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I Took This Picture And I Wanted To Know If It Looks Great Its A Picture Of My Dog Obviously

Lets see a picture of your dog and tell me what she/he is like!(:?

I have 2 puppies. a 15 week Rottie/Chow named Keeda, and a 10 week old Border Collie mix. (he looks pure bred though!) named Enzo.

here are their photos. both of them both of them Enzo Keeda

By The way.. I LOVE Corgi's. I have one staying at my mom's house in FL (I now live in Georgia) his name is Sully and he is soooo friendly and loving! great dogs! I hope you get to keep Daisy.. she is a beauty!

Stephanie-that is an awesome photo of your dog! :) ( I am learning photography)

What breed is my dog (picture)?

He is extremely cute!!, but you need to look at the features....

Look at the dogs ears. They are very pricked and stand nice and tall. Just like the Chihuahuas

Next is the dogs head shape. It looks very well balanced and resembles the Chihuahua a lot. In the snout you can see the Chi again, but there is also another dog breed included. This is where is can see Miniature Pinscher. If the snout were full Chihuahua or Dachshund it would be shorter.

Chihuahua snout
Min Pin snout

Now you look at the coat. It look like what you would call single. This is what Min Pins have,it is short and smooth.

Now look at your dogs coat patterns. You can really see what looks like the miniature pinschers black and tan markings

Of course Chihuahuas have that colour too but as you can see if you compare the pictures together, the min pins is a more darker brown.

And lastly the paws and legs...this is where is gets a little more complicated. look closely at the paws on your dog. The toes are spread wide apart just like the Chihuahua and Pinscher

Looking at the legs, you can really see for sure there is no dachshund. If there was the legs would be quite bent at the wrists and not as long as they are now.

The legs on your beautiful dog are long and straight. Defiantly a mix of the features of the miniature pinscher and Chihuahua.

My guess would be Chihuahua x Miniature Pinscher

He sure is a BEAUTIFUL dog whatever the mix...hope this has helped!!

I had this really cute huge puppy that meant the entire world to me. He was my best friend, at one point of time my only friend. He was there for me whenever I needed him. He used to cuddle with me, play with me, sleep on my lap and help me cope with the problems I had. I lost him a year ago and it broke me.There are nights I still cry thinking about how it was when he was around. Some angels just come into your life and make it better. He was my angel and I lost a part of me when I lost him. He was my good boy. And I wish I could go back in time and give him hugs and kisses.This is me telling him that he is such a good boy, his smile makes my heart melt.Look at him pose.My cutayyy…

I'm in college, staying away from my home and after 12 hours of boring lectures, I go to my hostel, turn on my laptop to find my desktop looking like this:Best wallpaper ever!Meet Scooby. The only 4 legged member of our family who is now 3 months old. He's a pure bred Labrador Retriever. Pictures first!He’s cute, isnt he? I wish I was half as cute has he is!Tired after playing an intense playing session!When he smells great food cooking!That “Get me something to eat” moment when mom says no food for you because you just ate!When his “puppy face” got him an extra meal!On his first car ride!Keep scratching my neck hooman!Stop staring and start scratching!Come on dude!That's what I'm talking about!When he's in the 'bite everything that fits (or doesn't) in the mouth’ phase!Damn, it tastes good!I don't like it's taste. But I'm gonna bite the hell out of it anyway!Its time for a walk!Come on hooman, give me a belly rub!What are you waiting for? BELLY RUB! NOW!!!Those are the good pictures I have. I've been home only for 2 days last month and went home again yesterday. It's amazing how happy he was looking at me! He wouldn't let me enter my home for 5 minutes, jumping and nudging me at the gate! He stopped barking only after I played with him for 10 minutes! That was the first time when I experienced such love and it just felt amazing! Of course, my parents love me more than that but they're not expressive. Most Indian parents don't show their love explicitly. I really wish they were more expressive of their love.Fun fact: My sister loves Scooby-Doo and she named him Scooby because he just wouldn't stop eating!Hope this answer was worth spending your time!Thanks!Sibi Prabha

I wanted to know ya'lls input on if my Chihuahua is purebread?

Just for kicks I'm going to be a little a** dog can be pure "bread" Future reference its pure"bred"

Now being serious...the only way to explain the possibility of ur dog being purebred with no papers fits the description of being purebred? That's not enough. A confirmation judge could look at ur dog and see faults....though you don't. They look at purebreds and see faults. Reading a description of what the standard is, is different from having a trained eye to make that claim a dog fits standard. Not trying to discourage you, but there are many dogs that fit the description, but the blood is the tell tale proof.

The second thing, your dog could be mixed somewhere down its line, which justifies it not being papered. You have to realize just because both parents are Chihuahuas doesn't mean their parents or grandparents were pure. That's why having papers can verify your dog is legitimately pure....and even a purebred dog can have its faults with being alittle too big or not fit standard. It's best to get a DNA profile done on the dog...if its that important, because the test is like 75 bucks.

Does my male Papillon meet up to the breed standard? (picture included)?

It's really hard to tell through the pictures....

He looks large to me, it's hard to tell. A lot would also depend on how old he is because you'd expect a more mature dog to have a longer coat. Ear fringe is a similar thing.

He is a lot better than most pet paps I see just from pics, but a lot of them are way off standard..

