whole time he was graping my butt, pulling me closer into him and groaning and stuff. It was a complete turn on. But i was stillmad about him sucking my nipples and not stoping when i said so. So last night i texted him and he asked if i liked it. I told him not all of it and told him what i didn't like. Well after ten minutes i get a text that says "omg ok". My friend said he's embarassed because he lost control. And when i saw him in school today he asked if i was still mad. I didn't say anything. Then he walked away. Do you think he's embarrased? or am i just over reacting? Am i just mad at myself?

How to get a guy to stop touching you?

This guy keeps touching me. He's about to be my roommate so I need to find a way to fix it quickly.

Within about 4 hours it went from grabbing my hand, trying to hold my hand, holding my hand, hugging me for a long time randomly, touching my but, and then trying to massage my but. I really, really don't like the progressive groping. It's like having a drunk guy at the club feel you up and not having a way out of it.

I should mention this guy is openly and very flamboyantly gay, so its not an attraction he has on me. I don't know why he's touching me, I have other gay friends that are not like this at all. I've tried moving away from him, putting people between us, and pretending to have to put lip gloss on so I can avoid his touching but it doesn't stop it.

Any tips, I'm desperate!


How do i get my uncle to stop touching me?

Oh my goodness you need to tell on him! He most certainly doesn't love you! You need to say something to someone whether it's a friend you trust; a big brother or sister, a best friend's mom or dad, but in all you have to tell someone! My daughter was in some what a similar situation and she came to me, which I was greatful for, I did and still do believe her and now we are going to court. As much as she is scared she is still willing to stand up and fight so that no other child gets hurt by the same person. You state that you love your Uncle but, if he really loved you he would never do anything to harm you, that is not love, and it is certainly not your fault by any means. Most people feel that they have done something to provoke them into doing such horrific things but that is by far the worst excuse in the book. They also say if you tell that they will hurt you and or your family, that too is a way to make you not say anything. It is all a scare tactic. Please if you're going through this please tell someone, you will not get into trouble, and if you fear that they won't believe you then find a way to video tape him whether by video on a cell phone or record something he may say to you. Please let me know if you plan to do something and if you do report him let me know how it turns out. I wish you the best of luck. Remember the truth with set you free! Everything will work out even if you feel in the beginning that you have made a mistake and you feel per haps you shouldn't have said anything. It's the right thing to do. Get away from him!! Talk to someone and do it now!

Best of luck!

How do I tell a boy to stop touching me?

There are different types of touches.  Some are okay touches, and some are not.  We all know where our private parts are.  They are the parts that are covered by a bathing suit on either a boy or a girl.  If he's touching your arm, or your hair, and he's just being annoying, try to move away from him.  Telling him to stop might make him do it more because he knows he's bugging you.  Sounds like he likes you.  But if he's touching you in a private area, tell him in a strong voice that you don't like it and to stop it or you will report him.  You don't say your age, but if you are in school you can tell your teacher, your guidance counselor, or some schools even have police officers on campus.  If he's touching you inappropriately in private spots, he's probably doing it to other people too.  Stop him by telling an adult.  They will deal with him.  He needs to learn boundaries and proper behavior.  Don't be afraid that he will be mad at you for telling.  He needs someone to step up and stop him. You are smart to ask this question.  Keep yourself safe and don't let anyone touch you inappropriately.

Hes always touching me what does it mean?

There's this guy and he's really confident and im not.
He tends to poke my breasts or touch them and then he runs away and last time he done it I kicked him where a girl shouldnt >_<;
I thought it taught him a lesson but it didnt, he carried on doing it, I find it funny sometimes and I have kind of gotten used to it but I dont want people thinking im a ****.
Also I have a crush on him so it dosent help either.
I asked him "Dont you get tierd of this, im sure you dont appreciate it when I kick you in the nuts?"
Then he said "Ha it's just to much fun"
God knows what this boy is thinking any suggestions?

My teacher won't stop touching me even though I told him not to?

I'm a 17 year old guy and I don't like being touched at all even if it's a tap on my shoulder to get my attention. I have this teacher that keeps touching my shoulder and puts his hands on my hips when he tries to get by me. He will put his hand on my shoulder and keep it there for awhile like when he's explaining something to me or talking to me in general. He even looks me in the eye while his face is not even 6 inches away and it annoys me and honestly starts to creep me the f*ck out. I talked to him about how I don't like to be touched and he still does it anyway. I talked to my school psychologist and another teacher about it and they don't care. I literally have a month of school left and I don't want to explode and get myself into trouble before I graduate. What should I do about this?

How do i get my boyfriend to stop touching me all the time in inappropriate places of my body??

The best way to get him to stop is to tell him. You should be honest and straight forward. Tell him that you would like it to stop because of how it makes you feel. If he is worth your time and effort he will respect you for confronting him with the issue and follow through. If he continues or thinks that you are dramatizing the situation, then you need to let him know that he is being disrespectful. If he won't accommodate your needs then you should leave him. If he understands and follows through then great! Continue that level of communication, not just with your boyfriend but with everyone. Don't let people do things to you that make you feel uncomfortable. Speak up for yourself.

This guy I barely know wouldn't stop touching me, and I felt uncomfortable. I can't avoid seeing him again soon. How do I stop him?

I actually feel kind of sorry for that guy! He’s been reading your body signals all wrong.I’ve found that many women try to non-assertively avoid certain guys and their actions. We are raised to never make waves, be a good girl, be nice. Being quiet and nice (while never stating your uncomfortable feelings) is very counter intuitive. Most guys are clueless to females’ silent body language. In fact, by staying silent, you’ve actually encouraged this guy’s attention! Many men thrill to the “hunt” and they see silence as tacit approval. And that tells them they should try to be more daring.Men don’t need gentle body signals. They need giant blinking neon signs with an assertive voice over. If you don’t do the voice overs, then you are in fact not playing fair because you are encouraging a certain type of guy. So don’t play those games. TELL HIM.IF you do not want him to touch you, SAY SO! And move away when you tell him, far enough that it is an obvious NO. You can be kind at first. YOu can nicely say, “When you touch me, I am uncomfortable. So please stop.” But if kindness doesn’t work, be prepared to be loud and firm. “ I said, ‘Do NOT Touch Me!’.” You have the RIGHT to your own personal space. Defend it!IF you do not want him to call you, tell him out loud that you do not want his phone calls. Then put his number on a reject list, so that if he does call you , he can never reach you.Example: Google “how to set up voice reject on galaxy s3”

A man won't stop touching my boobs, should I kick his balls?

After reading the other answer I have something to say.Tell him to stop, report him. ASAP.The key reason the other answer points out for you to refrain from physical retaliation is that he could get hurt, that’s cute. They said you could cause “ Lifelong permanent damage” to him whilst apparently not considering the very possible truth that you are being exposed to lifelong damage from his actions, possibly trauma, PTSD and even death.So here’s my suggestion, you need to do what is safest for you. Many women are harmed or killed for turning down dates, saying no etc so you need to be safe and careful. Try and tell him to stop, if he doesn’t stop, report him. Stay away from him, make sure your friends and family know what’s going on, that way they can vouch for you.If he gets rough, I advise you do more then kick his “ balls “ you need to do whatever it takes to stop the threat. Kick, punch, scream, claw and scratch, squirm and fight. Don’t be gentle. Absolutely no one has the right to put their hands on you without your consent and permission.The lifelong permanent damage he may receive if you are forced to fend off an attack from him is a suitable consequence for his actions.If this is happening in public, make a scene. Yell, scream etc do whatever you have to do to draw attention. Men who are doing this sort of thing are often detered when a woman fights back, they look for victims they think will be compliant. If you are worried for your safety and can legally do so, carry pepper spray or a stun gun whilst out and about, have them nearby even in your home. We live in a world where unfortunately it seems a woman is never safe, be careful out there And good luck.

How do I let a guy friend know that I want him to stop touching me without ruining the friendship?

When I was young I noticed men are more sensitive about their personal space. On two occasions there were men who thought it was okay to touch me, Pat me on my behind, Etc. No matter what or how I told them they displeased me very much, and I disliked their personal invasion of my biological physical space they continued to be jerks. In both instances I decided to do to them what they did to me. Specifically. I patted each one on the buttocks, in the same playful manner they would do me. Each man was highly offended. Neither man appreciated my action. Their physical disrespect of me ceased. In fact their verbal over the top flirtation toned down.I initiated like treatment of men wherever I happen to work. As a result my reputation preceded me. I earned many unsavory names or titles behind my back. I did not care, because the moñikers were the price I paid for being left alone. Peace and respect were in high regard.I remain baffled about why men think women enjoy their sexual nonsense. I suppose, there is something in our society that conveys a sense of false entitlement. I believe perhaps it is biological, rooted in testosterone. Maybe they are victims of their biology. However, a man of integrity knows/learns how to control his mind, body and urges.