What you need to do if you're serious is to read the standard. Find a breeder near you or someone that is experienced to evaluate your dog. Your breeder should be able to help you if you bought your dog from a reputable breeder. To get a good idea, you need to get your hands on the dog to feel the structure. If you can have as many people evaluate him as possible. We had handlers and breeders look over our boy when he was growing to see how he was doing.

Breeding is very complicated. I show but have yet to breed and my first show dog finished in just a few shows with a specialty win.... Not every dog that champs is breeding material. You need a good mentor. Health and temperament always comes first. Papillons need to be OFA'd for patellar problems as well as doing a CERF test. He also needs a good background and good healthy bloodlines to be breeding material.

If he's not showable and you really want to show then you can look for a show pup from a breeder with a lot of experience in the ring.

I don't know if it's real or fake, but as the question goes, I would try to narrate the story behind this picture:This picture of Lord Hanumana is believed to be taken by a traveler inside a cave on the mountains of Himalayas and according to it, Lord Hanuman can be seen reading the epic book of Ramayana.A group of people went to the Holy Lake of Manasarovar pilgrimage trip. This trip is believed to have taken place during the summer of 1998.One of the person from them was a great follower of Lord Hanuman. He was exploring some caves and accidentally bounced upon a bright light coming from a cave.All the people there, had cameras. But, it is said that on seeing the light inside the cave, he clicked the light, after which he died, due to unknown reasons (This part is confirmed by his companions). Later the friends developed the roll from the camera and got the print of a Vanara looking like Lord Hanuman.This picture is seen as a proof of the fact that Lord Hanuman does exist in flesh and blood even today because he is a Chiranjeevi.The government of India every year during the summer "before the onslaught of monsoon", gives permissions, after medical check ups, to selected individuals and sends them in groups to Manasarovar. Such groups necessarily consist of people of different nationalities and from different regions of India.

All of these answers are completely wrong!!! ;-)First, let’s answer the question you might have wanted to ask. “I stepped on my dog’s foot. I feel bad about it. How can I be sure my dog knows I didn’t mean it?”Dogs, like little kids, generally think that everything is their fault. When you step on his foot (I’m male, so I’ll make the dog male), he will immediately want to know if he’s done something wrong. If you want him to know everything’s irie, you need to let him lick your nose (basically let him give you a kiss).If you really, truly want to express that you are sorry, you have to lick his nose.Before getting started, watch this great video, so you can start speaking his language. You need to know some doggy talk.Now that you have a good grasp of communicating with poopies, get down on all fours and give him a good lick.This video can help show you proper technique.As leader of the pack, your dog will be happier and more comfortable apologising to you, because you stepped on his foot. I know, weird, right? But in the animal kingdom the rules are clear.If you decide, in the end, to lick your dog to say sorry, please, please, please film it and put it on YouTube, it will be hilarious!If instead you decide to let your dog lick you, just keep track of where he’s been lately…

Rate my picture taking skills?

You have some nice looking shots here. I like the fact the you are doing some things like taking both horizontal and vertical shots. It looks like on a couple you experimented with aperture priority - excellent!!

You also took a number of the shots in full auto. Sometimes that works, but sometimes not so much. It looks like you tried to avoid using a flash, too, which - if the built in flash is your only flash - is sometimes a good thing to do.

People that go into phtography as a serious hobby or as a professional must someday "transition". People as they start out are interested in what I will call "pretty pictures". That's everyone - including you, me and Steichen. Some people never move out of the pretty picture phase and that is fine - if they enjoy that and get satisfaction from it - it is great. Most people are probably like this.

So when you ask people to rate you, 1-10, a lot depends on where they are coming from, and whether they are including you in a beginner category or all photographers. I shot a baseball tournment last weekend with 9 year old players. Were there some excellent players I would consider a 10? Yes. If A-Rod was there, would any of them been a 10? No.

You're off to a good start. My advice would be - consider using modes like aperture priority and shutter priority more (and know when each is more appropriate), watch your auto use because sometimes you get compromises (example - your wonderful dog image was taken at ISO1000, making getting a sharp, noiseless enlargement difficult). When you see something you want to photograph, take multiple pictures - from different angles, hortizontal vs vertical, etc. Use your feet to move (ie, there are some people that say you never take a picture of only one side of a building, you must always include two sides as part of the image - but not everyone agrees!). Lastly, the most common starter problem people have is - the subject is always centered, and always taken at eye level. Do some internet searches on the "rule of thirds" and "leading lines" and "depth of focus" and see what you find!

Good luck!

Why does my dog sit weird (with picture)?

my rotti had this situation. she replaced into locate until sometime mutually as working and twiddling with our different dogs she started yelping and limping, i had a no longer ordinary time getting her to stroll homestead. she replaced into approximately a hundred and twenty lbs then and 5 yrs previous. i took her to the vet the next day and after a stable examination plus xrays, he hip confirmed the joint had seperated approximately an inch remote from her joint which the vet mentioned replaced into this destructive ailment. he mentioned large dogs are companies to get this by using weight and positioned on and tear on the joints. it replaced into an extremely costly surgery without garanties that it would not come decrease back. i finished up treating her myself with asperin, rub down and vitiam b complicated alongside with vit pictures. she lived for yet another 2 yrs yet i had her positioned down whilst she replaced into 7. she would desire to no longer walk or do stairs. in the experience that your dogs has this, save his weight down and don't enable him run or positioned any rigidity on his joints. basically a sluggish walk around for short distances. supply asa and attempt massageing the area gently yet firmly. optimistically you have got caught it in time. suitable of success.